Newborn baby, a few days old, photographed asleep and curled up on her frontnewborn photoshoots windsor, maidenhead and marlowAbi Moore will capture beautiful natural photos of your newborn baby, all in the comfort of your own home If you're expecting or recently had a baby, then congratulations! Life will never be the same again (whether it's your first, second or fifth baby!). It's such an amazing time, but you'll find it flies by in the blink of an eye. A newborn photography session will capture the memories of those tiny fingers and toes, and sleepy cuddles forever. However, as a mum, I know that handing your precious new bundle of joy over to a photographer can be a bit daunting... read on to find out how it all works.

What is newborn photography?

A newborn photoshoot ideally takes place in your baby's first 5-15 days. My sessions take place in the comfort of your own home, so it's very relaxed and you have everything to hand. I bring all the kit I need to give you the kind of photos you see in my newborn portfolio. There are lots of different kinds of newborn photography - my style is very relaxed and natural.

How long will the session last?

I allow at least 3 hours for a newborn photo session. This is not constant photography, but allows plenty of time for feeds, changes and anything else your baby needs. You and and your baby should feel relaxed, so by allowing lots of time, there is no stress to finish within any set time limits. Of course, if your baby is fast asleep and photographed easily within an hour or two, I'll be out of your way as quick as I can.

Sleeping newborn baby wrapped in cream blanketrelaxed and natural newborn photography windsor berkshireAbi Moore is a trained and experienced newborn photographer so you can relax knowing your baby is in safe hands What should I prepare?

I bring my studio kit and everything I need for newborn photos to your home, including a beanbag for photographing baby on and a selection of coloured blanket backdrops. If you have any special mementoes - a personal blanket, a soft toy, etc - that you'd like included, then please have these to hand. When you book, I'll provide an advice sheet with a little more information on the space I need and what to have ready when I arrive.

Will you pose my baby or use props?

My relaxed natural style means I don't use many props and I like to pose babies as you might find them authentically. You're unlikely to chance upon a baby in a flowerpot or bucket, and you would never find them holding their own head up on their hands, so I don't photograph them like this. If that's what you'd like, then I'd be happy to put you in touch with trained local photographers that can give you this. But hopefully you're here because you like a more natural style. I will use some simple gentle posing to give you beautiful natural photos of your baby.

What should I dress my baby in?

I bring a few simple outfits and wraps as these look more professional in photos. It's also lovely to take photos of babies in their bare skin as it highlights their newness. I have a few hats and headbands that we can use, but I keep it small and very simple. When you book, I'll provide you with more info about what to dress them in before their session.

Newborn photographer Windsor 02Newborn photographer Windsor 02natural relaxed newborn photography Do you photograph my baby without a nappy? What about accidents?

I generally remove nappies for photos, particularly when they're undressed. Please be assured that most babies will wet (or worse!) my backdrops at some point during the session. This is only to be expected, and all my outfits, wraps and blankets are washed before and after every session, so please don't worry!

Will my baby be safe?

I have been trained in newborn photography, which covers not only how to give you beautiful images but how to keep babies safe. As I only use natural poses, your baby will always be comfortable. I ask at least one parent to stay close to the baby for the whole session to keep them safe and ensure they don't roll or startle. I use a studio flash which is perfectly safe for babies.

What if my baby doesn't sleep?

It's generally better if your baby sleeps as they are less likely to fidget. I am experienced working with babies and have many tricks for settling babies into a sleep (in fact, one client commented that the newborn session was worth it alone for the tricks they learned for settling their twins!), and allow plenty of time. However, my natural style means that if your baby does not want to sleep then I will photograph them awake too.

Is my baby too old?
Although it's best for your newborn session to take place in the first two weeks, if we miss this time, I'm still more than happy to book a session at any age. Photographs of your baby make precious memories at any age, you can find out what to expect from older babies in this blog post. You may even wish to record milestones such as sitting or learning to walk (if so, please contact me to enquire about my 'bump-to-one' packages).

Backlit semi-silhouette of a baby looking up at her parentsnewborn family photos Windsor BerkshireThose first few weeks are a perfect time to capture portraits as a family Can we be in the photos too? What should we wear?

I always encourage new parents to be in a few photos with their baby. I know you are running very low on sleep and perhaps not feeling at your most glamorous, but you will treasure these images one day. I also love to include older siblings in photos with their new baby brother or sister - depending on their age, I may have them holding the baby or may lay them on my beanbag together. I suggest keeping clothing simple - further advice on what to wear will be given when you book.

How much does it cost?

The Newborn Experience is £449, then additional images are available from £199. Full details are available here.

When should I book my session?

It's best to book your session before your baby arrives. We'll schedule a day a couple of weeks after your due date and can then bring this forward or postpone if your baby arrives earlier or later than expected. If your baby has already arrived, then I'll do my very best to fit you in as soon as I can. Please get in contact to book.