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nine month old baby with grey blanket and bunnyBaby crawling and smiling at the camera, photographed in a studioA baby girl lays on her back, holding her toes, looking straight at the camera and smilingExtreme close-up of a very smiley babyBaby girl lays on a cream blanket and smiles off-cameraBaby lays on a yellow blanket covered in yellow with a yellow headbandBaby girl crawling towards the camera in a photo studioA baby boy photographed sitting up and looking at the camera with a cheeky smileOne year old boy wearing a birthday crown in a photo studioA baby with lots of crazy black hair sticking out is making a cute expression, photographed in close-up head and shouldersStudio photo of a baby laying on his front holding himself up and smilingBaby boy lays on a grey fluffy blanket and smilesA baby aged around one year stands whilst holding his parent's hands (just in shot) and makes a cue 'ooh' expressionSix month old baby boy about to crawlBaby smiles and crawls towards camera in studio photoshootstudio photo of baby boy in blue outfitClose-up photo of baby boy making cute expressionA baby aged about nine months sits in studio photography setting and claps his hands whilst looking up and to the rightBaby boy sitting up covered only by a grey blanketCute baby girl lying on front with huge smile