Photography by Abi Moore | Baby, family, wedding & brand photographer | Windsor: Blog en-us (C) Abi Moore (Photography by Abi Moore | Baby, family, wedding & brand photographer | Windsor) Fri, 12 Jan 2024 17:31:00 GMT Fri, 12 Jan 2024 17:31:00 GMT The evolution of professional photos: Have studio headshots had their day? We live in a world dominated by social media, and if you're in business, it's more important than ever to show your face online - your customers and prospective employers want to know who you are.

Should you show your face on your profiles? It's a resounding yes!

Do you need a professional photo? Yes!

Do you need a studio headshot? Maybe not!

Lifestyle-based on-location images are becoming more popular than ever. For entrepreneurs, freelancers and individuals seeking career progression, there is a choice - is a studio portrait or a lifestyle image more appropriate? How will these two styles impact your professional image? And when is a longer personal branding shoot needed?

A smart businesswoman in dressed in black smiles at the camera in a studio setting with white backdropHeadshot or brand photoshoot windsor berkshire 1Classic professional studio headshot photoshoot Windsor Berkshire 1. Studio Headshot: Classic Professionalism

The studio headshot has long been a staple in corporate circles, offering a clean, polished image that conveys professionalism and reliability. However, it is starting to feel more formal, particularly in an era when home-working and smart casual are becoming more common-place.

This style is ideal for situations where a formal, standardised appearance is crucial - particularly corporate websites where a number of individuals need consistency across images.

It's also important important to consider industry standards and expectations. Professions like law, finance, and executive roles often still demand the classic headshot to maintain a traditional and conservative image.

If you're expected to wear a suit and/or tie for your role, or it's going on a corporate website, then a studio headshot may be right for you.

A professional photo of a woman in a white jacket and top in  light and airy space with a pink abstract painting behind herHeadshot or brand photoshoot windsor berkshire 2Lifestyle and location professional brand photoshoot 2. Lifestyle Photos: Letting Personality Shine

In contrast, lifestyle location photos have become increasingly popular, reflecting a shift towards a more personal and approachable brand image. These photos are taken in environments that resonate with the individual's personality and profession, whether it's a coffee shop, your working space, or even outdoors. Lifestyle location photos capture individuals in a more natural state, showcasing their personality, interests, and work style.

For entrepreneurs, creatives, and those in more dynamic industries, lifestyle photos can be a game-changer. It humanises the professional image, making you more relatable to potential clients, collaborators and employers. It's especially effective for those in creative and service-based fields, showcasing not only your skills but also your unique approach to work and life.

A collage of images of the same businesswoman in various office settings and outfitsHeadshot or brand photoshoot windsor berkshire 3A branding photoshoot gives you a variety to of images to improve your sales and marketing whether you're a coach, marketing consultant or own a business 3. Beyond the Headshot: Personal Branding Photoshoots

While a headshot (studio or lifestyle) has an important role, a longer personal branding photoshoot offers a more story-telling approach. This type of photoshoot goes beyond the constraints of a single image, allowing individuals to showcase various facets of their personality, work environment, and even hobbies.

If you run a business, you'll know that you need to be posting regularly to social media. A personal branding shoot gives you a variety of images that illustrate your personality and skills in your business. By showing up regularly with different images, your clients get to know, like and trust you, ultimately increasing your sales.

A personal branding shoot is essential for anyone wishing to establish a strong online presence and connect with their audience on a more personal level.

Conclusion: Choosing the Right Image for Career Success

So, how do you decide which is right for you? Ask yourself:

  • do I need a single image or will I be posting regularly?
  • does my industry have formal/professional expectations?
  • would I like images that tell a story?
  • how much of my personality and skills would I like to demonstrate?

While the classic studio headshot continues to have its place in certain professional spheres, a single lifestyle shot offers a fresh and relatable alternative. For a more comprehensive approach, a personal branding photoshoot gives you the flexibility to tell a story about yourself and your services and skills over time.

If you're still unsure which is right for you, then please book a free discovery call, I'd love to chat about your business and which is most suitable for you. Find out more about headshots and branding photoshoots here.

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6 tips to help choose your dream wedding dress wedding photographer Windsor Berkshire Surrey 1wedding photographer Windsor Berkshire Surrey 1 Perhaps you’ve been dreaming of your perfect wedding dress since you were a child, or maybe you’ve no idea which style would suit you best. Either way, when it comes to finding ‘the one’, there’s some key steps to consider to help take the stress away. As we approach busy engagement season, I've spoken to a panel experts to get their top tips on choosing a wedding dress that’s right for you.

1. Trust your bridal consultant
Scouring bridal magazines and online platforms and falling in love with a specific style of dress is a great starting point, but when you attend your bridal salon, trust the consultant. This means keeping an open mind if they suggest a different style, neckline or fabric than you had envisioned – you may find you absolutely adore it.

As professionals who help hundreds of brides find their perfect wedding dresses, bridal consultants know which dresses look best on people of various shapes and sizes. They’ll consider your skin tone, hair colour, unique body shape and personal style to help you find a dress that will take your breath away.

wedding photographer Windsor Berkshire Surrey 3wedding photographer Windsor Berkshire Surrey 3 2. Shop true to size
Many brides vow to lose weight or tone up before their wedding days, but in reality only 18% manage to do so. Rather than adding another stressor to your wedding planning, trust that you look beautiful just as you are and resist the temptation to buy a dress that’s a size or two smaller than your regular size.

If living more healthily is a long-term goal, and you do change your body before the big day, you can always have your dress taken in. But bear in mind that it’s much harder to make a dress bigger – if in doubt, size up, not down.

wedding photographer Windsor Berkshire Surrey 2wedding photographer Windsor Berkshire Surrey 2 3. Consider your venue
Depending on your venue, you may lean towards a particular style of dress for either practical or aesthetic reasons. For example, wearing a multi-layer princess dress if you’re tying the knot on a beach may leave you hot and uncomfortable. You should also consider whether you plan to wear your wedding dress for the entire day and reception, or if you’d like to change as evening falls.

Some dresses come with removable trains and overskirts, which make lovely options for brides who want a fairytale-esque dress for their ceremony but want to be able to dance freely come evening. Matching your venue to your dress will go a long way to ensuring your entire wedding look is utterly seamless.

wedding photographer Windsor Berkshire Surrey 5wedding photographer Windsor Berkshire Surrey 5 4. Keep your theme in mind
Similarly, it’s wise to bear your overall wedding theme in mind when dress shopping. If you’re prioritising sustainability, why not look for a second-hand dress? With a few tweaks, vintage dresses can look stunning and you’ll be cutting the carbon footprint of your wedding down even further. You could also hire a wedding dress to save both cupboard space and money.

Again, considering how your dress ties in with your other decorative aspects is crucial. If you’re planning a casual, intimate wedding, you may be better looking for delicate lines and subtle lace dresses over glistening, diamante embellished ball gowns. On the other hand, if your formal and lavish wedding is pulling out all of the stops decoration wise, you need a show-stopping dress to match.

wedding photographer Windsor Berkshire Surrey 4wedding photographer Windsor Berkshire Surrey 4 5. Don’t forget your budget
It’s no secret that new wedding dresses are expensive, so be sure to ask the right questions when it’s time to shop for yours. Discuss payment plans, alteration options, and accessory choices with your bridal consultant to ensure your chosen dress is not only perfect, but realistic too.

When first browsing and trying on dresses, it’s a good idea to start at the lower end of the price bracket. That way, you can work your way up if you haven’t found something suitable, but you may also walk away with a bargain.

6. Take your time
Whilst it can be equally exciting and stressful finding the perfect wedding dress, these top tips should help you get a head start on the most important things to keep in mind. Take your time and trust your instincts, as much like with your partner, when you find the right dress for you, you’ll know.

Add a comment to let me know how you chose your dress... what was the most important consideration? where did you find your dream dress? And if you're looking for your wedding photographer, I'd love to chat!

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5 top tips to find calm during pregnancy and birth ~ guest blog by Kirsten Verma, Bumps & Beginings I recently got talking to the lovely Kirsten, Hypnobirthing specialist from Bumps & Beginnings. I asked her to share her top tips for staying calm during your pregnancy. These are great tips for any point in your pregnancy and will help keep you nice and calm in readiness for the ‘birth-day’.

It doesn't matter what type of birth you plan to have, you can use these Hypnobirthing tips at any point to remove stress, fear and ultimately make you feel much calmer about your pregnancy and upcoming birth. Here are Kirsten's top 5 tips...

Tip One: Start at the top - your mind!

A graphic reading 'My body knows exactly what to do.'bump maternity photographer windsor - birth tips 1Kirsten Verma, hypnobirthing teacher shares her top tips for calm during pregnancy and birth with maternity photgrapher Abi Moore Start by working on feeding that mindset all the positive affirmations that surround birth. You can find these online or buy your own set of birth affirmation cards.

“My body knows exactly what to do'' - these birth affirmations feed into the subconscious thoughts that surround labour and birth. Thoughts that we don't even know they are there.

Unfortunately, due to the nature of our media, and horror stories we’ve heard over the years our bodies have consciously been conditioned to fear birth by the dramatic nature that TV dramas have been edited (for example 'One Born Every Minute!').

So a lot of the ‘keeping calm’ during pregnancy comes from rewiring our thought process. When you feel thoughts like, ‘it’s going to hurt so much’ try to re-frame with ‘it might be intense, and painful, but it’s absolutely nothing I cannot deal with’.

Surprisingly enough birth is actually more of a mental thing rather than a physical thing. Still all the way through our labour we have to believe that it's possible, we can and we will give birth. No matter how you decide to give birth, working on your mindset will help you feel calmer during pregnancy and more empowered during labour.

Another thing that can help you is reading plenty of positive birth stories (of all different types) - you can find them very easily on podcasts, youtube and websites. Another one of the techniques that can help you feel super relaxed is listening to a self hypnosis audio. These work on just taking you to that sleepy space in your mind (totally relaxed!) nothing to do with hypnosis, but again helps remove that fear from the subconscious thoughts. I have a fair few of these, so feel free to email me if you want to try listening to one.

Tip Two: Breathing

A calm breathing technique enables you to completely relax. It may surprise you that once we master this technique we are likely to have all these benefits:

  • Lowered the stress hormones in our body
  • Make more rational decisions (especially in pregnancy and labour)
  • Enable contractions to feel less painful, distraction
  • More likely to have oxytocin present again, and remove adrenaline
  • Helps relax your muscles, remember the uterus is just one big muscle (one that we need to be working effectively)!

This technique can be used during labour, pregnancy and actually just in everyday life! I often used it when I felt sleep deprived, and getting the buggy out of the car with a crying baby - it felt really hard some days!

If you fancy giving this one a try, I’ve created a 10 minute simple tutorial on my website.

Overhead view of a baby bump on mum 8 months pregnant, photographed outdoors and in black & whitebump maternity photographer windsor - birth tips 2Abi is an experienced maternity/pregnancy photographer based in Windsor Berkshire Tip three: Talk to your birth partner

  • How are you feeling about birth?
  • Do they know your fears?
  • Have you discussed your birth plans? Have you written them down?
  • What do you want from them?

Having that support network is going to be absolutely key in helping you address any potential stresses before you even give birth. These don’t have to be formal conversations, can you go for lunch? Go for a walk together? Be open with how you feel so that any niggles can be free from your mind. Once we’ve removed those niggles, labour is actually more likely to progress, start and move in the direction we want.

During my hypnobirthing courses we look at specific frameworks in order to support your birth partner so they know how to advocate for you during your birth and pregnancy. Once your birth partner is equipped with all the knowledge you’ll be able to feel much calmer, and again those fears of the birth partner being sat on the sideline like a lemon can be pushed to one side as they know how/what you want.

Also, I also always suggest to my clients, pack the hospital bag together so they know where everything is (another stress removed)!

Tip four: Make a plan for 40 weeks or more…

Unfortunately, there is not really such a thing as a ‘due date’ or a time when we know the baby will arrive (unless you are having a planned caesarean birth or induction) so consider making a plan for what you will do during this time. If you can remove any stresses away from the ‘40 week’ time period (for example lots of texts or calls about ‘is baby here yet!) this will also help you relax and enjoy those last few weeks or days with your bump.

Little walks, time together, cinema trips, lunch dates, or just making your favourite meals together. These things ultimately help you feel calmer, happier and realise the hormones that we want to kick start labour.

Tip five: Movement

We all know exercise is a strong form of calmness for our mental health. In fact, one doula in America works solely on training women for birth by using physical exercise. The midwives would attend her births knowing that they were always half the time of other births! She works on using an interval training method (a bit like a contraction) a period of work, followed by a period of rest. She encourages squatting, and allowing you to train for your birth.

Now, this is not me suggesting that you suddenly join the gym if you haven't exercised much before, but keeping active will also help move the baby into that optimal position, but fundamentally keep you really calm because you’ve got that body moving and helped removed any stress.


Thank you Kirsten for your top tips! Please add in the comments any tips you have for relaxing during pregnancy.

If you feel you want that gentle nudge in the right direction with HOW to relax, join Kirsten on Wednesday evenings at 7.30pm online, where she teaches pregnancy relaxation to all her mummies to be. And if you enjoyed reading the blog, she also runs group and 1:1 Hypnobirthing courses from a cosy home in Winkfield. Prices, course content and more info can be found at You can also email Kirsten on [email protected] and find her on Instagram.

Close-up of pregnant woman's baby bump with a toddler girl pressing her ear to the bump and smiling at tehe camera, photographed in a studio setting.bump maternity photographer windsor - birth tips 3For your maternity photoshoot choose from a studio shoot or outdoor shoot. Other family members are encouraged to join your shoot.

(Photography by Abi Moore | Baby, family, wedding & brand photographer | Windsor) Berkshire baby photographer having a baby in Berkshire maternity photographer Windsor newborn photographer Berkshire newborn photos Windsor newborn specialist Windsor preparing for birth in Berkshire Wed, 22 Nov 2023 17:03:06 GMT
Laure & Rhys' Windsor wedding | Also... what to do when it rains on your wedding day! Huge congrats to Laure & Rhys whose wedding I photographed at the weekend. I ask every couple to describe their wedding day in three words. Why? Because it helps me understand what's important about your day and what your photos should reflect. Laure & Rhys said these three words summed up their day: Franglais, friends and family. And it delivered on all fronts!

Their day was filled with love and laughter with their family and friends. Despite heavy rain during parts of the day, we managed to get to the Castle for photos both during the afternoon on the Long Walk and under a floodlit castle in the evening.

I've been photographing weddings for nearly a decade now and know how to handle rain (I have to say 2023 has been the wettest wedding season I've experienced!!). We'll be in touch in advance to agree contingency plans - this might be popping on wellies and bringing brollies and heading out in it, it might mean juggling timings on your day to ensure we get the shots you'd like during any dry spells, or it could be finding some indoor locations for your photos. The Windsor Guildhall is a great rainy day venue - not only are the interiors stunning, but you also have the pillared corn exchange when you exit, so you can be outside, but still undercover! If you're happy to head out in the rain, then investing in a clear umbrella that will look good in your photos is a good idea, something like this is perfect,

Back to Rhys & Laure's wedding day... they had a double cake cutting - the French side being a selection of cheese, and the British being an amazing cake made by Rhys's mum! Then they danced the night away to French jazz band Oh La La!. Wishing them both every happiness together!


Ceremony venue: Windsor Guildhall

Reception venue: Macdonald Hotel Windsor

Photography: Photography by Abi Moore

Flowers: Stems of Windsor

Band: Oh La La!

Cake of cheese: Pangbourne Cheese Shop

Wedding creche: Tinies

(Photography by Abi Moore | Baby, family, wedding & brand photographer | Windsor) Family photographer Windsor Macdonald Hotel Windsor weddings photographer Windsor relaxed wedding photography wedding photographer Berkshire Windsor Castle wedding photography Windsor Guildhall wedding photographer Windsor Guildhall wedding photos Windsor wedding photographer Wed, 01 Nov 2023 17:09:45 GMT
Amey & Liam's Ascot and Windsor wedding day

I had so much fun photographing Saturday’s wedding. It’s always lovely photographing weddings where I’ve watched a family grow. In this case, Amey & Liam are my lovely neighbours and I’ve photographed both their children as newborns. As soon as they were engaged, they got in touch and said 'we definitely want you to photograph our wedding'... before they had a date or a venue.

As it happens, their reception venue turned out to be the Berystede where I’ve been a recommended supplier for 8 years, so I know it very well. The ceremony was held at St Andrew’s Church, Clewer, which is on my doorstep, but I have never photographed a wedding there!

Their day was all the more fun due to several special touches, including a horse and carriage ride through Windsor to take photos with the Castle (as an aside, if you’re wondering where the best vantage points for Castle photos are, please get in touch for a chat, as there are various great options including this one!).

They also had surprise entertainment in the form of Takeaway Singer Ben, who arrived with a ‘Deliveroo’ for Amey’s dad - cue lots of surprised faces as he walked through the wedding breakfast asking them to point him out, then suddently broke into song.

It was a joy to photograph two people so very much in love, wishing them a very happy future together!


As always, behind every wedding there’s a great team:

Ceremony venue: St Andrew’s Church Clewer
Reception venue: The Macdonald Berystede, Ascot
Photography: Photography by Abi Moore
Venue dressing: AB Event Hire
Flowers: Louise’s Flower Boutique
Horse & carriage: The Ostler
Rolls Royce: London Travel Partners
Dress: Pronovias from Windsor and Eton Brides
Entertainment: Takeaway Singers
DJ: DJ Mista Mojo
Cake: Aurora's Kitchen
Toastmaster: Toastmaster John
Hair & Makeup: Go London

(Photography by Abi Moore | Baby, family, wedding & brand photographer | Windsor) Ascot wedding photographer Ascot wedding photogrpahy Berystede wedding photographer Berystede wedding photography fun wedding photography photographer Windsor relaxed wedding photography wedding photographer Berkshire wedding photographer Windsor wedding photos in Windsor Windsor Castle wedding photos Windsor wedding photographer Tue, 12 Sep 2023 18:41:28 GMT
A very long engagement: Kathy & Jake's Windsor Guildhall wedding I'd like to wish Kathy & Jake huge congratulations after photographing their wedding on Saturday. The ceremony - officiated by an old school friend of Kathy's who also happens to be a registrar - started with a round of applause for this lovely couple who are only a couple of years away from celebrating four decades together and have been engaged for more than 35 years!

It was a relaxed and fun, if rainy, day at the Windsor Guildhall. If it rains on your wedding day, then the Guildhall is a great location - with some lovely indoor backdrops for photos, and the covered pillared Corn Exchange to keep your guests dry. Luckily, Kathy was getting ready just across the road at the Macdonald and was kept dry as she was escorted across the road from the Macdonald, by Matthew the doorman.

The couple enjoyed their wedding breakfast in the grand surrounds of the Guildhall before heading back to the Macdonald to party the evening away. Thank you both for choosing me to capture your wedding day memories - wishing you both many congratulations!

As always, it's great to be part of a team of wedding suppliers. All the following helped make the day what it was:

Ceremony & reception venue: Windsor Guildhall

Evening reception venue: Macdonald Hotel Windsor

Dress: Bombshell London

Hair: Ryan at Paul Anthony

Makeup: Makeup by Miki

Flowers & cake: Jenis Cakes and Flowers

Wedding breakfast entertainment: Acoustik

Evening reception entertainment: Swing and Soul

(Photography by Abi Moore | Baby, family, wedding & brand photographer | Windsor) natural wedding photography photographer Windsor rainy day wedding photography relaxed wedding photography wedding photographer Berkshire wedding photographer Windsor Windsor wedding photographer Tue, 25 Jul 2023 15:46:47 GMT
8 tips for what to wear for your family photoshoot ~ guest blog from Jill Tracey, Little Threads UK What to wear for your family photoshoot 2What to wear for your family photoshoot 2Family photographer Windsor Berkshire - top tips on what to wear The photographer is booked, the location and timings are set – now, what do we wear? Styling your family (particularly little ones) for a photoshoot can feel daunting. After all, you have invested time and money in your shoot and want to treasure your images for years to come. But it needn’t be something to worry about - here are some tips from Jill Tracey, founder of Little Threads, to help you select the right outfits for your family to ensure a comfortable, relaxed experience and cohesive images that you can enjoy for decades.

1. Choose clothes they feel comfortable and happy in
If you can, try to incorporate one of your child’s favourite pieces into their outfit or, if it’s something they haven’t worn before, let them choose which they feel best in. Feeling good in clothes automatically makes children feel comfortable, happy and confident and that will shine through in the images. Don’t try to force them into something they wouldn’t usually wear as you want the images to reflect their personality at that point in time.

2. Think practicality and dress for the weather
Think carefully about the types of activities you’ll be doing on your shoot, and check the weather forecast. Make sure your child’s clothes cover underwear fully and fit well when they’re on the move. It’s so important to make sure your child can move comfortably in their outfit (particularly for outdoor shoots) so the photographer can capture shots of all the things your child would usually do – from tree climbing to running races! For babies, pants to cover nappies are a lovely idea. For baby girls, consider sets such as dresses with matching briefs.

What to wear for your family photoshoot 3What to wear for your family photoshoot 3Ann outdoor family photoshoot with Abi Moore is lots of fun - here are some top tips on what to wear On colder days, put together layers that work together (think t-shirt/blouse with cardigan/jumper) and don’t forget to consider which coats, hats, scarves and gloves compliment the outfit. If it really is chilly maybe consider putting thermals under your child’s clothes. A cold child is a miserable one and will prevent you getting the most out of your shoot.

And, of course, always choose comfortable, practical shoes...or wellies if it’s wet!

3. Keep it simple – think “timeless”
A key tip is to keep outfits simple and timeless as opposed to too “fashionable”. Think plain colours that will continue to look wonderful in years to come. You can still add personality to simple outfits by mixing in different materials and textures such as wool, linen, frills and lace. You can accessories too with belts, scarves, hair bands...

Brands such as White Company, Petit Bateau, Boden and Jojo Maman Bebe are often good for producing classic styles.

What to wear for your family photoshoot 4What to wear for your family photoshoot 4A family photoshoot should be fun, relaxed and stress-free - to make it even easier, here are some top tips on what to wear 4. Avoid strong patterns and characters
The focus of your photos should be your family’s faces and expressions, not their t-shirt, so I’d avoid strong patterns such as bold stripes and checks. Large words, logos or your child’s favourite Disney character can also distract the eye so steer away from large motifs.

5. Reflect your family’s  personality and style
Give some thought to how you usually dress as a family and stick to that. Do you like to dress more formally in tailored clothes? Or are you a casual family who feel most relaxed in t-shirts and jeans? Whichever it is, choose a common style to run through all your outfits for a lovely, coherent look.

6. Think about the colour palette and theme as a family
By no means do you want all family members to “match” as that can look staged and cheesy, but choosing a basic colour palette and finding clothes from that palette that can work together is really effective. You could base your colour scheme around the colours in the room where the images will be displayed, or around your favourite items of clothing, or even yours and your children’s favourite colours! Your photographer can help you with this, but some effective ideas include:

  • Neutrals and denim
  • Varying tones of the same colour
  • Nature’s colours
  • Bright bold tones
  • Pastel tones

What to wear for your family photoshoot 1What to wear for your family photoshoot 1Clothing options for outdoor family photoshoots in Windsor Berkshire UK - top tips from Little Threads UK Remember, it’s about co-ordination not matching – but giving some thought to consistent colours can really help enhance your images and bring it all together.

7. Have a back-up second outfit ready
We all know the reality of a day with kids (particularly little ones) and accidents happen to the best of us, so it’s advisable to be prepared with a suitable spare outfit for them to slip on without a frenzied search through wardrobes to find a clean top in the right colour!

8. You don’t have to spend huge amounts on new outfits
There’s no need to spend large amounts of money buying brand new clothing specifically your your shoot (particularly the spare outfit!). Why not consider buying preloved items – it’s a more sustainable option and costs a fraction of the price of new. Plus services such as Little Threads can hand-pick brands, colours, season and styles of preloved items to match the style and scheme of your shoot to save you the time searching.

Thank you so much Jill for sharing these top tips - I couldn't agree more with everything you've said. Follow these pointers and your family will look stunning for their photoshoot!

About Jill Tracey Jill is founder of Little Threads, a convenient way for busy parents to buy and sell beautiful pre-loved children’s clothes without the hassle of searching, scrolling and negotiating. Like a preloved personal shopper, Little Threads put together hand-picked selection boxes of stunning preloved clothes, tailored to the items your child needs and the styles and brands they love to wear. They will also purchase your outgrown but not outworn pre-loved items, ensuring they find a loving new home whilst helping pockets and the planet.

If you would like to try out the service (perhaps you need some specific items for a shoot of your own?) and order a box for your child, Jill is offering 20% off with code ABIMOORE20.

You can also check out Little Threads on Instagram & Facebook or at

What to wear for your family photoshoot 5What to wear for your family photoshoot 5Even if the shoot includes the whole family with grandparetns, aunties and uncles - perhaps for a birthday celebration or anniversary - the whole family can co-ordinate clothing to get the best out of your photos.

(Photography by Abi Moore | Baby, family, wedding & brand photographer | Windsor) berkshire family photographer clothing for family photoshoot Family photographer Windsor Kids portraits photographer Berkshire photographer Windsor what to wear for your family photoshoot windsor family photoshoot Thu, 25 May 2023 09:13:24 GMT
4 ways that brand photography clients use their images in marketing You’ll often hear me talking about providing my branding clients with images to help them stay visible and connect with clients. But what does that mean in practical terms? I’m sharing some real life examples of how clients are using my photography to boost their sales and marketing.

1. Social media

This is perhaps the most obvious one. Professional photography can really elevate the perception of your brand.

A screenshot of an Instagram grid featuring brand graphics and headshots of the business ownerBrand photoshoot Windsor Berkshire 1 - Instagram profile imagesAbi helps small businesses stay visible online and connect with their clients through using a portfolio of branding images Starting with the simplest action, by showing your face in your profile pictures it humanises your brand. A professional photo shows that you’re a brand that takes their business seriously.

A screenshot of an Instagram grid in chequerboard layout featuring brand graphics and professional product photos of a baby journal brandBrand photoshoot Windsor Berkshire 2 - Instagram product imagesAbi works with brands to create seasonal product photography to help them market and sell their products year-round Furthermore, showing your face regularly in your social media is proven to increase engagement. It also builds trust with your target audience, we’ve all heard it before that ‘people buy from people’, but it’s so true - by showing up regularly on your social media pages, your audience will get to know you better, ultimately building trust.

Sumantha is a business coach running Upgrade your Education Business to help tutors and other educators to grow their businesses. She combines her brand photos with great visual content and infographics for a strongly branded Instagram grid.

If you run a product business, like Gemma from Cheeky Little Smiles, then holidays are a great opportunity for promoting offers. We created 12 months of seasonal content to help her boost sales of her beautiful luxury baby journals. Looking at her grid from autumn, you can see how she has combined seasonal images and branded visuals for an effective result.

A screenshot of a mobile browswer opened to the Isla & Fraser homepage showing on of their blanketsBrand photographer Windsor Berkshire 3 - product photography websiteBrand photography - perfect professional images to market and sell your products 2. Website

A screenshot of a listings page on the Isla & Fraser website showing six of their different product listings illustrated by Abi's photos including blankets, comforters and clothingBrand photography Windsor Berkshire 4 - product listing imagesAbi has worked with brand large and small to create commercial and product photography Whether you’re a service or product business, your website is your virtual shop window. Excellent on-brand professional images are always going to ensure visitors stay longer on your site, take you seriously, and ultimately purchase from you.

Isla & Fraser is an organic baby brand, making beautiful super soft blankets, comforters and clothing. I’ve worked with them over the years to create consistent content that fits their brand values, from hero front page images, to individual product listings.

If you’re a service brand without a physical product, it’s important to use imagery to illustrate what you can offer your clients.

Screenshot of a webpage of Spear Wellbeing Clinic showcasing treatments offered, illustrated by Abi's branding photosBrand photographer Windsor Berkshire 5 - service business personal brandingAbio Moore is a personal branding specialist giving you perfect photos to illustrate your service offering Michaela from Spear Wellbeing Clinic is an amazing reflexologist (I speak from experience as a patient of hers - she honestly has magic hands!) and uses images of each treatment type to illustrate her treatments page. I’m looking forward to working with Michaela again next month as she expands into Chinese Acupuncture, we’ll be creating a portfolio to showcase her new skill. A screenshot of a website homepage for an aesthetics practitioner, featuring a professional photo of her in her clinic accompanied by text about her qualificationsBrand photoshoot Windsor Berkshire 6 - business and personal branding photographyAbi is a personal branding expert and will create images for you to help promote you and your business

Aungelique O’Regan runs Bare Brilliance Aesthetics offering a fab range of non-surgical aesthetic treatments from her clinic in Windsor. As soon as you land on her website, you’re greeted by an image of her, also featuring her branding and clinic, alongside a welcome message. Immediately, this builds trust with potential clients as they can see the face behind the brand alongside her skills and experience.

A screenshot of an email newsletter titled 'Hello 2023' with a photo of a woman smiling with a mug of teaBrand photography Windsor Berkshire 7 - professional headshot photosAbi works with self employed business people to give them photos that help them market their business 3. Email

If you’re in business, you’ll know that one of your most powerful tools is your email database. These are people that have purchased from you before or have actively opted in to hear from you. Regular emails help your audience to know you better and keep you top of mind when they’re considering a purchase. After experiencing stress in her law career, Kate Hughes qualified as an accredited meditation teacher. She teaches transformative meditation to help her clients feel happier and healthier. Kate shares tips and updates in her newsletter, illustrated with her brand photos, to build familiarity.

4. PR

A photograph of a Vogue magazine page titled 'Vogue's Little Valentines' featuring several baby brands, including Isla & Fraser blanket photos taken by AbiBrand photography Windsor Berkshire 8 - product image specialistAbi's product photography has been published in national media including British Vogue Media coverage in the right publications can help build brand awareness and sales. In addition, when reputable online news and magazine sites share links to your website, it can boost your SEO.

Take a look at any newspaper or magazine and you’ll find it’s rare (if not impossible) to find a page of text without images. If you’re issuing a press release, then professional accompanying imagery significantly increases the likelihood of your story being covered. In fact, national publications are unlikely to include a story without professional photos.

Isla & Fraser have been featured twice in British Vogue. The Feb 2021 edition included a ‘Little Valentines’ article on baby fashion. It featured one our hero shots of their scallop blanket range.

A screenshot of a news article on Hello about a gin commemorating the royal wedding in Windsor, illustrated by a photo of a gin bottle, glass and tonicBrand photographer Windsor Berkshire 9 - professional product images for PR & marketingAbi's photo have been published in national and international media supporting businesses' PR When it was announced that Prince Harry and Meghan would be marrying in Windsor, the Duchess of Cambridge created a gin in celebration. I worked with them on developing a portfolio of images of the Gin&’er gin to accompany the PR. It resulted in significant media coverage, including a piece on Hello! magazine’s website.

Every brand photoshoot begins with a discovery call where we’ll discuss your brand and begin planning your shoot. With more than a decade’s experience running a successful business and a decade in marketing and PR prior to that, I’ll share ideas for using brand imagery to market your business. However you choose to use your images, a portfolio of brand photos is guaranteed to give your sales and marketing a boost. Get in touch today to book your free discovery call or find out more.


(Photography by Abi Moore | Baby, family, wedding & brand photographer | Windsor) brand photographer Windsor brand photography brand photoshoot business photographer commercial photographer headshot photographer PR photographer product photographer Berkshire product photography Sun, 05 Mar 2023 19:35:40 GMT
Berkshire Mummies' autumn and winter walk recommendations Berkshire mummies autumn winter photos 2Berkshire mummies autumn winter photos 2 If you don't yet follow the Berkshire Mummies blog, then you should! I love their tips for things to do around our county, from the best parks to soft plays and recommendations for free days out. I know lots of the families that follow me are very outdoorsy, and a bit of a chill in the air is not going to stop you getting out and about over the coming months. I asked Berkshire Mummies to share their favourite walks if you need a bit of inspiration this winter...

"We are fortunate to live in a very picturesque county and we like nothing more than to explore everything our surrounding area has to offer – from bustling parks to peaceful walks, Berkshire Mummies has so many recommendations of places to visit this autumn and winer if you are looking for stunning scenery (and some great photo opportunities too!).

Berkshire mummies autumn winter photos 5Berkshire mummies autumn winter photos 5 Windsor is one of our favourite places to visit. Alexandra Gardens is a beautiful green open space sitting next to the Thames with views of Windsor Castle. You might also want to visit the Diamond Jubilee fountain and children will have fun walking round the Brick Maze at Goswell Park.

Windsor is also well known for the Long Walk. We enjoy walking down here, away from the Castle towards the Copper Horse. Here, the views of the Long Walk and Windsor Castle are just spectacular and the colours of the trees in the Great Park all look so beautiful in the Autumn. (If you think that little legs won't manage the distance, then Windsor Carriages offer a great way to explore - check out my recent interview with them on my blog - Abi).

Berkshire mummies autumn winter photos 4Berkshire mummies autumn winter photos 4 Ray Mill Island in Maidenhead is another firm favourite of ours as there is so much for the children to see here. We usually watch the boats for a while at Boulters Lock and then cross over the bridge to the island. Here, we feed the ducks and swans and visit the guinea pig enclosure. At the far end of the island is Boulters Weir which makes an impressive site to watch as the water cascades back into the Thames. We always love being by the river as it is so beautiul at any time of year.

Berkshire mummies autumn winter photos 3Berkshire mummies autumn winter photos 3 Swinley Forest stretches over 2,600 acres between Bracknell and Crowthorne. We tend to use the Look Out as a base when we go walking here. There are lots of places to build dens along the way and a vast number of trees to admire which all look incredible during the Autumn months.

Venturing just over the Berkshire border into Surrey, you will find the National Trust site of Ankerwyke. Berkshire mummies autumn winter photos 1Berkshire mummies autumn winter photos 1 We have had some lovely walks here in all seasons (it can get a little muddy across the fields as the weather turns but that just adds to the fun when you’re kicking through the leaves - just don't forget your wellies!). You can also find the National Trust’s oldest tree here which is 2,500 years old!

For even more inspiration of things to do and places to visit this autumn and winter please follow Berkshire Mummies on Facebook and Instagram as well as checking out the blog on our website. Happy Exploring!"

(Photography by Abi Moore | Baby, family, wedding & brand photographer | Windsor) Berkshire family photographer days out windsor family photographer Windsor natural family photoshoot outdoor family photographer outdoor photoshoot berkshire outdoor photoshoot maidenhead outdoor photoshoot windsor Thu, 08 Dec 2022 18:14:58 GMT
Laura & Tom's Beaumont Estate Old Windsor Wedding

I was delighted when Laura & Tom asked me to be their wedding photographer... I'd already photographed them twice before when Laura was bridesmaid at her brother's wedding in 2018 and her best friend's wedding last year. It's always lovely photographing a wedding where lots of the guests are familiar faces, and a real honour to have been recommended.

When we met for their pre-wedding shoot we discussed the potential for rain with a November wedding (it's always good to choose a venue, such as the Beaumont Estate, that has lots of indoor options for photos during the winter months). However, despite the downpours for most of last week, the sun shone down on them on Friday!

I love autumn/winter weddings, not least because the light in the afternoons as you're taking pictures can be stunning. It was an extra treat to have fairy lights in the grounds as the sun was setting making for a gorgeous backdrop before they sat down for their wedding breakfast in the beautiful chapel.

Laura & Tom are obviously made for each other and their day was filled with love and laughter. Thank you for choosing me to be your photographer - I wish you every happiness for the future!

(Photography by Abi Moore | Baby, family, wedding & brand photographer | Windsor) photographer Windsor relaxed wedding photography wedding photographer Berkshire wedding photographer Windsor Windsor wedding photographer Tue, 29 Nov 2022 17:59:28 GMT
An interview with Rebecca Seear of Windsor Carriages Windsor Carriages and wedding photography on the Long Walk 3Windsor Carriages and wedding photography on the Long Walk 3 There are few more magnificent sights than a horse and carriage on the Long Walk with Windsor Castle in the background. I’ve been fortunate to work with Windsor Carriages both during weddings, where couples can take a romantic ride into the Great Park, and also as a brand photographer taking photos for their website and marketing.

I’m fascinated by the history of the business… they’ve provided carriages for weddings and events at Windsor Castle since 1963 - more than 600 to date! I asked Rebecca Seear who now runs the family business, to share some of her stories.

Can you share any favourite stories about the Great Park?

“Windsor Great Park is full of history, with a story behind everything from the statues to the trees. There are many stories handed down from coachman to coachman over the past 100 years - these aren’t in the history books and are often more popular with our guests.

A favourite story my father would tell me is about the ponds that Prince Albert had dug out in the village. These were originally a functional design to bring water to the estate workshops - one of many examples of Prince Alberts incredible engineering expertise seen across the estate.

However, one pond in particular had an additional purpose which my father would point to as the carriage travelled past. ‘Look at its shape… does it remind you of anything?’ Prince Albert had the pond shaped to represent the Isle of Wight, one of his and Queen Victoria’s favourite places. An island-shaped pond is a pretty romantic gift to your partner, one hard to top. I like to use it as a backdrop for proposals on our Crown Experience. A truly special place.”

Franco at Royal WindsorFranco at Royal Windsor Tell us something interesting about the history of Windsor Carriages.

“The horses are always the star of the day and usually come to us in their retirement as it is easy work for laid-back horses. Each horse has a story.

Franco, one of my father’s favourite carriage horses, started out in Argentina and was flown here to play high goal polo for the owner of the Coworth estate. He was sadly injured and so dad retrained him to be a carriage horse. It was always very exciting when we went past the polo pitches as his ears would perk up and you could see he was remembering his past successes. He even made it to the Royal Windsor Horse Show in the team! (See picture)

Then there are Minos and Hector who pulled carriages on the Long Walk for over 27 years right into their mid thirties. They had the privilege of pulling royal carriages for Her Majesty due to being smaller than the royal mews horses so more suited to the smaller Victorian carriages.

Windsor Carriages and wedding photography on the Long Walk 4Windsor Carriages and wedding photography on the Long Walk 4 As you can imagine we can talk all day about our horses past and present! Joey is our newest addition and in his spare time is a show horse competing and winning at Trace Classes throughout the country. Prince and Captain (who our brides from the past 3 years will recognise) had an illustrious film career before joining the team, starring in The Crown and UK TV classic Midsummer Murders to name a few!”

Do you have any specific wedding memories?

“I have always loved weddings and as a child I would even save the confetti in jars that I found when cleaning the carriages afterwards. It is always such a happy occasion and wonderful to see the joy on faces when the carriage arrives.

Rebecca & Elke_Flowers on the carriageRebecca & Elke_Flowers on the carriage A specific memory I have is the first wedding I did after my father (who had driven on The Long Walk for over 50 years) passed away. It was on The Long Walk for a local bride, Elke, who had selected to have the carriage decorated with flowers - a service we love to offer. A friend had married a few days earlier at Wentworth, with the entire ballroom filled with flowers. My florist suggested we add all the flowers from the ballroom to those that Elke had chosen. It was beautiful! Flowers from the horses’ ears to their tails, a moving floral display with the wonderful scent of fresh flowers as we travelled down The Long Walk. Elke was very moved - as we all were - and it was such a magical day. My dad would have been very proud of the whole team!

Proposals are becoming the more interesting event nowadays. We often wonder ‘will she, won’t she’, but they always say yes! We have mastered the art of pretending it is a regular experience and work with the guest to pick the perfect location. While it happens we quickly prepare the prosecco and really feel part of the moment. I have shed a happy tear many times!”

Windsor Carriages and wedding photography on the Long Walk 2Windsor Carriages and wedding photography on the Long Walk 2 What's your favourite view in the Great Park?

“It has to be the Long Walk, there is no where like it.

The Long Walk has been closed to cars for over a hundred years but carriages are still permitted under our licence, which we have held all that time thanks to the dedicated coachman before us.

The Castle is a magical backdrop for wedding photos and we always find a quiet place in the trees for beautiful shots of the couple. It’s a welcome break from the high energy of the day.

It’s genuinely exciting when we return to the town, often with cheers from guests as their carriage arrives. A passion and privilege for the whole team, and the horses love the attention they receive.

Continuing a tradition we have had in Windsor town for over 150 years is the cherry on the cake! We are grateful to be able to move with the times and add more special events like proposals and 90-minute wedding photoshoots to ensure the future of Windsor Carriages in this historic town.”

Windsor Carriages have a wealth of experience and excellent testimonials from hundreds of happy couples. They can also help in completing the relevant application for photography permissions on the Long Walk. Visit their website to find out more.

Windsor Carriages and wedding photography on the Long Walk 5Windsor Carriages and wedding photography on the Long Walk 5

(Photography by Abi Moore | Baby, family, wedding & brand photographer | Windsor) photographer Windsor wedding photographer Berkshire wedding photographer Windsor wedding photos in Windsor Great Park wedding photos on the Long Walk Windsor Castle wedding photos Windsor Guildhall wedding photos windsor weddings windsor's best wedding photographer Sun, 13 Nov 2022 16:08:27 GMT
Lynda & Dave's Windsor Guildhall & Macdonald Hotel wedding
After meeting Lynda and Dave for the first time, I knew their wedding day was going to one of fun and joy after they spent much of their practice shoot giggling - and they didn't disappoint - it was a day full of love and laughter!

The day started with Lynda getting ready with her bridesmaids in the Macdonald Hotel overlooking the Guildhall and the Castle. This was followed by Lynda and her bridal party being piped across the road by an Irish Piper. Their ceremony at the Windsor Guildhall ended with the new Mr & Mrs dancing and singing down the aisle. Then we were back to Macdonald for lots more fun...

If you've spotted the birthday cake in my slide show above, you might be wondering if the wrong cake was delivered, but the wedding day was also Dave's birthday (a guaranteed way to never forget your wedding anniersary!). Their reception included the happy couple entering the room whilst high-fiving all their guests, Dave entertaining us all with a song, and a game of Mr & Mrs before they danced the night away.

Huge congratulations to you both, Lynda & Dave!


As always, it takes a team to make a wedding day, and it was lovely to work with the following suppliers:

Photographer: Photography by Abi Moore

Ceremony venue & drinks reception: Windsor Guildhall

Reception venue: Macdonald Hotel Windsor

Piper: Rob Williams

DJ, lighting & confetti: Lee Rusell

Flowers: Longacres Nursery

Croquembouche: Le Papillon Cakes

(Photography by Abi Moore | Baby, family, wedding & brand photographer | Windsor) Macdonald Hotel Windsor wedding photography photographer Windsor relaxed wedding photography wedding photographer Berkshire Windsor Guildhall preferred photographer Windsor Guildhall wedding photographer Windsor wedding photographer Tue, 01 Nov 2022 17:54:28 GMT
7 ways to help soothe a crying baby ~ guest blog from Michelle Brown, The Baby Sleep Experts How to settle a newborn 4How to settle a newborn 4 When we train as a newborn photographer, as well as how to light and compose images, and safely pose your baby, we're also taught tricks for settling them. I'm always happy to rock babies to sleep if you'd like me to, and I'm very baby-led, so if your baby is awake but content, that's the way I'll photograph them; if they need a feed or a change, then there's plenty of time for that too, they are in charge of the session! I've been following Michelle Brown, sleep coach at The Baby Sleep Experts, on Instagram for a while now - the tips she shares are really helpful and I love that she also takes a very baby-led approach.

I asked Michelle if she could share her tips for soothing a crying baby (a few of which you'll also see me using during a newborn photoshoot). Here are her top 7...

Crying and babies often go hand in hand and it’s completely normal for a baby to cry. However, it can seem like you spend your whole day (and night) trying to soothe a fussy baby. The first step towards soothing your crying baby is always to stay calm yourself. Easier said than done but getting worked up will make you both feel stressed. Remember all babies are different and what works for one may not what work for another. It may take a few tries but with some patience and practice you will be able to find out what works and what doesn’t work for your baby.

How to settle a newborn 1How to settle a newborn 1 It's always best to respond to your baby’s cries as soon as you can in the first few months. Being close to you is what will help them feel safe, secure and loved. You cannot spoil a baby and answering their cries promptly can get your baby to stop crying sooner and can help your baby cry less in the long run.

Try these 7 soothing methods to learn which one works best to help calm your baby:

1. Skin-to-skin This is a great way to calm your baby. You may even want to take a warm bath together as this often helps to calm a fussy baby. Being in contact with your skin helps to stabilise your baby’s body temperature and heart rate as well as stimulating the release of oxytocin (the love hormone) in you both.

2. Offer a swaddle How to settle a newborn 2How to settle a newborn 2 Experts think swaddling soothes babies because it creates a warm, secure, snug feeling similar to that in the womb. Many parents find that swaddling helps their baby settle faster and stay asleep for longer.

3. Try a carrier or sling Babywearing and walking around is a great way to soothe a fussy baby. The gentle movement and closeness to you mimics life in the womb and babies are calmed by the rhythm of your steps. Using a carrier or a sling is also convenient as it leaves your hands free to get on with other tasks if you need to. Babywearing is also a good option to help fathers bond with their baby.

4. Massage A gentle, relaxing baby massage can be a great way of soothing and bonding with your baby. A gentle tummy massage can also help relieve any trapped wind, or constipation. Why not check out your local baby massage classes.

5. Turn on the white noise Some babies are calmed quickly with rhythmic whooshing sounds which reminds them of the womb. Vacuum cleaners, hairdryers and fans provide white noise but you can also invest in a white noise machine. Try playing white noise continuously when your baby is sleeping or shushing when you are settling your baby.

6. Head outside The change of scenery and new sounds and smells can be a great distraction and help to calm everyone down. Even just a 15 minute walk outside can be enough to help your baby to relax and calm down. The motion may also encourage them to fall asleep and stay asleep.

How to settle a newborn 3How to settle a newborn 3 7. Put on some soothing music Singing and moving about gently can also help calm your baby down. Try a few different playlists to find out what works best for you. You might find that your baby prefers to listen to music that you listened to when you were pregnant.

Remember that some babies just cry more than others. It’s nothing that you have done wrong, it’s just the way they are and it won’t last forever. Sometimes it might seem that your baby won’t stop crying whatever you do. If none of the usual tricks and techniques are working, there might be another reason for your baby’s crying which warrants investigation.

Thank you Michelle for sharing your tips! I hope you find them useful. If you have any other tips for soothing your little one's please add them in the comments.

About Michell Brown Michelle is founder of The Baby Sleep Experts and The Good Night Sleep System helps exhausted parents with children who struggle to sleep, by sharing gentle, loving and responsive sleep solutions that benefit the whole family. If you would like personalised advice and support, please get in touch with Michelle or head over to her Facebook or Instagram pages for regular sleep tips and advice. I also recommend her blog for lots more tips!

(Photography by Abi Moore | Baby, family, wedding & brand photographer | Windsor) baby photographer Berkshire baby photography near me Berkshire newborn photographer how to settle a baby how to soothe a crying baby local newborn photographer newborn baby photoshoot newborn baby tips newborn photographer Windsor ways to settle a baby Windsor baby photographer Fri, 16 Sep 2022 18:43:05 GMT
Celebrating a family occasion with a photoshoot: My top tips! An extended family group (approx 30 people) photographed together on hotel stepsExtended family birthday anniversary reunion photoshoots 1A family photoshoot is the perfect way to celebrate a family reunion If you have a big birthday coming up, an anniversary or even a family gathering with everyone together for the first time in a while, a photoshoot is a perfect way to celebrate the occasion.

If the last few years have taught us anything, it's that family are the most precious thing we have. A photoshoot for your extended family captures precious memories with those you love.

In this blog post, I share some tips for planning a successful photoshoot with your extended family along with some tips on what to wear.

Three generations of a family photographed together gathered on and around a bench by a lakeExtended family birthday anniversary reunion photoshoots 4When it comes to choosing locations for an extended family photoshoot, I'm looking for benches or ways to stagger your group for an attractive portrait Location

For large family groups, I suggest an outdoor location to keep it relaxed and enjoyable.

There are a number of things to consider when choosing your location, including convenience if you have different family members coming together from around the country. If you're all staying in one place, then it may be ideal to meet there, whether it's a hotel or your own garden. If it's a hotel, it's worth checking that they're happy for us to use the grounds for your photoshoot.

There are three main things I'm looking for in a location: 1. Shade. It's ideal if there is shade from the sun to avoid harsh shadows and squinting. 2. Backdrop. We want to ensure you have an attractive backdrop for your photos. 3. Staggering. By this, I mean ways of staggering the family so you're not all standing in one line - this may be steps to position you at different levels, fallen tree trunks that can be sat on, or a bench that you can gather round.

Grandparents, parents and uncle all smile at a baby boyExtended family birthday anniversary reunion photoshoots 2Deciding which family groups you'd like photographed ahead of the day will ensure your photoshoot runs smoothly Planning

Once you've found a date and location that works for you all, it's always a good idea to have an idea of what groupings you'd like. This will help keep everyone organised and avoid any last minute drama!

Aside from one of everyone together, you may wish to consider the following: each smaller family unit, each generation, parents with their children, grandparents with their grandchildren, sibling groups, etc. If you're unsure, then I'm happy to make suggestions.

It's worth compiling a list so I can tick it off as we go to ensure we don't miss any. And share the plan with the rest of the family to ensure that everyone knows what to expect on the day.

Three generations of the same family photographed together in a meadowExtended family birthday anniversary reunion photoshoots 3Co-ordinating what you wear for your family photoshoot will make a big difference to your photos What to wear

With a large family group, it can be difficult to co-ordinate clothing but it really will give your pictures an edge if you all agree what to wear. The best advice is to avoid patterns and instead dress in block colours, picking a colour scheme that you can all work from. This could be any of the following: different shades of one or two colours, all in neutrals, all in pastels, or all in bold colours. The key is to look co-ordinated but not all 100% matching! Again, I'm always happy to discuss and offer advice. colour palette suggestions for family photoshoots (a grid of colours)Extended family birthday anniversary reunion photoshootsWondering what to wear? There are many different colour palette options you can choose to dress from for your family photoshoot

Whatever the occasion you're celebrating, a photoshoot is a perfect way to mark it and capture memories when you're all together. Please get in touch if you have any questions or would like to book for your family. If you're booking for a celebratory occasion, then I provide a boxed gift voucher free of charge when you book your shoot.

(Photography by Abi Moore | Baby, family, wedding & brand photographer | Windsor) anniversary photoshoot Berkshire family portraits birthday photoshoot extended family photoshoot family photoshoot gift vouchers family portrait photographer family reunion photographer photographer Windsor Windsor family photographer Mon, 04 Jul 2022 12:40:29 GMT
Jordan & Scott's fabulous country house wedding
I absolutely love photographing weddings, and each one is unique and special in it's own way. I was particularly looking forward to this wedding as I'd worked alongside Jordan for a couple of years when he was the wedding co-ordinator at Windsor Guildhall, so was delighted when he asked me to capture his big day!

It was an early start for me with a long drive to Somerset to their gorgeous venue, Crowcombe Court, but so worth it. Their ceremony was very emotional with lots of giggles, smiles and happy tears, followed by a fabulous day of fun celebrating with their guests, including an impressive outfit change for their evening reception.

Jordan and Scott, thank you so much for asking me to photograph your day; wishing you huge congratulations and every happiness for the future!


Venue: Crowcombe Court

Decor: Creative Collections

Flowers: Flourish & Grace

(Photography by Abi Moore | Baby, family, wedding & brand photographer | Windsor) gay wedding photography LGBT-friendly wedding photographer photographer Windsor relaxed wedding photographer same sex wedding photography wedding photographer Berkshire Windsor wedding photography Tue, 24 May 2022 12:29:09 GMT
10 Gift Ideas for Expectant Mums & New Babies If a friend or relative is pregnant, eagerly awaiting the arrival of their baby, you may be wondering what the perfect gift is for her and her new little one. I have asked some mums what gifts they found most valuable and have put together tips and ideas for families with a new baby. Thank you to everyone for sharing your ideas!

Pile of rolled grey baby muslinsBaby gift ideas Windsor Berkshire 1Stuck for ideas for gifts for a newborn baby? This list of ideas compiled by newborn photographer Abi Moore will help! 1. Home-cooked meals. This is my absolute number one and something I'll always do for friends and family that have a new baby. New parents are often exhausted in the early weeks and months after giving birth, so a home-cooked nutritious meal can be a real treat. Ensure you know what they like to eat and any dietary requirements, then choose meals that can be frozen and heated easily. Knowing there is a meal in freezer on the days you haven't got the energy to cook is a real blessing.

2. Put together a basket of little gifts. Whilst there are ready-made hampers out there, it's extra thoughtful to put together a basket of things you know will be useful. Consider a basket with water bottle or lidded cup, healthy snacks, and a magazine to keep handy for when she's feeding baby and little one falls asleep on her. Or a basket with changing supplies, baby toiletries or practical gifts (see next point). Whatever you choose to put in it, once the items are used, little baskets are perfect for keeping around the house with nappies and wipes when baby is small, or as toy storage sa baby gets older.

3. Be practical. Whilst luxury gifts can be lovely, there are some things that a new parent needs in constant supply. Useful gifts such as breast pads, nappies or muslins are perfect. On the subject of muslins, you can never have enough! Perfect for soaking up spills, using as a makeshift bib, wiping dirty hands and faces, and even for swaddling baby in warmer weather.

4. Choose clothing carefully. When buying clothes, most mums found they were inundated with newborn and 0-3 month sized outfits, so consider buying an outfit for when baby is a little bigger (don't forget to think about the season it will be when baby reaches that age). Sometimes a voucher for a baby clothing outlet is a better option so they can choose clothes that they need and to suit their style. Instead of clothing, a hooded towel is a great option for wrapping baby up warm and snuggly after a bath.

Baby blanket and baby comfort both knitted in grey yarnBaby gift ideas Windsor Berkshire 2Wonderful baby gifts from Isla & Fraser photographed beautifully by Windsor baby and brand photographer Abi Moore 5. A baby blanket. Baby blankets are another thing that you find you need lots of... one for the cot, one for during the day, one for the car, the pram, etc (plus at least a couple in the wash at any given time!). I regularly photograph for the brand Isla & Fraser who make beautiful and super soft organic cotton baby blankets (as well as a whole host of other baby essentials). They feel luxurious and natural, and are the closest thing you'll get to something home-knitted if you don't have the talent for that (which I certainly don't!), bringing me nicely onto my next point...

6. Homemade gifts. If you have a talent, then homemade gifts are always a treasured keepsake. Whether it's a knitted cardi, crocheted hat or hand-sewn quilt are sure to be gratefully received. When I had my babies, knowing someone had put their time and care into making something for them made it extra special - we still have the knitted, crocheted and quilted items that were kindly created and gifted to us.

7. A pamper kit. As a new parent, a lot of the focus is on the new baby, it's important to make time for self-care. Consider products that can be used quickly in the shower or after, as well as bath products for when she has a little more time to herself. Products with essential oils for relaxation and self-care, or a natural nipple cream, were all suggested as gifts that were well-received.

8. The gift of time. A new mum will appreciate some time to herself, whether it’s watching the baby for an afternoon so she can nap or pop for a coffee, or if she's not ready to leave the baby yet, she may like some help with household chores such as dusting or vacuuming. Alternatively, print you own vouchers for babysitting time, so the new parents can use them when they feel ready to go out and leave their little one.

9. Ask the new parents. Sometimes it's tricky to know what is needed and some families may be inundated with gifts from well-meaning friends and relatives. Don't be afraid to ask them what would be helpful. If you're stuck for ideas, but don't want to ask directly, then vouchers are a great option meaning they can choose what they'd like. Vouchers for department stores where they can opt for baby items or a treat for themselves are a great option, as are vouchers for a local coffee shop so they can pop out for lunch or grab a hot drink when meeting with other new parents.

Baby photographed on a professional newborn shoot in black & white, baby yawningBaby gift ideas Windsor Berkshire 3A newborn baby photoshoot makes the perfect gift for new parents 10. A baby photoshoot voucher! Of course, I couldn't complete my list without including my own services. So many new parents tell me how fast the first year goes and how much their baby has changed, it's important to capture those early memories. They will treasure these images, great for both sharing on Instagram to announce their new arrival as well as as an heirloom that records the family history. My vouchers include the session fee as well as a collection of images (as I don't want parents being given a gift that means they then have to spend more after the shoot), so they start at £445. I find the vouchers are popular with grandparents who would like to document their new grandchild's arrival, as well as a gift where a collection is being put together, such as for co-workers or a group of friends for a baby shower. The vouchers are valid for 15 months, so if the new parents don't feel up to a newborn shoot in baby's first few weeks, there are plenty of other milestones they can capture in baby's first year. If you'd like to gift a photoshoot voucher, please contact me.

I got to ten and still had tips, so here are a couple of bonuses...

Bonus tip 1: Something a bit different. One of my followers suggested name labels with your baby's full name on. Whilst they aren't likely to be needing them immediately, the little one will eventually start nursery, pre-school or school and these will definitely come in handy!

Bonus tip 2: Don't forget siblings. The arrival of a new baby brother or sister can be an unsettling time for little ones, particularly if they were an only child before their sibling arrived. Making a fuss of them with attention as well as a gift can make them feel special and help ease this anxiety. A tip (that I always use when I photograph a newborn and sibling shoot) is to focus your language on them rather than the new baby, e.g. rather than asking about the new baby, ask them if they enjoy being a big sister/ big brother.

I hope you've found these tips useful! Thanks again to everyone that made suggestions. If you received an amazing gift that isn't mentioned above, please pop it in the comments and I'll update the post.

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Wedding Day Photo Checklist: What to Expect at Every Point in the Day Bridesmaid laughs as bride and groom share a fun moment during their wedding ring exchangeWedding day photography checklist 3aNatural and emotional moments captured on your wedding day in Windsor, Berkshire and beyond Your wedding day will be a whirlwind of emotions and activities. From the moment you wake up to the time you say goodbye to your guests, there will be so much happening.

You'll want to remember every minute, so I'm sharing an idea of the kind of photos you can expect from getting ready to partying the night away! I also share a few of my top tips along the way...

Wedding bouquets of ivory roses lined up in a rowWedding day photography checklist 1Wedding day details captured beautifully by Abi Moore, Windsor wedding photographer Getting Ready

When I first arrive, I'll ask a bridesmaid or family member to help me locate all of your items for your 'details' shots. This is all the things you've spent time choosing to make your big day perfect, from your dress to flowers to jewellery, rings, and other accessories.

Photo through a doorway or a bride being buttoned into her wedding dress by her bridesmaidsWedding day photography checklist 2Abi Moore is sure to capture all the beautiful natural moments that you might have missed on your wedding day As you and your bridal party get ready, it's also a great time for relaxed photographs of you enjoying this time. You can expect photos of your hair and makeup being done, natural candid moments with your bridesmaids and family, and their first looks when they see you in your dress.

Top tip: Aim to be dressed and ready approximately 30 minutes before you need to leave for your ceremony. This leaves time for photos before you depart, and will also mean there's less panic if you are running slightly late.

Bride and groom laugh during their winter wedding ceremonyWedding day photography checklist 3Abi Moore captures all the emotional moments throughout your wedding ceremony and reception The Ceremony

Once you've arrived for your ceremony you can expect photos of yourselves but also your guests. Walking down the aisle, exchanging rings and your first kiss as a married couple are all moments that will be captured forever. Bride and groom laugh as they are showered with confetti outside the Windsor GuildhallWedding day photography checklist 4On your wedding day, confetti is a perfect moment for capturing real emotions and natural smiles

Once the ceremony is over, you may exit to confetti, which is always a perfect moment for natural photos. At this point, I'll also capture candid photos of your guests congratulating you.

Top tip: If you'd like a fantastic shower of confetti, it's worth purchasing a few confetti cannons.

The Portraits

After the ceremony, it's time for any group photos. This is a great time for photos with your parents, grandparents, and siblings, as well as any key groups of friends. I aim to keep these as natural as possible.

Bridal party walk arm in arm whilst swinging their page boyWedding day photography checklist 5Group photos don't have to be boring! Abi Moore will ensure your wedding photos are relaxed, fun and enjoyable Top tip: Remember you don't have to include everyone in a group photo! For most weddings, I'm with you for a minimum of five hours, which is plenty of time to capture candid images of the majority of your guests - aim to keep group photos to your closest family and friends only.

I usually suggest about 20-30 minutes for your group photos, depending on how many you wish to have.

A bride and groom smile naturally outside the doors of Windsor GuildhallWedding day photography checklist 6Abi Moore will make your wedding photos natural and relaxed, there won't be hours of saying cheese and posing on your wedding day! At this point in the day, it's also the perfect time for relaxed photos of the two of you as newlyweds! Again, I suggest allowing around 20-30 minutes for these. I'll often take you somewhere away from your guests (ideally they'll be enjoying drinks and canapés).

Top tip: I'm often asked how much time you should leave between the end of your ceremony and sitting down for your meal. I recommend a minimum of 90 minutes. This allows 30 minutes for groups, 30 minutes for photos of the two of you, and 30 minutes to enjoy your drinks reception. Which brings me on nicely...

Bride captured candidly smiling during her wedding reception in Windsor GuildhallWedding day photography checklist 7If you're looking for natural candid photos of your wedding day, then Abi Moore is the photographer for you! Drinks reception

During your drinks reception, I'm focusing on capturing candid photos. You can expect natural photos of your guests mingling and enjoying themselves. These natural moments tend to be some of my favourite photos of the day! I'm listening out for laughter and scanning the room for memorable moments to capture.

Top tip: Ask your venue to bring some drinks and canapés out to you whilst we're taking photos, it will keep hunger at bay and also mean you get to try the food, so when you get back to the reception you can enjoy mingling with your guests. A bridesmaid makes a face whilst queueing for food and sheltering from the rain with a plate over her headWedding day photography checklist 8Abi Moore is listening out for laughter and looking out for fun natural moments to capture candid memories of your wedding day

I don't usually photograph during the wedding breakfast (as will be the case for most wedding photographers); photos of people eating are rarely flattering, it's also a good point for me to change batteries, check images from the day so far and also get some refreshments myself.


Wedding speeches can be some of the most memorable moments of your day. They are natural, candid and full of emotion. As your photographer, I will be focusing both on your own reactions and those of your guests, whether it's laughter or tears.

Wedding couple laugh and cover their faces during the best man's speechWedding day photography checklist 9The speeches on your wedding day make for perfect fun and real photos Top tip: Consider whether you'd like speeches before or after your meal. There are pros and cons to both. Before the meal means you can get them out of the way and enjoy your dinner without any nerves; however, it does keep everyone waiting to be fed and sometimes venues aren't keen as they can't predict exactly how long speeches will be and therefore when they need to have the starters ready. After the meal means you've had a few drinks and everyone's more relaxed, but if you're nervous it does prolong that anticipation!

Natural photo of bride and groom cut their wedding cakeWedding day photography checklist 10Natural wedding day moments captured beautifully by Abi Moore Cake cutting

Cutting the cake is traditionally a key part of the day. Often it will be just before your first dance and signals the start of your evening reception. I'll be capturing all of the action as you cut the cake and share your first slice!

Bride and groom share a tender moment during their first danceWedding day photography checklist 11From getting ready to first dance, Abi Moore will focus on capturing real emotive memories of your wedding day The First Dance

Once the formalities are over, it's time to party! I'll be aiming to capture some fun and lively photos. Your first dance is a special moment that you'll want to remember forever. Then the focus is on dancing, laughing, and celebrating with your friends and family - these are the moments I'll be capturing to be remembered long after your wedding day is over.

Top tip: Consider whether you want to choreograph or freestyle your first dance. Also think about whether you'd ike your band or DJ to ask friends and family to join you on the dancefloor halfway through the song.

Hopefully this has given you an idea of what you can expect throughout your day. All my standard packages include a pre-wedding meeting with practice shoot, meaning we'll go through the timings of your day and I can note any special photographs you'd like at any point in the day.

To find out more about wedding photography, please visit my 'about weddings' page.

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Julie & Jonathan's winter wedding at the Windsor Guildhall and Castle Hotel Windsor Yesterday was my last wedding of 2021 (the busiest year for weddings I've known since I began my career in photography!) and what a fab one to end the year on, at one of my favourite venues - Windsor Guildhall and The Castle Hotel.

Julie & Jonathan chose the Windsor Guildall as their ceremony venue as it has a special place in Jonathan's family history, so there were some very touching moments. They say that couples that laugh together stay together, so these two are destined for a long and happy life of wedded bliss. Their day was full of smiles and laughter, including some lovely vows that were both amusing and romantic at the same time!

With guests dressed in black tie and evening wear, they all looked super glamorous in sequins and bow ties. After a drinks reception at the Guildhall, they headed to the Castle Hotel for their wedding breakfast and to party the night away.

Huge congratulations to you both, it was such a privilege to capture your special day.


Ceremony & drinks reception venue: Windsor Guildhall

Reception venue: The Castle Hotel

Flowers: Luxe Flowers

(Photography by Abi Moore | Baby, family, wedding & brand photographer | Windsor) natural wedding photography recommended photographer Windsor Guildhall relaxed wedding photography wedding photographer Berkshire Windsor Guildhall wedding photos Windsor wedding photographer Windsor's Castle Hotel wedding photogapher Wed, 29 Dec 2021 14:46:10 GMT
Jill & Paul's Berystede wedding | A perfect rainy day venue
As the registrar joked during Jill & Paul's ceremony, "only fools rush in", and so it was that after 18 years together (and more than a year later than originally planned due to Covid) that they said their vows. In a touching ceremony, their son walked Jill down the aisle, and instead of 'giving her away', officially 'brought her in' to the family.

They say that couples that laugh together, stay together; so these two clearly have a long future together. Their wedding day was full of giggles and smiles, despite the rainy weather.

Only my third wedding in seven years of being a wedding photographer where it has literally rained non-stop all day. However, if you had to choose a venue for a rainy day, the Berystede would be an excellent choice. With lots of lovely corners for wedding photos, and with the conference rooms looking gorgeous with twinkly lights, it made for the perfect photography backdrop.

Thank you both for choosing me to capture your big day, it was an absolute pleasure to be a part of it.

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Becky & Dan's Windsor Guildhall and Castle Hotel wedding (including a mini tour of Windsor town!)
It was such a pleasure to photograph Becky & Dan's wedding this weekend. It was my sixth wedding at the Guildhall this year, but the first one with a full complement of guests - it was so so lovely to see the Guildhall full of smiling faces again since lockdowns, Covid and micro weddings.

This lovely couple have waited more than a year for their postponed wedding and were so happy to finally tie the knot. They chose Windsor after getting engaged outside the castle, so it has a special place in their hearts. We did a little tour of my favourite spots in Windsor for photos, including a stop at the Castle to recreate their engagement shot.

There were some lovely touches marking the joining of their Welsh and Scottish families, including a piper leading the bride down the aisle, and tables named after Welsh and Scottish foods.

Wishing you both every happiness for the future - thank you for asking me to capture your special day!


It was lovely working with the following suppliers at this gorgeous wedding:

Ceremony venue: Windsor Guildhall

Reception venue: The Castle Hotel

Hair & makeup: Rosie Scott

Flowers & decor: Seventh Heaven

Piper: Cliff Hall

Videographers: Press Play

Cake: Lola's Cupcakes

Band: Daft

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Barns, buildings and the Bluesmobile - Jodie & Tom's unique handmade wedding

Well over a year after it was originally planned, after changes of dates and a change of venue, Jodie & Tom finally got to tie the knot last week. It was a really unique day with some thoughtful homemade touches (Jodie is an artist and it totally showed!).

The Chiltern Open Air Museum was a new venue for me, full of rustic charm. One of the guests described the museum as a kind of sanctuary for old buildings - where they go when no one else wants them. With a choice of barns, as well as a gorgeous tin chapel, not only does it give you plenty of choice for your ceremony, but there are also some amazing photography backdrops.

The rings were brought into the ceremony by the cutest page boy, AKA "Ring Security", presented in a case and held in place by Thunderbirds figures. The Thunderbirds also made an appearance on the groomsmen's buttonholes - all from Tom's childhood collection.

Then there was the Bluesmobile - how can you not recreate the iconic Blue Brothers shot when you have that car to play with?!

When you proposition your bride with "now tell me if you not up for this, but I was thinking..." and she replies that she'll happily try anything for a great shot, it makes a photographer's heart sing. Thank you so much Jodie for humouring me when I asked you to climb gates and sit on the bonnet of the car (and huge thanks to Ben, owner of the Bluesmobile who barely batted an eyelid when I asked if the happy couple could climb onto his car)! It was an honour to be a part of your day and to capture the memories for you.

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A relaxed summer wedding at the Great House in Sonnning
Another glorious summer weekend and another lovely couple who've been so patient waiting for their wedding, postponed from last year. It was a wonderful relaxed day for this gorgeous pair along the river in Sonning at The Great House. The sun shone and they were both so happy surrounded by their family and friends. Wishing you both huge congratulations!

(Photography by Abi Moore | Baby, family, wedding & brand photographer | Windsor) fun wedding photography photographer Berkshire Reading wedding photographer relaxed wedding photography Sonning Great House wedding wedding photographer Berkshire wedding photographer Sonning Great House wedding photographer Windsor wedding photography Sonning Berkshire Windsor wedding photographer Wed, 18 Aug 2021 16:28:35 GMT
Vicky and Jack's wedding at the Runnymede (finally... fourth time lucky!)

It was fourth time lucky for Vicky & Jack on Saturday. We first met three years ago when they originally booked me for a wedding last summer... then Covid.

They have postponed several times and been so patient, I don't think they could actually believe it was finally happening. In fact, at one point, I showed Vicky a photo on the back of the camera and she commented 'wow, I actually look like a proper bride in a proper wedding photo'.

It was a lovely relaxed day with family and friends at the Runnymede on Thames, and such a pleasure to (finally!) be a part of. Wishing you both huge congratulations!!


It was lovely working with the following wedding suppliers:

Venue: Runnymede-on-Thames

Hair & make-up: Abbey Javes

Flowers: Kelly Atwood Floral Designs

Cake: Iced Innovations

(Photography by Abi Moore | Baby, family, wedding & brand photographer | Windsor) fun wedding photography photographer Berkshire photographer Windsor relaxed wedding photography Runnymede wedding photos Runnymede-on-Thames weddings wedding photographer Berkshire wedding photographer Windsor wedding phtoography at the Runnymede-on-Thames Windsor wedding photographer Tue, 10 Aug 2021 18:19:10 GMT
Lucy & David's Garden Party Wedding

I was so happy for Lucy & David when they were finally able say 'I do' on Saturday. They had originally planned to marry the same weekend in 2020, but lockdown and Covid restrictions forced them to postpone. Their patience paid off and it was a beautiful day for their garden party wedding in Dorney near Maidenhead. They could not hide their happiness at being finally wed with smiles beaming throughout the day. I have been photographing their family since their daughter was born nearly three years ago, so it was extra special to photograph their big day for them.

It was lovely working with the following wedding suppliers who all contributed to making this a gorgeous day:

Wedding planner - Amae Events

Hair & Make-Up - Abbie Wilkins

Florist - Lisa Dancer

Photography - Photography by Abi Moore

Videography - Forever Curious Films

Cake - The Mix Cake

Stationary - Helen Scott Design

Cars - Christophers Cars

Catering - Rachels Event Catering

Pizza - Knead Pizza

Music (accoustic) - Lawrence Hill

DJ - BE smart events

Church, St Nicholas, Taplow

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When is a newborn not a newborn? When is a newborn not a newborn?

I know... it sounds like a bad joke! However, it's a question I get asked a lot - especially with lots of babies being born in lockdown and missing out on a photoshoot in their first few weeks.

The answer really depends on who you ask: Is it after baby has had their 6-week healthcare check? Maybe after the three month 'fourth trimester'?

If you ask a photographer, we tend to class babies under one month as newborns. Ideally, we would like a baby to be around 1-2 weeks for their newborn photos - anywhere between 5 and 15 days is perfect.

Why is age important when it comes to newborn photoshoots?

One week old baby lays curled up asleep on her frontbest age for newborn photoshoot - classic newbornAt 1-2 weeks old your baby is more easily posed and likely to stay asleep for their photos When you think of classic newborn photos, you're probably picturing a baby curled up fast asleep. In their first few weeks, babies sleep a lot and that's ideal for this kind of photoshoot (when they're awake they tend to fidget and their eyes are still milky and unfocused).

During a newborn shoot, I'll aim to photograph baby in some natural and gentle poses. Sleepier babies are easier to pose, less likely to be disturbed and tend to remain comfortably in the position. As they get older, they'll fidget more and will be easier to wake when moved.

Whilst that's the ideal, I totally understand that life doesn't always work out that way... maybe you've not got round to booking your shoot, only decided you'd like one after you see how quickly they're growing, or a pandemic has kept us in lockdown for weeks or months on end!

This is what to expect at different ages and the pros and cons of a photoshoot at each stage.

A note about preemies

It's best to take advice from your healthcare team before booking a photoshoot for your premature baby. I'll always ask a few extra questions about their development to ensure they're safe throughout. The guidelines below generally apply at baby's 'corrected' age (their age if they had arrived on their due date).

Newborn baby stretches out of her swaddle as she yawnsbest age for newborn photoshoot - what to expectWindsor baby photographer, Abi Moore's guide to the best age for newborn photos and what to expect at each age 1-2 weeks old

What to expect: The ideal age for a newborn photoshoot. Most photos will be of your baby asleep with their eyes closed, both on their back and in gentle side and front poses.

Benefits: Curled up sleepy photos that show you just how tiny they once were.

Disadvantages: It's the perfect age, but sometimes life gets in the way! It's rare to get eye contact with the camera at this age.

3-6 weeks old

What to expect: It's still possible to get the classic sleepy photos, but I allow more time to get baby to sleep and settled (the older they are, the longer their waking periods will be).

Benefits: As well as getting some sleepy photos, you're more likely to get some with eyes open looking at the camera. You may even get a little smile from older babies.

Disadvantages: It can take longer to settle baby. Poses where baby is on their side or front become less likely (but not impossible!) as older babies tend to wake more easily.

1½-4 months old

What to expect: This is probably the trickiest age as baby is often not yet holding their head up, but will also be less sleepy. It's not impossible to get sleeping photos but we'll need to allow time and patience (and most will be of baby on their back). If your priority is a few nice photos of baby on their own as well as family and sibling photos, then this is still very achievable at this age.

Benefits: If you've missed the newborn stage, but want to get photos of baby while they're still tiny, then sooner rather than later is better. Eye contact and smiles are getting more likely as baby gets older.

Disadvantages: As baby gets older, sleepy photos are increasingly unlikely. Posing on side and front becomes more difficult.

Five month old baby sits up with a navy blanket draped over her legsbest age for newborn photoshoot - sitting babyOnce your baby is sitting, photographers no longer class them as newborn, but you'll still get beautiful photos 4-6 months old

What to expect: Baby will have more neck control and able to support their head when held by a parent. As they get stronger, they may be able to hold a seated position with support (this image has mum's arm edited out in Photoshop - a trick I often use with this age!).

Benefits: You'll get a variety of photos of them on their back, sitting supported, as well as on their front if they enjoy tummy time. Eye contact and smiles are very likely and you start to get a real sense of personality!

Disadvantages: Baby is not yet sitting unsupported. You're probably not going to get sleepy photos at this age and they'll easily fight their way out of any swaddles.

6 months+

Once your baby is 6 months old, they're what photographers class as a 'sitter' - able to sit, usually without support, beginning to crawl and usually with loads of smiles and personality on show. Photos are great at any age from this point onwards, you just need to decide which stage of development you want to capture them at. (Side note: there is a benefit to booking a shoot before baby is on the move crawling or walking, as they'll stay where you put them!).

If you've missed the newborn stage for photos, then hopefully this reassures you that you'll get gorgeous photos at any age. The slideshow below shows what you can typically expect at a variety of ages. Please get in touch to book for your baby or for more advice on what to expect at each age.

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6 top tips for perfect product photography One of the questions I'm asked most about brand and product photography is how to style products...

Should we use props or keep it simple? Is using models a good idea to showcase products?

Here I share some tips on styling your products and the benefits and disadvantages of props and models...

Toddler boy in smart outfit sits on a chair surrounded by photo booth propsbrand product photography blog 4Abi Moore is experienced in working with baby and child models on fashion photoshoots for a number of childrenswear brands in Windsor, Slough and around Berkshire 1. What's the brief?

When I take on a new brand photography client, I offer a free consultation to discuss your 'brief'. If you're running a new business or still learning marketing jargon, you may wonder what this means. Put simply, it's a conversation that sets out what you'd like from your photography - where you'll be using it, how it fits with your brand and how we'll style your photos. It just ensures that everyone knows what to expect (and is much less daunting than it can sound if you're new to these things!).

2. Visual identity

Professional photography should form a part of your visual brand identity. The majority of brand clients I work with are using the images for their website and Instagram. On both these platforms the images should form a coherent part of your brand.

Primarily we'll consider colours: What colours are in your logo? What is the background colour on your website? Do you have defined brand colours?

You'll also want to consider your brand themes and values - how do you want your viewer to feel when they view your pages or interact with your brand? Do you see your brand as quirky, traditional, natural, or something else entirely?

By answering these questions, we'll ensure your photography fits well with all other elements of your brand and business.

Once we've established a brief and your visual identity, we'll agree how to style your products...

Babywear gift set photographed as a flatlay on a grey studio backgroundbrand product photography blog 1Abi Moore is an experienced product photographer and will advise you on how best to style your products to suit your brand 3. The case for keeping it clean

There are a number of reasons why you may prefer to go for a prop-free clean studio backdrop:

  • Consistency If you have a large number of products to photograph, by photographing them alone, it ensures consistency throughout all images.
  • Simplicity If you are photographing a number of products together or a gift set, a plain background without props avoids adding in additional items and so keeps the focus on the featured products.
  • Efficiency It's worth considering if being efficient with time (and therefore costs) is important to you. If you have a large number of products to photograph, it will be quicker to set up each shot with just the products than composing an image styled with props.

You'll then need to choose your studio backdrop. Often plain neutral backdrops are better (I have a good range of neutral whites, creams and greys to photograph on), although for some brands a bright colour may fit well with your visual strategy. Alternatively, you may wish to consider a textured backdrop - you'll find a wealth of these for sale including wood, marble and fabrics.

Three chevron blankets from Isla & Fraser phtoographed in a row on wood with gypsophiliabrand product photography blog 3Windsor's best brand photographer, Abi Moore, will advise you on styling your products and how props can add or detract from your brand 4. In praise of props

Using props can give your images more of a lifestyle feel or add context to your products.

Some of the most popular props used on Instagram images are fabrics, office tech and stationery, succulents and flowers. However, when adding props it's important to ensure that they enhance your products rather than stealing the limelight. Keep them simple and, again, consider your brand's visual identity; they should complement your values, themes and colours.

Consider props that add context showing your products' natural environment, for example cutlery and kitchenware for food photography, or nursery items for baby products.

A breakfast skillet photographed on marble tabletop with knife. fork and napkinbrand product photography blog 5Food photography by Windsor commercial photographer Abi Moore - Abi will advise on styling your food to suit your brand 5. Location, location, location

When using a studio backdrop (plain or textured), you can shoot anywhere you have space for your kit. When using props, a textured backdrop often works well, particularly for smaller products or flatlays (where you photograph your items directly from above). However, to enhance a lifestyle feel, you may wish to introduce a location.

Locations can range from your own home (often I find clients style their homes in a similar way to their brand and products!), to outdoor spots (using nature if that suits your products, or urban locations for more modern brands), to a specific venue. This could be a local business such as a cafe or hotel, through to location homes that can be rented specifically for photoshoots, or studios with fully built sets.

Renting a studio or location home may be the best option if you are choosing to work with models, which brings me onto my next point.

Sitting baby smiles at the camera surrounded 'Guess How Much I Love You' baby productsbrand product photography blog 2Using models can elevate your product photgraphy 6. Super models?

When working with clothing and lifestyle brands, I'm often asked if using models to showcase the products is a good idea.

Models can bring your products to life, showing what they'll look like when worn/used; they'll also add emotion and connection to your images. If you take a look at big brand names, almost all use a mix of product shots and modelled shots in their advertising.

However, models add time and cost to your photoshoot. Particularly if working with infants and children, it takes time to coax smiles and get them in the right spot.

I'd always recommend hiring professional models if your budget can stretch to it. Professional models - even children - will be used to taking direction, thereby making your photoshoot run more smoothly. However, many of my clients are small brands and if you don't have the budget for models, asking friends or advertising for volunteers can work as a compromise, but be aware that it can take longer to get the shots you're after.

Whether you're taking your own product shots or looking to hire a professional photographer, I hope these tips help you with getting amazing photos that reflect your brand. You can see more examples of my work below and in my commercial gallery. Prices for commercial photography can be found here, and please do get in contact for a free consultation to discuss how professional brand photography can take your business to the next level.

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6 Christmas photo gift ideas for every family member I had a lovely call today from the dad of a now 4-month-old asking about framed images from their newborn shoot that he could give his wife this Christmas; we also got on to chatting through some ideas for grandparents too. One lucky mummy out there has a lovely surprise coming this Christmas!

I thought our chat might be helpful to others needing ideas of what to buy a special someone this Christmas...

Here's my top five photo gift ideas...

1. Key rings

Two keyrings containing a photo of a baby yawning on a wooden tabletop.Christmas gift ideas for photo lovers - KeyringsPhoto keyrings make a perfect gift for grandad, grandma, aunts and uncles alike. Perfect for grandparents... what better way to have a picture of your grandchildren always to hand ready to show friends!

I offer a set of two photo key rings (one for each granddad?!) for £15 including delivery.

2. Mugs Two mugs with a photo on them of a girl dressed in pink and blue looking at trees, the mugs are sat on a table.Christmas gift ideas for photo lovers - mugsPhoto mugs make the perfect gift for all the family - dads, mums, aunts, uncles and grandparents - available from Windsor photographer, Abi Moore

These are always popular with dads and grandparents! Drink your morning coffee out of a mug with your favourite image on it - and it's dishwasher and microwave safe.

Mugs are £18 each including delivery.


3. Jigsaws

Photo of two young girls taken in summer, presented as a jigsawChristmas gift ideas for photo lovers - JigsawJigsaws can make a perfect photography gift for all the family, particularly grandparents After chatting with a recent newborn client, we agreed this would be the perfect gift for a Grandpa who was yet to meet his new great-granddaughter. Stuck at home due to Covid, he's been pretty bored, so this would keep him entertained and also show off his newest family member.

Jigsaws are 300-piece and are 17"x12" big once completed; they cost £24 each including delivery.

4. One for the kids

Santa holding a photo frame containing a picture of two childrenSanta photo If your family have missed their annual visit to Santa due to Covid, then what better way to let your children know he's thinking of them, that with their own picture with him. I am offering these for sale for just £3; of this £2 will be donated to The Baby Bank who do a great job of supporting families in need all year round. All you need to do is email me a good picture of your children and I'll send it back in Santa's frame - we can even let them know if they're on the nice list!

Please message me for more details of how to order.

5. Wall art Bedroom with decoration on white hardwood floor with circular frame above the bed of a newborn baby laying on a grey blanket.Christmas gift ideas for photo lovers - Birch circleChristmas gift ideas for new parents with newborn babies

3D rendering of interior with sofa, coffee table and lamp, with framed photo of a brother and sister above the sofaChristmas gift ideas for photo lovers - Framed printA framed print from your family photoshoot could be the perfect Christmas gift idea for your husband, wife, parents or grandparents. If you've had a shoot with me and you have a slightly bigger budget - this could be the perfect gift for your partner. So often I hear back from families months or years after their shoot, that they're yet to get round to framing their pictures. Let me do it for you and I'll even gift wrap it.


6. Gift vouchers

If all the above looks perfect, but your last photoshoot was a couple of years ago or you've not yet had one, then why not treat your loved one to a gift voucher for a family shoot that can be redeemed any time in the next 13 months. This is also a perfect gift for expectant parents. Gift vouchers can be purchased directly through the website here.

If any of the above are of interest, please get in touch. My last order date for wall art is this Monday (7th December) and Sunday 13th December for photo gifts, while the kids Santa photo and gift vouchers can be ordered up until Tuesday 22nd December.

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Sian & Mike's intimate post-lockdown wedding at St Edward's Windsor & Compleat Angler Marlow
It was an absolute delight to photograph Sian & Mike's wedding yesterday (my first wedding post-lockdown!). In a post-Covid world it was a slightly different day - hand sanitiser upon entering the church and reception, only ten guests, and distancing measures in place at both venues.

However, many things were still the same and still as special - the love this lovely couple clearly have for each other, the delight of family and friends at sharing this special day (all-the-more special for being so intimate), and a wedding day full of beautiful touches, smiles and joy.

On top of the recent uncertainty around weddings, yesterday's rain was not what you'd hope for for your wedding day, but it did not dampen spirits. There were smiles all round and we managed to get some gorgeous photos outside when there was a break in the clouds, as well as exploring indoor nooks and crannies of The Compleat Angler when it looked like the rain would not ease up!

Sian & Mike - I wish you all the very best for an extremely happy future together! Thanks for asking me to capture your special day.

Reception Venue: The Compleat Angler, Marlow

Church: St Edward's, Windsor

Hair: Keeley Mason

Dress: Caroline Castigliano

Flowers: Seventh Heaven

Cake: Truly Scrumptious Cakes

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Newborn photography | The new 'normal': Options for your newborn photoshoot With the gradual easing of government guidelines regarding social distancing, I am now able to offer studio-style newborn photoshoots again. Many of you have told me that you'd prefer to have these 'full' shoots for your new baby. However, I'm conscious that some people will prefer to remain socially distanced. As such, I'm offering both the full service as well as a socially distanced mini-shoot service. The table below will help you to decide which shoot is for you.

Studio-style newborn shoot

Newborn mini-photoshoot

2-3 hours

45 minutes

Using a studio kit in your own home

Includes studio lighting, backdrops, wraps and props

Outdoors in your garden (or a chosen location)

Using natural light and without props

Studio photos of baby swaddled in wraps

Natural photos of baby, mostly in parents' arms

Includes parent and sibling images as well as baby on their own

Focus on natural parent and sibling images

Some hands-on contact with baby - see risk assessment below

2m distancing maintained at all times

Approximately 25-45 images to choose from

Approximately 10-25 images to choose from

£50 mid-week session fee or

£90 (weekend) session fee

Packages starting from £395 (see full price list)

£175 for the session including six digital images

Valid mid-week only

Additional digital images available at £25 each

Is this shoot right for you?

✔️ If you are comfortable with me being in your home

✔️ If you are happy for me to have some hands-on contact with baby

✔️ If you want beautiful studio portraits of your baby

Is this shoot right for you?

✔️ If you prefer a socially distanced shoot

✔️ If you would like natural family images

✔️ If you have a smaller budget for newborn photos

Examples from studio-style photoshoots

Newborn baby swaddled in neutral colours, photographed on matching backgroundStudio newborn shoot baby example 2Natural studio photography in Windsor, Maidenhead & across Berkshire Newborn baby swaddled in grey - a studio photograph by Windsor photographer, Abi MooreStudio newborn shoot wrapped baby exampleNatural newborn studio photography in Windsor, Maidenhead & across Berkshire Baby brother swaddled in cream whilst being held by his big sisterStudio newborn shoot sibling exampleSibling and newborn photoshoot - baby photography studio Windsor Parents with newborn baby photographed in semi-silhouette, backlit by a studio flashStudio newnborn shoot parent photo exampleCreative & beautiful newborn and family photography in Windsor, Eton, Datchet & Maidenhead

Examples from newborn mini-photoshoots

New baby held by father while mother & toddler sister look at himOutdoor mini newborn photoshoot family exampleNewborn, family & sibling photoshoot Windsor & Maidenhead Berkshire Newborn baby swaddled in blanket looks at camera with eyes wide openOutdoor mini newborn photoshoot natural baby exampleNatural and authentic newborn baby photography in Windsor and across Berkshire Newborn baby cradled in his mother's arms with father and sister eitherside, photographed outdoorsOutdoor mini newborn photoshoot family example 2Family, sibling and new baby photography in Windsor, Slough, Maidenhead and across Berkshire Newborn baby held in his mother's armsOutdoor mini newborn photoshoot baby example 2Natural newborn baby photographer in Windsor Berkshire

Find out more about studio-style newborn photoshoots here Find out more about socially distanced mini-photoshoots here

In line with government guidelines, I have carried out a risk assessment for all areas of my work, including newborn photoshoots. For the outdoor mini-shoots the main risk mitigation is that they take place outside and I remain at 2m distance (full risk assessment details can be found by following the 'more info' link above).

With a studio-style newborn photoshoot, I am coming into your home, bringing equipment and having contact with your baby, and as such, there is a level of risk. I have taken the following precautions to ensure the risk is minimised, however, you should make your own risk assessment as to whether to proceed with this kind of shoot based on the information below and an understanding of the risks involved.

The following summarises the actions I take during a studio-style shoot to minimise risk to all involved. A full copy of the Risk Assessment is available on request and will be supplied upon booking.

  • I will never attend a photoshoot if I (or anyone in my household) have Covid19 symptoms, nor if I have been instructed to self-isolate. Likewise, you should postpone your photoshoot if you (or anyone in your household) have symptoms or have been instructed to self-isolate.
  • I sanitise all equipment with disinfectant wipes before bringing it into your home. All backdrops and wraps are freshly washed before bringing them to your shoot.
  • I limit the number of non-washable props used. Where these are used, they are quarantined for at least 72 hours between sessions.
  • I will wash my hands upon arrival at your home (I bring a freshly washed hand towel for my own use). I wash my hands again before having contact with your baby.
  • I wear a filtered mask throughout the session, and will wear a visor whilst I have hands-on contact with your baby.
  • Whilst I am setting up, everyone in your household should maintain at least 2m distance.
  • The room we are using should be well ventilated with windows open wherever possible.
  • I aim to maintain 2m distance wherever possible except when hands-on contact with baby is required.
  • I limit the amount of times I need to touch your baby: I will wrap them at the beginning of the session and avoid further wrap changes. I avoid posing baby on their front (some simple poses may be possible with the assistance of a parent).
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Outdoor newborn mini-shoots | Your questions answered This blog was originally written in June, when I was unable to be 'hands-on' for newborn photo sessions. From mid-July I am offering more of a full newborn service - find out how the two different kinds of shoots compare here. If you'd like to know more about my outdoor newborn mini-shoots, please read on...

Where will the photoshoot take place?

These outdoor shoots take place in your garden or another outdoor location. Most new parents prefer to stay near home in case baby needs a feed or change, but if you prefer, I can recommend outdoor locations around Windsor, Slough & Maidenhead.

When should the photoshoot take place and when should I book?

It's best for the shoot to take place in baby's first few weeks to capture their newness. However, I recognise many people have missed out on newborn photos due to lockdown, so these shoots can be booked for babies of any age.

Although you can book your shoot at any time, these shoots are proving very popular and I'm already taking bookings for the coming months. To ensure you don't miss out, I recommend booking your shoot before baby arrives. We'll pencil in a date a couple of weeks after your due date to allow for any late arrivals.

I'll discuss the time of your shoot with you when you book. Ideally, it's best if the location we are using is in shade, so timing may depend on when that is during the day. It will also depend on whether you have older children and when they are at their best (i.e. avoiding toddler nap times).

How long does the photoshoot take?

It should take approximately 45 minutes. I suggest you allow an hour - I'm happy to wait a few minutes if baby needs a quick feed or change.

Is this photoshoot Covid Safe?

I have carried out a risk assessment in line with government guidelines and will be taking the following actions to ensure your shoot remains safe for all involved:

  • These mini-shoots will only take place outside.
  • I will keep at a minimum of 2m distance at all times.
  • I would never attend a shoot if I (or anyone in my household) were displaying Covid19 symptoms or needed to self-isolate.
  • Any props (e.g. blanket for wrapping baby or pillows to lay them on) will come from your own home.
  • I will only ask you to hold your baby in natural poses.
  • I use sanitising hand gel before and after the shoot (although do not need to have contact with you at any time).
  • I don’t wear a face mask as it is generally better that you can hear me clearly and that any older children can see me smiling, etc. Government advice is to wear a face covering in an indoor setting. I do, however, have a filtered mask and if you'd like me to wear it, please let me know.

What if one of our household is displaying Covid19 symptoms?

If you or anyone in your home has symptoms of Covid19 then the shoot should not take place. You'll be able to reschedule free of charge to a time when your isolation ends.

What if government advice changes?

If government advice changes and increased lockdown/distancing measures mean the shoot cannot take place, we will postpone or refund.

As restrictions are being eased, I am returning to a more 'normal' service - you can find out more here. However, I am conscious that some people are preferring to maintain distancing, so will continue to offer these outdoor mini-shoots in the short term.

What should you wear?

I recommend keeping clothing plain and simple for all family members and to dress baby in a plain white vest. I will provide you with info for preparing when you book your shoot which contains more details.

What should you prepare?

I recommend you have a pillow handy to lay baby on, a blanket to wrap them in, and something to sit on so you can be seated for some of the photos.

Should my baby be awake or asleep for the photoshoot?

Generally it's better that your baby is asleep for the photos as they will be more contented and less fidgety. However, I know that babies are unpredictable and due to the natural nature of the shoot, it's fine if they are awake - you may get some lovely photos of them looking at the camera!

Can my baby be posed or wrapped for the shoot?

I introduced these shoots during a time when contact was not permitted. I am continuing to offer them for those who prefer me not to have hands-on contact with their baby. If you'd like your baby to be posed and/or wrapped for your shoot, then a full studio-style shoot will be better for you. Find out more here.

What if it rains?

As the shoot takes place outside, if rain is forecast I will be in touch to arrange a rescheduled time or day.

Can siblings be in the photos?

Yes, the emphasis in these shoots is on family - siblings are more than welcome to be in the photos. I am used to working with children of all ages and have lots of tricks up my sleeve to get a good photo!

What if I don't want to be in the photos?

The emphasis of the shoot is family, however, if you really don't want to be photographed, I can photograph baby on their own (you may be holding them for some of the photos, but won't appear in the final image). It will mean you have a smaller number of proof images to choose from.

I know most new parents are tired and not feeling at their most glamorous - I use lighting, clothing advice and posing techniques to ensure you look your best. If there is anything in particular you are concerned about, please let me know as I'm sure we can find a solution.

How much does it cost?

It is £175 for your 45-minute shoot and includes six digital images. This price is valid for mid-week shoots only.

How many photos will we get?

I expect to get 10-25 images for you to choose from. Six downloadable images are included. If you wish to buy more than six, it is £25 per digital image.

Can the photos be printed?

Your final images come with a print licence for you to print unlimited copies for personal use, including sharing with family members.

How to book?

Please contact me to schedule a date for your shoot.

If you have any questions that this hasn't answered, please feel free to get in contact or add them in the comments below and I'll add them to the above.

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Resuming photoshoots: Covid19 (coronavirus) update As of today, the government has updated social distancing guidelines, and is now permitting more social activity outside and gathering of groups of up to six. I am so happy that this means outdoor photoshoots can now take place. Please read on to find out more. At the bottom you'll find guidance on what will happen if you need to postpone or cancel (in short, you don't need to worry!).

Family Photoshoots

Family photographed laughing together sat amongst long grassOutdoor family photoshoots to restartOutdoor family photoshoots are now safe to restart - I keep a minimum of 2m distance away from you throughout your shoot I am now taking bookings for outdoor photoshoots for families of up to five people. For a family photoshoot, heading outdoors has always been my preference and recommendation. It feels really natural, we go for a stroll, the kids have lots of fun running, climbing and hunting for bugs and fairies, and parents relax and enjoy it too!

I have lots of outdoor locations in and around Windsor that I can recommend for photoshoots. My portfolio galleries show examples of family photos and kids photos outdoors.

The lenses I use mean I rarely need to come closer than 2-3m anyway, and, of course, I will now ensure that I maintain a minimum of 2m distance from you at all times. You'll still get the 'close-up' photos - I use zoom lenses that mean it looks close whilst I'm still a good few metres away! Close-up photo of a brother and sister giggling together in the sunshineOutdoor photoshoots to resumeClose-up photos are still possible with long lenses - a relaxed and natural photoshoot where your kids will have lots of fun

With outdoor family photoshoots, essentially very little has changed, except I won't shake hands to say hi, and I won't hand anything to you or your children.

I also have a filter mask that I can wear on request. I won't wear this as standard as I'll get better reactions from the kids if they can see me smiling, etc, and the government recommendation to wear a face covering is in "enclosed spaces" such as "public transport or in some shops"; however, I am more than happy to wear it if you prefer.

Indoor shoots using the studio kit are still on hold - I will take another look at this when government advice is updated and the risk level changes.

Close-up photo of mum & dad looking down at their newborn daughterA new kind of newborn baby photoshootWith coronavirus photographers are having to adapt the way they work. Hands-on newborn photoshoots will not be possible for some time, but I am developing a new service so those precious first few days are not missed. Newborn Photoshoots

My standard newborn photoshoots involve me wrapping and posing your baby. Due to this hands-on nature, it is unlikely I'll be able to resume these for some time.

However, I'm so aware that babies grow and change very quickly. The first few months fly by and are quickly forgotten. So I'm currently working on an outdoors 'distance' photoshoot service that will enable me to capture these memories of the first few weeks whilst keeping you and your baby at a safe distance. More info and examples can be found here.

Pop-up Photoshoots

The pop-up photoshoots that I hold in local café's are on hold until these venues are able to reopen. Once they are open, I will discuss with each individual venue when and how it is appropriate to restart these.


If you've already booked with me

Close-up photo of bride & groom's hands with wedding rings on and holding bouquetWedding advice coronavirus 2020Wedding advice - what to do if you need to postpone your 2020 wedding or are planning a wedding for 2021 If you have a wedding booked with me for 2020 it's likely that we've already been in touch. My standard contract allows free postponement to a new date within six months subject to my being available on the new date - this is currently extended to 12 months.

If you're planning a wedding for the end of 2020 or 2021

I realise that there is still uncertainty when making your wedding plans for later this year and early 2021. The postponement clause mentioned above applies to all new bookings too (and will also include the extension to 12 months), so you can book with reassurance. I'm taking bookings now for later this year and for 2021/22, so please do get in contact if you're planning a wedding - I'd love to hear the plans for your day and chat about your wedding photography.

Commercial Photoshoots

Woman smiles at camera in a relaxed outdoor settingHeadshots & personal branding photoshootsOutdoor headshot and personal branding photoshoots are now permitted Outdoor headshot photoshoots may now restart, these are perfect if you'd like a relaxed and natural shot for your website or LinkedIn profile. Many have also booked this service when looking for a profile image for online dating sites.

If your brand suits an outdoor theme, then now could be the perfect time for a personal branding shoot which can take place in a number of outdoor locations. Of course, both headshots and branding shoots will be done at more than 2m distance.

Throughout lockdown I have offered a product photography service from my home studio and this continues.

Please contact me to arrange a free telephone consultation to discuss how professional photography can make a difference to your brand or small business.

What if we need to self isolate or postpone?

I realise the current time brings lots of uncertainty. It's important that we all follow government guidelines and isolate if we have any symptoms of Covid19. If you find yourselves in this situation, then I'll happily postpone your booking. Likewise, I would never attend a photoshoot if I, or anyone in my household, have any Covid19 symptoms.

It's going to be a while until we are back to full normality, but I'm looking forward to restarting the shoots that I can. If you have a query about anything that's not covered above, please feel free to get in contact, I'm always happy to chat. I look forward to seeing and photographing you soon!

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Covid-19 (coronavirus) update Update: 26th March 2020

As of Monday 23rd March, all bookings up to the end of April have been postponed. I have been contacting customers individually to rearrange.

Bookings for May and beyond will be reviewed as and when government advice is updated. If you currently have a wedding booked later in 2020, please read the advice below (and feel free to give me a call - I'm always happy to chat and will be as flexible as I can to contribute to the big day you've always dreamed of).

If you would like to make a booking for May and beyond, please contact me. I am keeping a list and will be booking those on it, on a first come first served basis, once social distancing measures are eased.

Thanks for your support. Hoping you all stay well!


Original post: 19th March 2020

The current situation with Covid-19 (coronavirus) is an unprecedented and challenging one! I've already contacted everyone that has a booking with me in the next month, as well as all weddings booked in the next three months. I thought it may also be helpful to share information here regarding bookings in the near future.

For those whose photoshoot has already taken place, I remain open for business working from home to take orders. My print labs are all currently open for business as usual so your orders will continue to be processed and delivered to you. If this situation changes I will let you know.

For existing bookings and anyone considering booking in the next month (and possibly beyond), I am open for business as far as is practical whilst following government guidance on social distancing, as follows:

Pop-up mini-photoshoots

As of Monday 16th March, I have cancelled/postoned my pop-up photoshoots in cafes and baby & toddler groups for the next month (and will review the situation at that time). The location of these falls under the category of 'social gathering' so I felt that this was the responsible decision to take.

Newborn photoshoots

For newborn baby photoshoots, it's a difficult balance as I know your baby is only tiny for so long, and would hate to deprive anyone of those memories should you really want them. However, I do have to handle baby during the shoot, so 'distancing' is not really possible.

As such, I'm leaving it to individual families to decide whether to proceed with their shoot. Should you decide to go ahead, all fabric backdrops are washed before each shoot, and my other equipment is wiped with disinfectant. I always wash my hands before a shoot and use hand gel throughout, I will continue to do this with additional handwashing. As has always been the case, I would never attend a newborn shoot if I feel unwell.

If you decide to postpone, remember there are many key milestones during baby's first year. It's possible to achieve newborn photos up to about 5/6 weeks and sometimes even older; as baby gets bigger, these will be more natural of baby wrapped on their back with fewer posed images, but will still capture the essence of their newness. After this age, it's best to wait until about 3-4 months when baby will be smiling more and able to hold their head up a little whilst supported. Age 6-12 months is one of my favourite ages for photos - once baby is sitting and particularly before they are crawling, you'll get some gorgeous photos with personality shining through!

Outdoor family photoshoots

I'm continuing to take bookings for outdoor shoots. The lenses used during these shoots mean that I'm rarely closer than 2m to you, and in fact, there's no need for contact during these sessions (I'm sure you'll forgive me for giving you a wave hello rather than shaking hands!). As such I feel it's safe to continue with these whilst we're still permitted to circulate in the great outdoors!


If your wedding is taking place, then I'll be there as long as I'm permitted to by government guidelines. I hope that I stay healthy enough to do so, but if I am unwell or required to isolate, then you may find it reassuring to know that I am a member of the Guild of Photographers and have a network of local photographers, so have many hundreds of photographers that I can call upon for back-up should it be needed (and would obviously discuss this with you first should it become required).

Should it become necessary to postpone your wedding, then my standard contract has always included a postponement clause that allows the contract and booking fee to be carried across to any new date (subject to me being available) within 6 months. Given the current circumstances I'm extending this to 12 months for weddings originally booked for April, May and June 2020.

As a small independent business I appreciate your support during this difficult time for all of us. If you have any questions, then please don't hesitate to get in contact.

Footnote: Isolation diaries!

We're currently in self-isolation (ending middle of next week for me - hurrah!), so I'm 'enjoying' home schooling my kids. As we're ahead of some of you with schools closing this week, I thought I'd share some tips that have made our days run more smoothly...

  • Discuss and agree a timetable  With two games-console obsessed boys and two parents that work from home, I was worried we'd end up in situation where we work all day ignoring them whilst they play online all day. We sat down and agreed a timetable - everything we need to do (schoolwork/ work), want to do (XBox for the boys, pilates for me!), and chores to keep the house in order. By agreeing it all between us it's got everyone's buy-in; it also means that we've agreed split supervision of the kids to give us both time to work. Whilst we're not planning to stick to it rigidly, it at least gives us structure, routine and a reason for turning the console off!
  • Agree some isolation rules  At the same time we agreed some rules to ensure we all get along happily (for full transparency, we've already had an argument over what the kids were going to eat for dinner!). Rules include not skipping any schoolwork; and taking yourself to a different room if someone (your brother!) is annoying you, and a promise from that person that they won't follow you!
  • Ensure you have food in the cupboards and freezer, and/or helpful friends and neighbours on hand  We were fortunate enough to get a supermarket delivery slot and, albeit with a few missing items, have enough food to get us through the next week. Whilst I'm in no way endorsing panic buying, do make sure you have a few essentials to cook meals if you find yourself unable to get to the supermarket (or the pizza takeaway number on hand!). We're also blessed to have had lots of friends and neighbours offer support, and whilst we've not needed to call on it yet, it's nice to know we can shout for help if we run out of milk. You also realise you've chosen friends wisely when a box of cakes is hand delivered by said wonderful friend!

And as no post from me is ever complete without a picture. Here's one of my littlest getting on with his work yesterday... Keep well everyone!

child portrait photographer windsorWorking from home with kids in towblack and white photo of boy working with colouring in book

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5 tips to ensure you get your wedding hair and make-up right! bride having hair and make up done as bridesmaids look onWindsor wedding photography & make-upfind the best wedding photographer and make-up artist in Windsor I always recommend that you hire a professional hair and make-up artist so you can relax on your wedding morning and get ready to enjoy your big day knowing you'll look your best.
Rosie Scott is a hair and make-up artist based in Windsor. We have worked on many weddings together and her brides always look amazing! I've asked her for her top tips to consider for your wedding hair and make-up.

1. Find an artist who shares your vision

Bridal hair and make-up are specialised skills as your artist must ensure that it enhances and compliments your personal style, wedding dress, flowers, colours and overall theme.

It is very important to find an artist who will share your vision and turn it into a reality along with feeling comfortable with them on the day. Rapport is vital.

bride photographed in beautiful light having her make up finished for her weddingOakley Court wedding photographychoosing the best make-up artist and photographer for your Windsor wedding 2. Always book a trial

Once you have chosen your dress and wedding theme and found the right artist, you will need to arrange a hair and make-up trial which usually happens 6-12 months before the wedding.
Think about your preferred hair and make up styles to try out with your artist and share these ideas with them using a Pinterest board.

Your hair and make-up trial is incredibly important and can last for approx 3 hours as your artist will bring your vision to life and spend time creating the style as if it is your wedding day, discussing the options including accessories and advising on skincare and hair treatments to make sure that you look and feel amazing.
To achieve red carpet bridal hair your stylist may recommend temporary hair extensions for the day to create the illusion of volume and length and they can advise you at the trial and recommend their favourite suppliers.

3. Look after your skin

Skincare and pre-wedding prep is essential and Rosie always advises you drink lots of water for a clear complexion and have a few facials on the run up to the wedding. If your skin is in great condition your make-up will look even better as a good base really is important to achieve the bridal glow that everyone wants.

bride having her hair and make-up done on her wedding dayWindsor weddig photographer - Oakley Courttop tips for choosing your wedding make up artist and photographer 4. Don't try anything new close to the big day

Maintaining essential beauty routines such as regular hair trims, eyebrow grooming, nail treatments and possibly a spray tan to give your skin a wedding day boost will ensure you look good from top-to-toe. However, ensure you trial all of these a few months before the wedding as you do not want to test these out a week before the big day!

5. Be prepared and get lots of sleep

Your artist will be at hand in the run up to the wedding for any last minute questions and will provide a timetable for you and your bridal party to ensure the day runs smoothly and you have a stress-free wedding morning. Be prepared for an early start and get lots of sleep as you need to be in tip-top health to look and feel like an A-lister.

Thank you to Rosie Scott for sharing her top tips. If you'd like to find out more about Rosie please visit her website.


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Facial reflexology: an amazing treatment for brides who want to look their best A Zone Face Lift facial reflexology treatmentSpearreflexology 08Commercial photography of Windsor business Spear Reflexology After working with Michaela of Spear Reflexology to create some commercial imagery for her business last year, during which I watched her give both foot and facial reflexology treatments, I was keen to find out more.

Reflexology of the feet was something I was previously aware of, but facial reflexology was entirely new to me.

Zone Face Lift

Michaela also specialises in Zone Face Lift, a natural alternative to more invasive procedures that combines facial reflexology and advanced facial massage, to offer many therapeutic benefits including:

  • helps to relax over-tight muscles
  • tightens and tones the skin of the face and neck
  • improves blood flow into muscle tissues keeping them functioning well, toned and maintaining their elasticity
  • reduces puffiness and breaks localised fatty deposits Use of GuaSha during Zone Face Lift facial reflexology treatmentSpearreflexology 13Spear Reflexology is a Windsor business photographed by Abi Moore
  • loosens scar tissue
  • helps to deeply relax you face and body
  • supports lymph drainage of the face and neck
  • helps to regenerate skin cells
  • encourages calmness and deep relaxation which reduces stress
  • helps to clear congested sinuses and may ease hayfever
  • regular treatment may help to preserve youthful skin and soften wrinkles and fine lines
  • brightens you face and reduces dark circles around the eyes

GuaSha being used during a\ Zone Face Lift facial reflexology treatmentSpearreflexology 19Commercial photography of Windsor business Spear Reflexology Zone Face Lift draws upon both ancient and modern reflexology. Using massage and a number of crystal tools, the treatment smooths and scrapes the skin to release stagnation and toxins, improve lymph drainage and reduce muscle tension.

Michaela Spear of Windsor's Spear Reflexology givng a facial relexology and Zone Face Lift treatmentSpearreflexology 06Michaela Spear of Spear Reflexology - an expert in facial relexology and Zone Face Lift I was excited to give it a try!

My treatment began with Michaela asking about my general health and assessing my skin to adapt the treatment to suit my needs. The following 70 minutes involved warm towels, massage using oils (chosen to suit my skin type), reflexology and the use of crystal tools, and a gentle exfoliation.

By the end I felt well and truly relaxed - the gentle massage and use of crystals felt really lovely on my face. This alone is a big enough benefit for me, but my skin also feels clearer and some lines are noticeably less deep. One friend commented that my skin was glowing today!

Spearreflexology a Windsor business offering facial reflexologySpearreflexology 17Facial reflexology treatment photographed by Abi Moore, Windsor commercial photographer Michaela is highly qualified and clearly very capable; during the treatment she explained the different areas of her training that she was drawing upon for each element, so I felt reassured that I was in a very safe pair of hands with plenty of experience.

Whilst you can book a single treatment, for the best results, it is recommended that Zone Face Lift is booked as a course of three to twelve treatments.

It would be the perfect pre-wedding treat to ensure your skin is looking its best on your wedding day (gift vouchers are available if you want to drop hints to anyone!).

Contact Michaela at Spear Reflexology to find out more - I would highly recommend her based on this wonderful experience!

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6 tips for finding a babysitter for your family children photographed in their garden having fun on swingsbabysitter blog 1Windsor's family photographer shares tips on finding a babysitter for your children Happy new year! 2020 is set to be the year of experiences, as we become more aware about the impact on the planet of acquiring 'stuff', and wellbeing experts advise that it's 'doing' not 'having' that will make us happy.

It's the time of year that we're planning experiences for the family, including places to visit and holidays to take. You may also be thinking about spending time without the kids in tow, for which you may need a babysitter.

Babysits is an online community putting families in touch with babysitters. They've shared with me their top tips for finding the perfect babysitter for you and your children...


Ok, first of all, you need to ask yourself what exactly you are looking for in terms of a babysitter. What hours do you need them to work? Is it a full or part-time position? How many children need to be cared for? What is your budget? And most importantly what level of experience do you require from your babysitter to ensure peace of mind. Knowing exactly what you need can help save a lot of time when choosing the perfect babysitter for you and your children.

a young girl leaps from a log during a woodland photoshootbabysitter blog 2family experiences with Windsor's child photographer Abi Moore 2. FIND YOUR PERFECT MATCH

It is very common for parents who are seeking childcare to ask their family and friends for help. However, not all parents have this luxury and can require some extra support when taking care of their children. Due to modern technology and the growth in the number of babysitting platforms online parents do not need to feel alone. Platforms such as Babysits makes finding a babysitter easier than ever.

These websites are amazing at connecting parents and babysitters and are generally more affordable than going through an agency. It is important when choosing a babysitter to take your time and read through each profile carefully. A good guideline to follow when choosing a babysitter is to pay attention to profiles that are detailed, well written and include pictures. Feedback from other parents is also available on profiles that have had previous babysitting jobs. To ensure you find the perfect fit it is advised to contact multiple babysitters as this will give you an idea of which babysitter will fit with your family


An important step when hiring a babysitter for the first time is to meet them before the first event. If this is not possible due to a busy schedule you can alternatively arrange a video call with your babysitter. A meeting with your babysitter can help ease any worries you may have, it is also a good opportunity to get to know each other. This is your opportunity to ask more in-depth questions and decide if the babysitter is the right fit for you and your family. For example, you can ask, specific requirements, fees, hours, etc. Be clear by outlining the rules and responsibilities from the get-go.


toddler being thrown in the air by his father during a family photoshoout outdoorsbabysitter blog 3fun family experience with Windsor's best photographer, Abi Moore It is important to be prepared, just like an interview for a job, have a list of questions you want to be answered. By doing this you get to know your babysitter better and it ensures you don’t forget any important details. Good questions to ask would be about the babysitter’s experience, and how they cope with emergencies. It is also a good idea to ask some light-hearted questions, this helps you to get to know their personality and vice versa.


When choosing a babysitter, references are an extremely helpful and reliable way to learn if your babysitter is a suitable candidate. You may also wish to run an informal background check. This usually consists of checking the candidate’s social media platforms whilst a formal background check usually involves utilising Government sources. Services like Babysits provide feedback and reviews from other parents on babysitters profiles and can act as a very dependable form of reassurance.


If you are still feeling nervous after following these tips, trust your gut instinct! If you do not feel 100% about your babysitter then trust that instinct. Only hire a sitter that doesn’t raise any concerns or set off any alarms. There are many babysitters to choose from; don't decide in haste. Trusting someone with your children can be a difficult task but we hope with these tips you will find the perfect babysitter for your family.

Thanks to Babysits for sharing their top tips with me! If you need a babysitter, check out their website which offers a community of over 1,500,000 members in over 35 countries!

(Photography by Abi Moore | Baby, family, wedding & brand photographer | Windsor) child photographer Berkshire family activities family experiences family photographer photographer Windsor what to do with your family in Windsor Fri, 10 Jan 2020 14:24:23 GMT
Shop local this Christmas: My favourite Windsor businesses Looking for gift inspiration? Stuck for ideas for someone hard to buy for?

Christmas is the perfect time to support your local businesses. Here are a few of my favourites in Windsor...


Creative Crafts

Creative Crafts coasters 2Creative Crafts coasters 2 Creative Crafts coasters 1Creative Crafts coasters 1 I love the handmade stone coasters that Deborah at Creative Crafts makes. So much so that I have her Cath Kidston designs on my desk, and my husband has superhero ones in his office. I've also commissioned her to make some personalised gifts for weddings and special birthdays. Her gorgeous sets come in many designs and are lovingly handmade in Windsor. Find out more at Creative Crafts facebook page.


Annalies Woodcock

Christmas cards & giftsChristmas cards & gifts Dragonfly in the thistles - close upDragonfly in the thistles - close up Annalies is a local artist creating stunning artwork in bright contrasting colours, inspired by nature and with added sparkle. As well as a range of prints and original artworks available on her website, she is selling some beautiful Christmas cards featuring Christmas trees and robins, which can be delivered locally up to 18th December. Visit her website to find out more.



Spearreflexology gift voucherSpearreflexology gift voucher Spearreflexology 56Spearreflexology 56 Which leads me neatly on to Spearreflexology, whose beautiful gift vouchers have been designed by Annalies! Michaela offers both foot reflexology as well as facial reflexology, including Zone Face Lifts, which are a unique fusion of advanced facial reflexology and advance face massage. Michaela is highly trained and qualified in fertility and maternity reflexology. Vouchers can be posted right up to last posting dates, or emailed if you miss the last post! More info can be found on her website.


Lisa Darban Bespoke Floristry

Lisa Darban wreathLisa Darban wreath Lisa Darban horse wreathLisa Darban horse wreath Who doesn't love receiving flowers?! Lisa offers a gorgeous range of wreaths, table arrangements and decorations all made to order to make your home look beautiful this Christmas. Her work has recently been featured on the front cover of the Not on the High Street catalogue. She also offers bouquets and gifts, which anyone would be glad to receive. Find out more at her facebook page.


Back to Touch

Corinna massageCorinna massage Corinna of Back to Touch has magic hands that will ease out all your knots and leave you feeling relaxed. Gift vouchers are available for an hour treatment in sport, remedial or therapeutic massage. The perfect gift for anyone that needs to relax after the hectic Christmas season. Gift vouchers are available for local delivery or collection right up to Christmas Eve. Contact Corinna via [email protected].


Photography by Abi Moore

Photography gift vouchersPhotography gift vouchersGift vouchers for family photoshoots in Windsor, Berkshire, Ascot, Egham, Datchet, Slough, Maidenhead, Marlow and Henley. Photography makes a great gift for birthdays, Christmas, Mother's Day, Father's Day. I am offering gift vouchers this Christmas for a mid-week shoot including five digital images and a matching set of 7x5" prints for £250. Vouchers come in a presentation box tied up with a ribbon, so you don't even have to wrap it. Available for local delivery or collection until 23rd December. Contact me to buy a voucher or to find out more.



The Baby Bank

Baby Bank Windsor Christmas pyjama appealBaby Bank Windsor Christmas pyjama appeal Last (because they're not a business as such), but definitely not least, is one of my favourite charities. If you're struggling to buy for someone who has everything, then why not donate to The Baby Bank's Pyjama Appeal instead?! If you've not heard of them, The Baby Bank is much like a food bank, but instead of food, they provide much-needed essentials for babies and children of families who find themselves in difficult financial circumstances.

This Christmas their Appeal is asking for donations of pyjamas, books or Christmas chocolates. They can accept donations until this Friday (13th Dec) and will be at their storage facility during the morning or at carols on the hill during the evening. Contact them via their facebook page to arrange a drop-off. If you're reading this after the 13th, you can still make a monetary donation here that will help families in need in 2020.


Thanks for reading. Wishing you a very happy Christmas!

All photos have been provided by the businesses featured.


(Photography by Abi Moore | Baby, family, wedding & brand photographer | Windsor) best Windsor businesses Christmas gift Windsor Christmas ideas in Windsor Family photographer Windsor gift ideas in Windsor photographer Windsor photoshoot gift voucher Windsor gifts Windsor's best photogrpaher Wed, 11 Dec 2019 07:34:47 GMT
Lauren & Mike's winter wedding at The Olde Bell Tithe Barn in Hurley
Saturday was a beautiful crisp day for Lauren & Mike's wedding at the Tithe Barn at The Olde Bell in Hurley (near Maidenhead). Surrounded by twinkly fairy lights they said their personalised vows watched over by close friends and family. There was barely a dry eye when Lauren was surprised by her closest friends and Mike joining in their chosen reading*.

After exiting their ceremony to a whole lot of confetti, they celebrated as the sun set on a perfect winter day. The speeches - including one from Mike's six groomsmen - raised many giggles. It truly was a lovely relaxed day, full of love, friendship and laughter.

Lauren & Mike - thank you so much for choosing me to capture your special day - it was so lovely working with you and I'm sure you have a very happy future together ahead of you.

*I hear lots of readings at weddings and this one was particularly lovely!: "I Like You" by Sandol Stoddard Warburg

Wedding venue: Tithe Barn at The Olde Bell, Hurley

Flowers & decor: Cherubs Floral Design

Dress: Catherine Parry from Sophie Grace Bridal

Brides hair & makeup: Gemmy Kelly Hair & Makeup

Bridesmaids makeup: Melissa Hair & Makeup

Toastmaster: Peter Tautz

DJ: Not Just DJs

Cake: Daisy Cakes by Sarah

(Photography by Abi Moore | Baby, family, wedding & brand photographer | Windsor) Berkshire wedding photography documentary wedding photographer examples of winter wedding photography henley wedding photographer hurley wedding photography maidenhead photogrpher maidenhead wedding photography maidenhead wedding venues marlow wedding photography natural wedding photography planning a winter wedding relaxed wedding photographer winter wedding photography Tue, 03 Dec 2019 14:20:27 GMT
Marylyn & Paul's wedding at The Castle Hotel Windsor
In a touching speech by Marylyn's son, he told us that one of the things that Marylyn & Paul love about each other is that they laugh so much together. This was certainly true on their wedding day. Their smiles didn't leave their faces from the moment they set eyes on each other as Marylyn walked down the aisle.

No couple wants rain on their wedding day, but it did not dampen their spirits for a day filled with love and laughter. The newly refurbished Castle Hotel provided an excellent indoor backdrop for their photos.

This lovely couple met each other at a ballroom dance, so it was only fitting that their first dance was a choreographed waltz. They were then joined by family and friends for a variety of dances, and I left them dancing the night away.

Marylyn & Paul, I'm sure your smiles, love and laughter will continue you throughout your life together. Wishing you all the very best for the future, and thank you for choosing me to capture your special day!

(Photography by Abi Moore | Baby, family, wedding & brand photographer | Windsor) Berkshire wedding photography local wedding photographer natural wedding photography in Windsor rainy wedding day relaxed wedding photography Windsor wedding Windsor wedding photography windsor's best wedding photographer winter weddings in Windsor Mon, 28 Oct 2019 12:49:40 GMT
Melanie & Nathan's autumn wedding at Oakley Court Windsor

I was back at Windsor's Oakley Court at the weekend to photograph the wedding of the lovely Melanie & Nathan.

It was an intimate day with close friends and family, with a distinctly autumn feel. Melanie looked absolutely beautiful, with hair and make-up artist Rosie Scott creating both an elegant day look and relaxed evening hairstyle.

Oakley Court has such gorgeous grounds on the bank of the river Thames; we were worried that after last weeks rain, we may be stuck inside for photos, but we were blessed with sunshine for some beautiful photos beneath the willows in the shadow of this gothic country house.

After a wedding breakfast with their nearest and dearest, they celebrated with a large evening party, complete with sparkler reception.

Thank you both so much for choosing me to capture your special day, I wish you a lifetime full of love and happiness!

Wedding suppliers

Venue: The Oakley Court

Hair & makeup: Rosie Scott

Flowers: Lily's Flowers

Event styling: The Light Touch

Dance floor & DJ: The Experience

(Photography by Abi Moore | Baby, family, wedding & brand photographer | Windsor) Berkshire wedding photographer best photographer in Windsor Oakley Court wedding photographer relaxed natural wedding photography wedding photographer near Maidenhead wedding photographs at Oakley Court Hotel Windsor wedding photogrpaher near me Windsor wedding photographer Tue, 22 Oct 2019 15:58:16 GMT
An insight into newborn photography A lovely client recently shared some behind-the-scenes photos and videos from her newborn photoshoot. I'm sharing them here to give you a feel for the kit I bring with me and how I set it up in your home to give you the kinds of photos you see on my website.

As well as a camera and a couple of lenses (for wide-angles and close-ups of tiny features), my newborn photography kit consists of a studio light, and a beanbag and frame which holds your choice of coloured backdrop. I bring wraps for your baby which will co-ordinate with the backdrops you choose. I often start a newborn session by wrapping baby - this helps them feel cosy, warm and secure and can help settle them for the photography. The following video shows me wrapping the baby.

Behind the scenes of a newborn photoshootWatch newborn baby photographer Abi Moore wrap a baby ready for his photoshoot

Finally, I've recently created a video explaining why I do what I do - capturing newborns whilst they're still tiny before time flies past and they grow up fast!

Newborn photographyWhy newborn photographer, Abi Moore, feels newborn photography is so important

(Photography by Abi Moore | Baby, family, wedding & brand photographer | Windsor) baby photoshoot Berkshire newborn photographer how does newborn photography work lifestyle newborn photography natural newborn photography newborn photoshoot real newborn photography Windsor baby photographer Windsor newborn photography Tue, 01 Oct 2019 18:43:20 GMT
Don't lose your precious memories. Part 2: Back-up! The second part of my blog about protecting your memories is all about backing up your images! It's a quick one, but I feel it's important enough to warrant it's own post.

backing up - yawn but pay attentionbacking up - yawn but pay attentionyawning newborn baby photographed in black & white Now, let's be honest, whilst it's important I realise it is quite boring.

It's something you may not even think about until a hard-drive crashes or your phone dies and you use months, or worse, years of photos.

Again, this is a symptom of our digital age where everyone has a camera phone in their pocket. We take more photos than ever, but we don't print them and we don't always protect them.

I'd like you to ask yourself this: if your phone was lost, stolen or died today, how many photos are on it that you don't have copies of elsewhere?

backing up - boring but importantbacking up - boring but importantblack and white photograph of a grumpy boy I've seen it happen to friends and family, and it can be devastating if your phone contains photos of your baby's first steps, or a special day out that you won't repeat. Even if it's just every day photos, if you lose a year's worth, that's a big gap in your photographic memories.

I recommend to my clients that they keep their images in three places:

  • on their PC/ main tablet device
  • on an external device such as a USB, external hard drive or their phone
  • in a cloud back-up

This should cover you for all eventualities of loss.

With client images I take back-ups very seriously - my job isn't done when I leave a family photoshoot or wedding, I upload the images from my memory cards to my hard drive, then back them up to an external hard drive and a cloud back-up service, so before the day is over four copies of your images exist.

When I hand them over to you, although I keep a copy, I ask you to follow the steps above to ensure you don't lose your images.

External hard drives with a terrabyte of storage can be purchased from around £40, which is usually enough to store a lifetime of personal photos.

There are a number of cloud back-up services available from Google to Amazon to Apple - many are included free with another subscription so you may already have access to these.

I use iDrive for my business and personal photos and can highly recommend it - it backs up from both my PC and my mobile.

So that's it... it's quick and not that exciting, but please take action and ensure you don't lose your precious memories.

Oh, and a reminder of last week's message - please print your photos too - it's another way of ensuring you never lose them.

If you've any questions or would like advice about printing or storing your photos, please feel free to contact me.

(Photography by Abi Moore | Baby, family, wedding & brand photographer | Windsor) and Ascot back best family keeping Maidenhead photographer photography photos photoshoot print safe should studio up why Windsor Windsor's you your Wed, 25 Sep 2019 15:08:39 GMT
Don't lose your precious memories. Part 1: Print! The printed photo is becoming extinct

Last week, when Apple launched their latest phone, much of the focus was on its cameras (plural!). In fact, the iPhone is the world's most used camera.

In the UK, nine out of every ten adults has a smartphone, and therefore, a camera.

So it's no surprise that more photos are being taken today than at any time in our history.

But... fewer photos than ever before are being printed.

I totally get that we live in a digital age. We love to document our lives and share them on social media.

Here's why I believe we mustn't let the printed photo die!

Your photos deserve to be printed

Print your photos 6Your photos deserve to be printedUSB, album and prints from a newborn baby photoshoot with Abi Moore Whether it's your holiday snaps from your phone camera or your images from a professional photoshoot, your photos deserve to be printed.

It's such a shame if they're hidden away on your phone or camera.

You may share them on social media, where there'll be seen for a second then forgotten.

By displaying them around your home they will put a smile on your face every day.

For this reason, all of my wedding, family and baby packages include both digital images and printed photos - from a simple set of professional prints that you can frame yourself, through to wall art and albums designed with your favourite images and colours.

If you're investing your time and money in asking me to create your family memories, it follows that you should print and display them too.

Crisis of comparison

It's well-known that social media can have a negative impact on self esteem.

It takes one second to take a photo - everything can look perfect in that one second; the sun is shining, families are happy and loving, filters are used to enhance appearances. And that's what people share. Two minutes later the toddler may have dropped his ice cream or someone may have been stung by a wasp, but all you get to see is the perfection.

US Pastor Steve Furtick put it best when he said, The reason we struggle with insecurity is because we compare our behind-the-scenes with everyone else’s highlight reel.”

Print your photos 2Your photos deserve to be displayedCircular wooden sphere displaying a baby photo from a newborn photshoot with Abi Moore Throughout the current decade, self-esteem in UK children and teens has been falling, and many claim social media is to blame.

Now, let's flip that on it's head... Imagine displaying your own perfect moments around your home.

Your children will get to see their own photo displayed lovingly in a frame.

When you come home to see the memories of your amazing holiday or happy family day out, it will raise a smile and have a positive impact on your family's self esteem.

Future proofing

There is another reason why printing your photos is so important...

Do you ever visit parents or grandparents to find they've got out the old photo albums?

Print your photos 3Print your photos 3Family heirloom photo I love to look through old photos. On a visit to my Grandpa's a few years ago he showed me photos of his parents on their wedding day and his father in his military uniform - even though I'd never met these people, it was so special to see my great-grandparents. This one he had of my mum as a baby is so precious.

Print your photos 5Your family photos should be printedFloppy disks Now imagine going back to the 1980s and finding there were no prints, but the images were on a floppy disk. What would you do with that disk?

Today cloud galleries and USBs are ubiquitous, but technology will always move on.

The prints from one hundred years ago live on and can be accessed without out-of-date technology, the same will be true one hundred years from now.

In Part 2 of this blog, I share options for backing up your photos. For now, a reminder that a print will not be lost when a phone dies or a hard drive crashes.

An aside on where to print

Print your photos 1Print your baby photosPhoto album from a newborn baby photoshoot with Abi Moore I'm sometimes asked which print labs I recommend. The labs I use for my business are professional trade labs that I've chosen over the years of being in business.

I can't recommend any specific consumer print labs, as they can change over time and without the experience of using them, I'm unable to vouch for their services.

What I do always recommend is that you print your photos somewhere that specialises in photo printing - whether that's a high street photographic shop or online photo labs.

The instant machines in supermarkets and pharmacies will not give you the same qulaity of print.

Having said that, a poor quality print is better than no print at all!

Now... go, print!!

I will finish with a challenge. Look around your walls and shelves - have you got photos of your family printed? Have you got photos on display that were taken in the last 12 months?

Print your photos 4Print your photos 4Framed images from Abi Moore's family photoshoot If the answer is yes, then give yourself a pat on the back.

If the answer is no, pick your favourite snap from this summer and get it printed this week!

And if you'd like some professional photos of your family, you know where I am... :)

Click here to contact Abi

(And just to prove that I practice what I preach - to the left you'll see our images from our last family photoshoot, proudly on display in my home. I'm currently working on printing canvases from photos taken this summer).

(Photography by Abi Moore | Baby, family, wedding & brand photographer | Windsor) family photographer Windsor family photography Maidenhead family photoshoot how to print photos photographer Maidenhead photography studio Ascot photoshoot Ascot why you should print photos Wed, 18 Sep 2019 15:30:25 GMT
Back To School - 6 top tips for better first day photographs So, the six week summer break is coming to an end. Whether you're ecstatic that the kids are finally going back to school, or dreading the summer ending (or like me, a bit of both!), the start of the school year is always a big milestone.

It's a particularly big occasion if your little one is starting school for the very first time, or moving up to middle, secondary or high school.

It's the time of year when we see social media flooded with images of little ones in their school uniforms ready to start the school year.

Read on for my six tips for making your 'back to school' photos just a little better or more interesting...

Back to school photoshoot 5Back to school photoshoot 5Take better pictures of your little one's first day at school 1. Location, location, location!

I do realise that the ubiquitous ‘front door’ photo is a classic, but possibly also a little clichéd. Think about where you might have great locations around your home…

I love outdoor natural light, so I’ve always preferred to take mine in the garden against a plain fence.

If you do want to go with the front door option, then outside to get the natural light, rather than indoor in a gloomy hallway is a far better option.

If it’s raining, then standing your children by a plain wall near a window to get the natural light will give you lovely photos.

Or taking it away from the home, maybe you'd like to capture a natural shot of your little one walking to school on their first day.

back to school photoshoot 3back to school photoshoot 3fun photos of kids starting school 2. It's emotional!

On the first day of school, emotions may be running high - your little one may be anxious starting a new school, you might be feeling a little sad at them growing up so quickly (and they may pick up on this), or they may be super excited and desperate to get there, not willing to hang around for photos.

You know your little ones best. Ask yourself whether they’ll be in the right frame of mind to take photos on the morning before school. If you think they might not be, then you may like to take photos the day before they start. Alternatively, maybe take one when they come home when they’ll be happier to have the first day over with (although they may not look quite as smart!).

Don’t be afraid to have some fun with your photos and capture your children’s true personalities and some fun emotions - let them mess around and have a giggle!

3. Prop it up!

back to school photoshoot 1back to school photoshoot 1starting school chalkboard childrens photoshoot Decide whether you would like to keep it simple with them in their school uniform only, or whether you’d like to add some props to give some context to your photo.

My chalk board shoots were really popular and you could take inspiration from the idea. Write some facts about your child on a blackboard or piece of paper and get them to hold it up - you’ll love looking back in years to come seeing what their favourite things and ambitions were when they started school.

Don’t forget the little details such as their shiny new shoes. Consider including their schoolbag or lunch box; if they’re taking both, it will really highlight how small they are when carrying these.

4. A sense of perspective…

Speaking of highlighting how tiny they are, think of locations that give perspective as they grow, if you're planning to take a picture each year or when they finish school. This is where the front door photo has it’s benefits - this year they may only just reach the letterbox, but over the years that will change significantly.

If the school sign is easily accessible, consider taking a photo there - each year you’ll see how they grow against this sign, and they may be towering over it by the time they leave.

Back to school photoshoot 4Back to school photoshoot 4fun photos of kids 5. Safety first

Internet safety experts recommend that you don’t share details of your child’s school on social media as it puts your child at risk. If you are sharing details, then ensure your social media profiles are private.

Remember that this doesn’t just include naming your child’s school in the post, but the logo on their school uniforms, as well as if you include pictures of the school or its sign.

I’ll be honest, and admit this is not something I’d thought about until the last year or two, when I’m hearing this advice more and more.

My personal social media profiles are private, but I’ve previously posted photos of my sons in uniform on my business profiles which are open to all.

I’ve now tried to remove all these photos and I am now careful to ensure photos shared on my business pages (of my children or clients') don’t include any school details.

back to school photoshoot 2back to school photoshoot 2studio photography of children in school uniforms 6. I'll say it over and again: Put yourself in the picture!

I apologise, if you’re a regular follower, you’ll have heard me say this several times before. You must include yourself in photos with your children! In years to come, they don’t care if you’re not wearing make-up or if you’ve got a few pounds to lose. All they'll want to see is themselves with you.

It's also a great measure of time - you'll see them grow, but you'll also see how you (and fashions, etc!) are changing over time.

However you decide to take your first day of school photos, they are precious memories that you'll treasure forever. I wish all the little ones starting school this week the very best of luck!

(Photography by Abi Moore | Baby, family, wedding & brand photographer | Windsor) . back to school back to school photos Berkshire family photographer child photography child photoshoot Windsor family photographer Windsor how to take better photos of your children new school uniform starting school starting school photos take better photos of your kids Sun, 01 Sep 2019 11:15:00 GMT
"Help! My baby has sore eyes/ spots/ flaky skin." Or... The magic of Photoshop! Newborn skin before & after 2Newborn photoshoot skin before & after 2Concerns over newborn photoshoot - Photoshop fixes all I sometimes get a call or email on the morning of a newborn photoshoot from a worried parent. Maybe their baby has scratched their face or their little one has woken up with blotchy skin.

I totally understand their worries as they are hoping for gorgeous photos of their beautiful newborn, and it's a shame if blemishes put a stop to that.

However, I can reassure any worried parent, that it's not an issue. Newborn skin before & after 4Newborn baby photos - skin before & after 4Photoshop can fix baby spots and scratches I have years of experience of using Photoshop to retouch blemishes to ensure your new little bundles of joy look exactly as you'd like to remember them.

I can solve all of the following issues with retouching:

  • spots
  • milk spots
  • baby acne
  • scratches Newborn skin before & after 1Newborn baby photoshoot concerns - skin before & after 1As a professional newborn baby photographer, I can retouch all issues in Photoshop
  • red eyes
  • gunky eyes
  • dry flaky skin
  • blotchy skin
  • red skin
  • jaundice

Newborn skin before & after 3Baby photoshoot concerns - skin before & after 3If you're baby has flaky skin, a professional newborn photographer can retouch it In fact, I've yet to meet a challenge that I haven't been able to solve with Photoshop. To the right you'll see a few before and after images that show you how an image will look after I've waved my magic wand!

The worries aren't just limited to the new baby either. I'm a mum of two and I know that in the first fortnight (when most newborn sessions take place) you are recovering from labour, running low on sleep, and your tummy is yet to return to it's usual shape (in fact seven years later, mine still hasn't returned - I don't think I can still use baby weight as an excuse!). Most of us have dark circles under our eyes and we're lucky if we've washed or even brushed our hair in the last few days, let alone had a chance to put on make-up.

Newborn baby photshoot with parentsNewborn baby photshoot with parentsBacklit beautiful newborn photography with parents - relaxed and natural for all Again, I urge you not to worry. In this instance, I hide a lot of this when I'm taking the photo before Photoshop even gets anywhere near your image.

I take close-ups so there's no wobbly tummies on view. I light to flatter tired skin. I ask you to look at your baby rather than at the camera, so by looking down your dark circles aren't as prominent. And my favourite of all is the back-lit semi-silhouette shot that you see to the right - it hides everything!

In years to come, I guarantee you'll kick yourself if you haven't had a photo taken with your new baby, so I encourage all new parents to have at least a few taken. If you don't like them, you don't have to choose them, so you have nothing to lose.

If you're thinking of booking a newborn photoshoot, you can find out more here. I hope I've managed to put all your concerns to rest, but if you have any questions or if you'd like to book a session, please get in touch.

(Photography by Abi Moore | Baby, family, wedding & brand photographer | Windsor) baby photographer Windsor baby photos can you photoshop blemishes how old is a baby for a newborn photoshoot new baby photoshoot newborn photographer Maidenhead newborn photography that is not too posed newborn photoshoot relaxed baby photography Mon, 12 Aug 2019 16:46:27 GMT
Skye & Martin's relaxed garden party wedding at Oakley Court in Windsor When I met Skye & Martin they described their wedding as a fun and relaxed day that was going to be very non-traditional. I loved their approach and I cannot think of a better setting on a summer's day than in the shadow of Oakely Court overlooking the River Thames - what an amazing day!

Eschewing tradition, the bride waited as the groom walked down the aisle accompanied by his mum. The ceremony was led by Skye's sister in the gardens at Oakley Court surrounded by wildflowers. Skye, Martin and their guests then celebrated in the marquee in the hotel's grounds near its kitchen garden. The guests enjoyed garden games in the sunshine whilst others relaxed on beanbags with ice cream cones.

The afternoon was completed with speeches from Skye and her maid of honour, and Martin and one of his groomsmen, before the guests moved indoors for their evening entertainment. There was no first dance, but Skye was surprised with a flash mob dance from her bridesmaids and Martin. Such a fun and different wedding!

Thank you both for choosing me to capture your wedding day - wishing you all the very best for a happy future together!

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Organising a wedding in six weeks: Your checklist of where to start Are you planning a wedding and want to do it quickly? Wondering if it’s possible?

Every year, I have three or four couples that book me for a wedding just weeks away, so I know it’s possible and I’m sharing the tips from couples I’ve photographed.

Couple exchange rings during their wedding ceremony in WindsorOrganise a wedding in 6 weeks 4 - short notice wedding in WindsorCouple exchange rings during their wedding ceremony in Windsor Let’s get the obvious out of the way first: If your dream wedding is a hundred guests, in a specific venue you’ve loved for years, on a summer Saturday, with a designer dress and a huge bridal party, then you’re unlikely to be able to organise it in six weeks.

It’s likely you’ll need to compromise on some of your wish list, but if you’re prepared to be flexible, and happy to have a smaller or more relaxed day, then it’s very possible to organise a wedding in six weeks.

So, why do couples decide to organise a wedding in such a short space of time? The brides & grooms I’ve photographed had lots of different reasons, but they have included:

  • couples that were already engaged but an imminent move overseas meant it became urgent
  • not wanting a fuss, having been engaged for some time, and deciding it’s the marriage that’s important not the wedding
  • wanting to marry sooner rather than later due to a terminally ill family member
  • a bride who had to postpone her wedding due to cancer treatment, then being desperate to get married once she got the all clear
  • the traditional ‘shotgun’ wedding with a baby on the way (in fact, the couple I photographed had been engaged for a while and had a wedding date, but decided to bring it forward before her bump was much bigger!)

Your reasons may be the same or entirely different, but once you’ve decided it’s time to get wed and you’d like it to happen soon, where do you start…

Wedding couple giggling togetherOrganise a wedding in 6 weeks - quick weddings in windsorWedding couple giggling together 1. Decide your priorities

It’s likely you’ll need to be flexible on some things, so you’ll need to decide on any deal-breakers. For example, if you have a particular venue in mind, but can be flexible on a date, then you’re more likely to be able to book your chosen venue on a mid-week day. Conversely, you may want to marry on a weekend, but happy to book any venue that has availability. Are you happy if people can't make your date, or are there key people you want to ensure are available? Which brings me nicely onto...

2. Guests & bridal party

The majority of short-notice weddings that I’ve photographed have had fewer than thirty guests. In some cases, it's just a handful of close friends and immediate family. Before you decide on a date, check that everyone you would really like there is available in the weeks you’re looking at, and any dates that they definitely can’t do.

It’s also worth considering at this point whether you want a bridal party. Most weddings I’ve photographed that have been organised quickly, either forego a bridal party, or have one best man and one bridesmaid. Keep it simple by asking them to choose a favourite outfit to wear, rather than sorting bridesmaid dresses and suits.

3. Venue & date

Groom kisses bride outside at Surrey weddingOrganise a wedding in 6 weeks 2 - how quickly can I get marriedGroom kisses bride outside at Surrey wedding First you’ll need to decide if you’d like a religious ceremony or civil wedding. For a religious wedding, you should contact the church or religious venue you attend and find out their requirements for giving notice.

For a civil ceremony, you must give notice 28 days before the date you intend to marry. Your notice must be given at the Register Office for the area in which you have lived for the last seven days.

Once you’ve given notice, you’ll need to check availability of the church or registrars for the area in which you wish to hold your ceremony. If you plan to have a civil ceremony at a licensed venue, then you’ll need to check the venue availability and co-ordinate it with that of the registrars.

As a Windsor wedding photographer, many of the weddings I photograph are in the Royal Borough of Windsor & Maidenhead. A list of licensed venues in RBWM can be found on the council website.

Decide if you would like a formal wedding breakfast after the ceremony (should you choose a licensed venue they may be able to provide options for this) or a simple meal at a favourite restaurant. Again, you’ll need to co-ordinate availability for your chosen date.

4. Invites

Once you’ve got a date and a venue, be sure to let your guests know! Save time by sending out electronic invites - there are lots of fab free templates available on Canva.

5. Book your suppliers

Organising a wedding at short notice may mean it is smaller and/or more simple. As such, some couples decide they don’t need flowers or a cake. You may get married in your favourite dress or suit, rather than hiring or buying an outfit specific for the day. This list is a starting point of things you may want to book for your special day, but equally may decide you don’t need.

Wedding dress With six weeks to plan, it's too late to order a designer wedding dress; however, if you'd like a traditional dress, it's worth contacting wedding dress shops to see if they have any samples on sale. Some high street shops, such as H&M, now sell wedding dresses. Alternatively, it's a great excuse to buy a gorgeous off-the-peg party dress!
Suit Consider whether you need a suit and if you have one already you'd like to wear. Again, a nice excuse to go shopping if you'd like a new one.
Hair and make-up With a small wedding, you may be content doing your own hair and make-up, but it's worth considering what you'd prefer. If you do decide to book a make-up artist, find out if you have time for a trial, and if not, ensure they clearly understand what you'd like.
Transport Unless you're staying at, getting married and celebrating all in one venue, it's likely you'll need to consider transport to and from your ceremony. This may be as simple as a local taxi firm - let them know it's your wedding day as they'll be sure to send their best cars.
Florist Flowers can be kept minimal, or become a huge part of your day: From a simple bouquet for the bride, and buttonhole for the groom, through buttonholes/corsages for key guests, to flowers to decorate your venue - consider what you'd like and what's important for you.
Cake Again, there's a whole spectrum for cakes - you can order one from M&S (I've tried them and they're good!), or you may want a cake-maker to make one for you (you'll need to call a few to find out what's possible in the time you have) or perhaps no cake at all, or asking the venue for your meal whether they can supply something.
Photographer Obviously, I think this one is really important! However, small or simple, this is your wedding day and you'll want to remember it forever. I offer smaller packages for weddings that are booked at short notice or on off-peak dates; starting from £599 for an hour’s photography including all your digital images, a set of prints and credit towards an album. If you’d like to find out more please contact me.
Accommodation If you're marrying locally and all your guests are local, then this may not be a consideration for you. Equally, you may have space to accomodate anyone that needs a bed for the night, or may finish early enough for people to drive home. It's something to think about and you may wish to contact local hotels to see if you can block-book rooms if you need to.
Evening entertainment More than half of the small weddings I photograph, follow their ceremony with a nice meal in a favourite restaurant. As such, evening entertainment may not be something you'll need, or you may be happy heading out for a drink after. If you have a bigger guest list and plan to party into the evening, then you may need to book a DJ.

6. Marry now, party later

Wedding couple kissingOrganise a wedding in 6 weeks 5 - windsor guildhall quick weddingsWedding couple kissing Depending on your reasons for getting married quickly, you may decide to have a very small affair now and celebrate more later. There are a few things that can be left to a later date, to save you time now:

  • rings - you’ll be wearing the rings for the rest of your life, so you want to be happy with them. You can always buy a cheap ring or borrow one for the ceremony, then get the ring of your dreams later.
  • party - the smaller your wedding, the easier it will be to organise in the short time you have. If you would still like a big party to celebrate with everyone you know, you can organise one later, but with much less pressure!
  • honeymoon - whilst tradition states that the bride and groom jet off on honeymoon a day or two after the wedding, it’s another big task to organise, so if you decide to leave it until later it’s once less thing to sort in the short term.


Whatever your reasons for deciding to get married quickly, this should give you a good starting point of what you need to consider to get it organised. Once these decisions are made, there are lots of smaller details you may wish to consider (readings, orders of service, etc), but you’ll be well on the way to getting sorted.

Please do get in contact if I can share any more experience to help with planning your day, or if you'd like to discuss my smaller wedding packages for mid-week, off-peak and short-notice weddings.

Congratulations on your engagement and good luck planning your day!

Organise a wedding in 6 weeks 1 - how to organise a wedding quicklyOrganise a wedding in 6 weeks 1 - how to organise a wedding quicklyThree wedding rings on flowers photographedby Abi Moore in Windsor

(Photography by Abi Moore | Baby, family, wedding & brand photographer | Windsor) . getting married quickly how quickly can I get married how soon can you get married in the UK how to organise a quick wedding off-peak wedding photography packages one hour wedding photography packages organising a quick wedding organising a wedding in two months planning a wedding in six weeks shotgun wedding Windsor Guildhall photographer windsor wedding Windsor wedding photographer Thu, 13 Jun 2019 11:21:04 GMT
Top 6 reasons not have a family portrait shoot (...and why you should!) Family chat together during photoshootFamily photoshoot Windsor Maidenhead & Ascot 4 "I can't believe you got one of her smiling, she seemed to be playing up the whole time!"

"I'm worried they'll mess around."

"My littlest one is so shy, I'm not sure you'll even get him to look at you."

"Abi, you were so amazing with the children. It's like magic - you made it so much fun and captured their true personalities."

A recent client admitted that she'd been waiting three years to book her photoshoot. Why? She was worried that her children wouldn't behave.

This makes me sad for a few reasons...

  • That's three years of lost memories that should be hanging as a portrait on the wall!
  • I am not here to judge you, your kids or your parenting.
  • This is not your traditional formal studio portrait - it doesn't require "well behaved" kids that just sit still and smile.

However, I get that it can be nerve-wracking. You're investing money in photos and your goal is happy families. Of course, you want photos that show you all smiling and having fun.

So, I thought I'd share the top six concerns that I hear about having a photoshoot. And why I think you needn't worry!

Laughter and giggles during a family photoshootFamily photoshoot Windsor Maidenhead & Ascot 5 1. "I don't think my kids will behave well enough."

I'm a mum. I am far from perfect, and the same goes for my kids. I know what it's like!

I'm not looking for two hours of your kids on their best behaviour. I just need them to relax and have a bit of fun.

I have been told that I have a 'magic way' with kids and the 'patience of a saint'. Really, I just love to get silly, play the fool and generally mess around! The end result being that children usually respond well to this.

I also state my 'split second rule': My camera takes a photo in a fraction of a second. I only need your child to be smiling or behaving for that fraction of a second and I've got a great image. I'm aiming to take about 40-50 photos on a family shoot. So that's 50 seconds in a 1-2 hour window that I need them to behave - I'm working on pretty good odds!

If they decide to have a tantrum or frown during the session, my advice is to chill and let them do their thing. We'll move onto something else fun and they'll soon get it out of their system.

Baby smiling during outdoor photoshootFamily photoshoot Windsor Maidenhead & Ascot 1 2. "My children will not sit still."

Good! Sitting still is boring...

For young children (as soon as they can walk up to the age of ten) I recommend an outdoor photoshoot. There's very little sitting still. Instead, there's going for an explore in the woods, climbing on fallen tree trunks, seeing who can jump the highest or run the fastest.

Put simply we're out for a walk, and we will stop every so often along the way for photos; but it will be fun, so they won't notice that I'm actually getting them smiling for the camera.

I have lots of tricks to keep children interested. I get mum and dad involved in this too - tickling and being silly - it should be fun for everyone (this works on studio shoots too, so if you decide you'd prefer a studio shoot, that's also fine!).

I often get feedback at the end of a session that it's flown by and was much easier than expected. That's exactly how it should feel!

Little girl looks at log in a woodland photoFamily photoshoot Windsor Maidenhead & Ascot 3 3. "My shy child might take a while to get used to new people."

Every child is different. I understand that some can take a while to warm up and may be a little shy at first. I allow up to two hours for a photoshoot, which gives us plenty of time for them to get used to me and come out of their shell.

I'll find a topic their interested in (whether it's cars, dinosaurs, ballet or their favourite TV show) and we'll chat about it - no camera, just chatting on their level. It's rare that I can't tempt a little smile out of even the most timid child.

The 'split second rule' applies here too - I need a smile or eye contact for less than a second!

Sometimes families are surprised that we'll end the session with their children holding my hand and chatting away about their friends at school, when at the start they'd hidden behind mum or dad's legs.

Family jump in puddles during rainy maternity photo sessionFamily photoshoot Windsor Maidenhead & Ascot 7 Worst-case scenario, I don't necessarily need them to talk to me - as long as they're interacting with you and having fun, you'll get beautiful natural images.

4. "If we're taking photos outside, what if it rains?"

Ah, the great British weather. I'm an outside photographer in the UK, I'm used to being flexible. If it rains on the day you've booked, then we have three options: we watch the weather and aim for dry periods during the day; we move to another day; or if you're the outdoorsy type, we pull on some wellies and have some fun jumping in puddles.

Brother and sister giggle together during outdoor professional photoshootFamily photoshoot Windsor Maidenhead & Ascot 2 5. "I hate having my photo taken."

Me too! I'd rather be behind the camera than in front of it. I often describe myself as a photographer for people who hate having their photo taken - I know how it feels, so I aim to keep you as relaxed as possible.

If you feel awkward in front of the camera, then the same rules apply for you as for the kids - we go for a walk, we have some fun and mess around - there's no standing still and posing for ages. If there are particular things you don't like about yourself in photos, then please tell me, I have lots of tips for flattering poses!

6. "I need to lose weight."

So many mums tell me they're waiting to lose weight before having a photoshoot. For every week, month or year that you wait, your child is another week, month or year older. Don't wait until they're no longer small - make the memories now!

Family mess around during outdoor photo sessionFamily photoshoot Windsor Maidenhead & Ascot 6 Your kids, your friends and your family all love you for who you are - none of them think any less of you for carrying an extra stone or two.

The only person it matters to is you... and I understand: we want to look our best in photos. I have lots of posing tips that help flatter figures and help you look like the best version of you. I also provide clothing advice before a session and I'm more than happy to discuss what to wear to flatter.

And the best bit about family photos is that kids make great shields! We'll position them in front of you and they'll hide nearly everything but your face.

I hope this helps to put you at ease for your photoshoot. If you have any other concerns that I haven't addressed here, then please do add them in the comments, as I'd love to help more people feel happier having photos taken!

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Katie & Toby's Berystede wedding

Huge congratulations to Katie & Toby whose wedding I photographed at the Berystede on Saturday!!

Katie looked stunning as her four 'bridesmen' walked her down the aisle. Her beautiful blue gown was made by family, and she carried an amazing unique bouquet made by her mum - what talented relatives!

At our practice session they told me they are not fans of having their photos taken, so we kept their portraits relaxed and natural, with a focus on documentary photography throughout the day.

It was a fun day of celebration, topped off with a fabulous choreographed first dance. Their smiles throughout the day said it all, they clearly have a very happy future together.

Katie & Toby - thanks so much for choosing me to capture your day - I think you'll be really pleased with your images. I wish you all the very best!!

(Photography by Abi Moore | Baby, family, wedding & brand photographer | Windsor) Ascot photographer Ascot wedding photography Berystede wedding photos Oakley Court wedding photographer recommended photographer Berystede Ascot wedding photographer Berkshire Windsor wedding photographer Mon, 08 Apr 2019 20:22:02 GMT
Marrying in Central Windsor? Where To Go For Wedding Photos After Prince Harry and Meghan chose Windsor as their wedding location in 2018, the town is growing in popularity with brides and grooms. The royal couple have now settled on Windsor as their home, and I don’t think they could have made a better choice!

Windsor has been my adopted home town for 18 years and I absolutely love living here! As a wedding photographer living and working in the town, I know all the best spots and hidden locations for wedding photographs.

On the outskirts of Windsor, you have a choice of beautiful venues with gorgeous grounds - from Oakley Court and Monkey Island to the West, to Beaumont House and Runnymede in Old Windsor.

But what if you choose Central Windsor as your wedding location? Either at the Windsor Guildhall or one of the central hotels (Castle Hotel, Macdonald Windsor, or Sir Christopher Wren)?

In the past, I’ve spoken to wedding couples who are concerned at the lack of grounds at wedding venues in central Windsor. I don’t see it as an issue, rather I feel that the whole town is at your disposal and you have so many options for photos.

At your pre-wedding meeting we’ll discuss what you’re looking to get from your wedding photos: Do you want trees and greenery or are you happy with an urban background? Do you want to showcase Windsor’s history and feature the castle in your images? Maybe some idyllic summer images by the River Thames? Read on to find out how Windsor can provide you with all of these!

Wedding photos of couples on Windsor's Long WalkWindsor Wedding Photo Locations 1Where to go for wedding photography in Windsor The Long Walk
The go-to place for many wedding couples is The Long Walk. Even in the height of Summer it’s possible to find a quiet corner for photos - there are avenues of trees and lovely features with pillars and gates. It is necessary to apply for a permit for wedding photos on the Long Walk; I take care of the admin of this, and it's usually just a formality - the Crown Estate usually permit photos Mon-Sat (exc bank holidays) unless there are royal events taking place. There are also lots of other lovely options around Windsor...

Wedding photography by Windsor CastleWindsor Wedding Photo Locations 2Where to go for wedding photography in Windsor

Windsor Castle
There are plenty of different vantage points for the castle around town. The rustic castle walls make a fab background for photos, whilst there are a few archways directly accessible from public areas that can perfectly frame a photo.

If you don’t mind a few tourists in the background of your photos, then you can get a great shot of the Castle from Guildhall Island.

Wedding photographs by the River Thames in WindsorWindsor Wedding Photo Locations 5Where to go for wedding photography in Windsor

The River Thames
The river and the Windsor-Eton Bridge are great spots for photos - you’re unlikely to get a deserted bridge unless you marry on a Monday morning in winter (like the bottom left photo here), but on a busier day, the bridge gives the option of photographing with the river in the background, or the view from the promenade back towards you on the bridge.

Why not take a short boat ride on the river? I’ve seen the Fringilla and Dragonfly take many a wedding couple down the Thames. Perfect either as a treat for your guests or an opportunity to take a private moment for just the two of you, and of course another angle for photographs.

Wedding photography in Windsor town centreWindsor Wedding Photo Locations 3Where to go for wedding photography in Windsor

Take a stroll around town
All the locations I’m featuring in this blog are within a few hundred metres of each other, and you can easily take a stroll around the town stopping for photos on the way.

In the height of tourist season, I know secret nooks and streets that are likely to be quieter and even free of people. From rustic walls, to Windsor’s smallest public gardens, to busier areas where we can use camera techniques (if you stand very still!) to freeze you and blur the rushing passers-by.

Will my photos be full of people and tourists?
This is the question I’m asked most often when we discuss wedding photos in Windsor town centre. And my short answer is… maybe.

Before and after of wedding photos on Windsor's Long WalkWindsor Wedding Photo Locations 4Where to go for wedding photography in Windsor The long answer is It really depends on you and what you decide.

If you’d like a photo that gives the scale of the castle and isn’t the classic one at the top of the Long Walk (which will inevitably be watched over by dozens of tourists, even if they don’t appear in your image), then all the options are likely to have people in the background. However, I do have a clever angle of the round tower that manages to exclude tourists even on the busiest days!

If you’re happy to use castle features such as arches and walls, then I know the quiet places to go and can frame the image to ensure it’s just the two of you.

It’s the same with most popular locations around the town, there are creative ways of framing your photo to exclude the passers-by, or blurring them in some cases as mentioned above.

As a last resort, for some locations there’s always Photoshop - this before and after (right) shows a busy Long Walk on an August Saturday, and the resulting image after a bit of tweaking. This was quite simple on this image as there was a lot of grass in the image that I could use to copy to hide people, it’s not always as easily done.

At your pre-wedding meeting/call, we’ll go through all the options, discussing where you’d like to go for your photos, but be assured, Windsor is a fabulous town to marry in and there are plenty of opportunities for beautiful wedding images!


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These ladies mean business! - Commercial photography for small businesses "Do I need professional photos?"   "What will I wear?"   "I hate having my photo taken!"

Professional photo of nutritionist incorporating brand coloursProfessional headshot of Windsor nutritionist Josie WareingProfessional photo of nutritionist incorporating brand colours These are just some of the things that people say when we start discussing photography for their business. Whether it's a simple headshot or a portfolio of images to use on your website and social media, I will work with you to understand your business and what you'd like from your photos, as well as calm any fears you may have.

I don't want you to just take my word for it - I have worked with a number of businesses around Windsor and Berkshire, from those running their own home-based business to larger companies - and I have interviewed two recent clients to find out how taking professional photos felt for them.

Josie Wareing is a Nutritional Therapist whose business, Live to Thrive, offers personalised nutrition with an honest approach and an emphasis on education. And Michaela Spear runs Spear Reflexology, a small holistic treatments practice whose main focus is on foot and facial reflexology with additional treatments such as pregnancy massage, manual lymph drainage and abdominal sacral massage.

Spearreflexology 10Professional photo of local Windsor business SpearreflexologySpearreflexology professional commercial photographProfessional photo of local Windsor business Spearreflexology I find it really inspirational to work with businesses, seeing them going from strength-to-strength. There's a real passion in the businesses I work with! When I asked Josie what she enjoys most about running her own business, she told me "That I get to educate people in my passion for nutrition and make a real difference to their health outcomes."

Running your own business whilst challenging and demanding, is also very rewarding and flexible. It's the flexibility that Michaela really values: "I love the flexibility my business gives me around my children and life in general. I enjoy meeting new people all the time and making new connections."

Why use professional photography?

Your website and social media pages are your shop-front - it's often the first place people interact with your business. First impressions count and professional photos show that you mean business, are professional and give your potential clients confidence in you. The right images can assure your clients that you are friendly and approachable.

Local Windsor business Spearreflexology demonstrating facial reflexology in a professional photoProfessional photo of facial reflexologyLocal Windsor business Spearreflexology demonstrating facial reflexology in a professional photo I asked Michaela and Josie why they chose to have professional images taken for their business. Michaela explained "There are many therapists and other businesses in the area and I noticed they all tend to use similar pictures from the web. I wanted to capture essence of what I do, making sure that the pictures I use not only look nice but they represent the true image of my treatments."

Professional headshot of Live to Thrive a small business in Windsor Berkshire, incorporating brand values and coloursUnique and different headshot photography in Windsor BerkshireProfessional headshot of Live to Thrive a small business in Windsor Berkshire, incorporating brand values and colours Josie was rebranding and needed images she could use on her website and when featuring as a guest blogger on nutrition sites: "I rebranded my business and wanted some professional shots which incorporated food. I think professional shots stand out much more."

Another local business warns against downloading images you find on the internet, "I naively downloaded images that I found on Google relating to my area of business. I genuinely didn't realise that these images were copyrighted and that I shouldn't be using them. The company that owned the copyright found out I was using them and sent me an expensive bill for using them without permission."

Although you can purchase stock photography, it can often cost as much, if not more, than a dedicated photo session for your business. The added benefit of a shoot for your business is that it will be specifically planned around your brand and its values, and is unique photography that no one else will be using.

Where to start...

Unique headshot of Josie Wareing - nutritionist with Live to Thrive in Windsor BerkshireProfessional headshot photography for small Windsor businessesUnique headshot of Josie Wareing - nutritionist with Live to Thrive in Windsor Berkshire For any commercial booking, whether it's a headshot or a full portfolio of images, I will start with a consultation to plan the images you'd like for your business. For a headshot, this may be a quick discussion on the values you're hoping to convey (friendly, professional, smart, fun, quirky, etc) as well as background colours you'd like and what to wear.

When I worked with Josie, she was after slightly more than a standard headshot, wanting to incorporate food into her images. I had worked with Josie on her branding and logo, so we chose a setting and clothing that was neutral, then incorporated her brand colours through the colours of food involved.

Commercial photography for small businesses in Windsor Berkshire - massage therapy imageProfessional photos for massage therapist in Windsor BerkshireCommercial photography for small businesses in Windsor Berkshire - massage therapy image Michaela was looking for a unique portfolio of images that showcase the variety of treatments she offers, from facial reflexology to maternity massage. We discussed the look she wanted for them, keeping them bright, fresh and clean to suit her brand. The photos would be taken in her treatment room and I planned the lighting to give the right feel to them.

During your consultation we'll also discuss what to wear. Clothing advice depends on the look you're aiming for and the message you'd like to convey. For example, in Josie's case we kept clothing neutral to bring focus to the brand colours in the props, whereas in Michaela's case, we stuck to clothing she'd usually wear to give a treatment. For a more creative or quirky business, we might add colour to your clothing. In any case, I would advise you to dress how you would when meeting a new client - after all your website and social profile is often the first time they will see you.

I hate having my photo taken!

Professional photography will make a difference to your business - massage therapy business in Windsor BerkshirePregnancy massage therapist in Windsor - professional photographyProfessional photography will make a difference to your business - massage therapy business in Windsor Berkshire Let me tell you a secret - me too! - I'd much rather be behind the camera than in front of it. I always tell my clients this makes me the perfect photographer for people who hate having their photo taken as I know exactly how it feels! I'll help you relax and keep it natural. I'll also give you tips on how to pose to look your best.

I'm glad that both Michaela and Josie felt I put them at ease. Michaela said "The photo session was fun. I'm not someone who enjoys being in front of the camera and Abi understood this.", while Josie explained "It was a fun process and Abi made me feel totally at ease.  She gave clear direction which meant that we got some great shots in a really short space of time."

You don't even have to look at the camera if you don't want to! Your session will be tailored to you and your business and I'll ensure you feel comfortable throughout. A recent client, osteopath Juliet Hartis said "Thank you so much Abi! Wonderful pictures! I really appreciated the time you took on the day and how easy and comfortable you made it all."

So what are you waiting for?!

If you run a business, however big or small, professional photography can make a huge difference to your clients' first impression.

Reflexologist professional photographyProfessional photography of reflexology business in WindsorReflexologist professional photography Hopefully this has convinced you that it will be totally painless, but if you still have any doubts, I offer a free telephone consultation. I'm more than happy to chat through how images could help your business, along with what to wear and tips to help you relax in front of the camera.

You can find my headshot and commercial prices here and examples of my work here. If you'd like to arrange a free consultation or get booked in, then please contact me - I'd love to hear from you!

It's a real privilege for me to work with local businesses, plan the right imagery for them and see them grow. Josie & Michaela's businesses are going from strength-to-strength, so I asked them for their advice for anyone starting their own business. Josie said "Be authentic, set intentions and be true to your values."

Michaela's advice is to "Stick to your working schedule, plan a day off and try to use it to recharge your batteries. Running your own business is tough. Network and get to know other business owners in your area. It is always nice to collaborate or just have an occasional coffee together."

To find out more about Josie and Michaela, please visit:

Live to Thrive website

Spear Reflexology website

Live to Thrive on Instagram

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20 Children Photographed as Emojis... or How I became a 'Craftsman'! I have spent several days over the last year photographing children as their favourite emojis. It has been a fun and colourful project, but if you're wondering why and what led me to this, please read on below...

The Guild of Photographers is a professional association for individuals committed to the art of photography. As well as a being a registered member committed to their code of conduct, you can also have your work assessed to gain levels of qualification: Qualified, Craftsman and Master Craftsman.

I have been a registered member of the Guild since 2014, and Qualified in 2015. It's a big step from Qualified status to Craftsman. As the Guild explains:

"'To attain the level of 'Craftsman', we add an increasing level of professional critique to evaluate our members work. In other words we get increasingly 'fussy' and look in detail at all the elements of photographic understanding. Those that achieve this accolade have demonstrated the finest technical skills and an exceptional creative and artistic 'eye'."

In fact, only about 60 people hold the distinction of Craftsman. To qualify as a Craftsman, you must submit a panel of 20 images that tell a story, have impact and demonstrate excellent technical skills, as well as working well together as a set. Which leads me onto emojis...

Those of you who follow my work will know that my style is bright, colourful and emotive. I wanted to demonstrate this in my panel, particularly how I love to capture moments of emotion.

If you have pre-teen children, do you ever feel like they're living in a different world? They grow up with technology all around them, such a different childhood to the one that those of us in our late 30s and 40s will have experienced! Sometimes it feels like they're speaking a different language.

During my research I found that there are more than 2,600 official emoji, and on Facebook Messenger alone more than 5 billion emoji are sent each day. Of these, 900 million are sent without accompanying text - it is a universal visual language that transcends national barriers, but not always trascending age barriers!

Visually, I found emoji to be colourful and a great source of inspiration for the children's expressions - we discussed their favourite emojis (although many of them wanted to do the poo emoji, which didn't really fit the aesthetic of my project!) and had lots of fun making lots of faces.

Yesterday, I did the six-hour round trip up to the Guild HQ in Stoke-on-Trent to present my panel of twenty mounted prints, USB of digital images, photo album and three acrylic desk blocks. These were scrutinised by the judges, whilst I was a shaking mess of nerves, but I am delighted to say that I passed... and I am now a Craftsman of the Guild of Professional Photographers.

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2018: my award-winning year and why I might stop entering competitions...

With thanks to Samantha Jayne Photography for the image of me collecting my award.

The Photographers' Bar
This weekend, I have been away at The Guild of Photographer's annual awards dinner. I was delighted to be awarded the 'Photographer's Bar' in the Baby & Toddler category.

The Photographer's Bar is "awarded to photographers who have successfully had images assessed by the Guild over the course of a year, and have attained a score evidencing an exceptional level of professional skill and consistency".

Why do I enter awards?
I have always been competitive since I was a child (just ask my family who sometimes dread playing board games with me!). I don't see the awards as competing with other photographers, rather I'm competing with myself and trying to improve year-on-year; awards are one way of measuring this.

My goal in 2018 was to be awarded the Photographer's Bar and I am so happy to have achieved it. It was also my goal in 2017, and I missed out - being short by just one image. In fact, I achieved a higher number of award-winning images in 2017, but they were spread too broadly across different categories (as the Bar is awarded after achieving a certain number of award-winning images in a single category) - so in 2018, I decided to put all my effort into one category (babies and toddlers) and it worked!

Clients vs competition
Taking photographs for awards is quite a specific skill - every competition has its own rules and standards, and what scores well may be different in one competition from another. As you learn what scores well in a particular competition you can select images that are likely to fit those requirements.

The images you see awarded may not always be my (or my clients') favourite images, rather they are the ones that tick the technical boxes or requirements of that particular competition. For example, eye contact with the camera is one of the elements that often scores well in the Guild's competition, whereas my favourite images are often where kids are giggling and looking at mum and dad being silly.

I find the Guild competition can seek technical perfection, whereas I seek to capture real and natural moments - the two aren't always compatible. For example, a genuine moment of interaction between a family may not have perfect posing where all hands are in the 'technically correct' place; or a kid laughing uncontrollably may be slightly blurred, but it will be loved by the parents.

Sometimes it's possible to have everything - the technically perfect images, as well as the real moments and happy clients - but my clients come first, so I'll always prioritise keeping you happy and relaxed over refining an image for competition.

What the future holds
At the end of 2018, I said I would take a break from entering competitions, but after having a couple of months off (the Guild competition does not run in November or December), I felt refreshed and decided to enter in January. It's an emotional rollercoaster as you enter then wait three weeks for the judgement; it can be disappointing if an image doesn't perform as well as you might have hoped. As such, I haven't set myself any competition goals for 2019 and I may decide to take a break as the year progresses.

I'm keen to keep improving, however, and will soon be submitting a panel of work to be judged as a project for the next level of qualification by the Guild of Photographers - again this is a different kind of judging as it looks at whether you are showing a consistent style as a photographer, as well as how the panel works together as a set of images. Watch this space for more news soon!

Thank you!
Finally, I'd like to say thank you to all my clients and supporters. I mainly enter client images into competition (rather than shooting specific projects for awards) and I'm so glad that you trust me with photographing your families and capturing your story. I greatly appreciate that you agree to me sharing them so that I can enter them into competition. Thank you!

2018's award-winning images:

(Photography by Abi Moore | Baby, family, wedding & brand photographer | Windsor) award-winning baby photographer award-winning photographer baby photographer best photographer in Berkshire newborn photographer toddler photographer Windsor photographer Mon, 04 Feb 2019 18:10:26 GMT
Sarah & Ben's Windsor Guildhall and Sir Christopher Wren Hotel wedding

It was grey, it was gloomy, and a little bit damp... but there was love in the air and smiles everywhere! Sarah & Ben did not let the cold January day dampen their spirits on Saturday, even bringing along a rainbow umbrella to brighten things up when it got too damp.

The Windsor Guildhall is a magnificent venue, whatever the weather, and the Sir Christopher Wren Hotel offered cosy splendour for celebrating after they said 'I do'.

The day started with a slight hiccup when the groom nearly spotted the bride on her entrance to the Guildhall when he quickly popped down to the main hallway, but after a bridesmaid led him back upstairs with his eyes shut, all was well!

After the wedding we took a stroll through Windsor's historic streets with some photos at the foot of the Castle, on the Windsor-Eton bridge over the Thames, before finishing under the pillars at the Sir Christopher Wren Hotel.

Sarah & Ben - thank you for choosing me to capture the memories of your big day - I wish you all the very best for the future!


Ceremony venue: Windsor Guildhall

Reception venue: Sir Christopher Wren Hotel

Photography: Photography by Abi Moore

Bridal hair & make-up: Mandy Driver at Big Day Hair & Makeup

Dress: Windsor Bride

Flowers: Natalie at Luxe Flowers Eton

DJ: Brian Mole

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Thank you for a wonderful 2018! 2018 highlightsWindsor photographer - weddings, families, babies, toddlers & newborns Thank you to you all for making 2018 a fab year. I'm now out of the office for the festive period. I'm looking forward to capturing more memories and telling more of your stories in 2019!!

Video music credit:

(Photography by Abi Moore | Baby, family, wedding & brand photographer | Windsor) Family photographer Windsor fun family photography natural relaxed photography newborn photographer photographer Windsor wedding photographer Berkshire Fri, 21 Dec 2018 20:12:20 GMT
Paula & Dan's winter Windsor wedding
Paula & Dan married at the Windsor Guildhall last weekend on a slightly gloomy winter day. Embracing the winter vibe, Paula took the opportunity to wear a gorgeous fur-rimmed hooded cloak, and their guests enjoyed mulled wine at the reception across the road from the Guildhall at the Macdonald Windsor hotel.

The chilly day did not dampen spirits, their day was full of love and laughter. As Paula said in her speech, they share a sense of humour and their house is always full of laughter, which was definitely reflected throughout their day.

Their daughters were bridesmaids and also enjoyed a giggle - although, like most pre-teens, not so keen when mum and dad were kissing (which made for a fab fun photo)!

I'd like to wish Paula & Dan all the very best for the future - I can see you'll be truly happy together, with lots more laughter to come. Thanks for being such a fun couple to photograph!

(Photography by Abi Moore | Baby, family, wedding & brand photographer | Windsor) fun wedding photography Macdonald Windsor wedding natural relaxed wedding photography photographer Berkshire photographer Windsor wedding photographer Berkshire wedding photographer near me Windsor Guildhall winter wedding photography Tue, 04 Dec 2018 16:30:12 GMT
25 Photos That Show Family Portraits Through The Seasons Working outdoors year-round, you get to notice what each of the seasons has to offer and love the change that each brings. A client recently asked me when the best time of year is for outdoor photos; as each season has it's advantages, I thought I'd share what you can expect from your family photoshoot at different times of year. As I'm also often asked what to wear on a family photoshoot, I also share some colour palette recommendations for each season.


Seasonal outdoor family photoshoots - springtimeSeasonal outdoor family photoshoots - springtimeSpring outdoor natural light family photos in Windsor Great Park After a chilly winter, the warmer weather that spring brings is often when my outdoor photography year starts to get busy. At the beginning of the season (early March) you may find the trees can still be quite bare, but as time progresses, blossom and flowers will start to sprout and can make a beautiful background for your images.

Seasonal outdoor family photoshoots - spring bluebells, blossom and flowersSeasonal outdoor family photoshoots - spring bluebells, blossom and flowersBluebell photoshoots and blossom photos When the green shoots are just starting to show, or if there is a lot of white blossom on the trees, it is great to add colour through clothing - pastel colours can work very nicely alongside spring greens.

April is usually bluebell season - the timing of the bluebells varies each year depending on how warm or harsh a winter it has been, but I'd usually plan to book the last two weeks of April or first week of May for anyone wanting a photo session among the bluebells.

As May progresses, other flowers will begin to bloom and there are some amazing spots around us that have beautiful flowering foliage including Windsor Great Park and Langley Park.

Where we are using a flowered area as the backdrop for your photos, I'd recommend pale pastels or neutrals and blues which can work well alongside the colours of the flowers.

Weather can be unpredictable during spring (remember this year we had snow twice in March!), but rain showers tend not to be long-lasting so I find most sessions usually go ahead or it is possible to move them by an hour or two to avoid any forecasted rain. Layers are really important so that you can add or remove clothes should the weather be changeable - it can also add another colour dimension into your session if you want to try a variety of looks!


Seasonal outdoor family photoshoots - summer sunshineSeasonal outdoor family photoshoots - summer sunshineSummer photoshoots outdoors with kids and families As the weather warms up, the days get longer and the sun gets higher in the sky. This can make for slightly more challenging conditions for photographing as a bright sun can cause harsh shadows and may make us squint - not a great look for your photos. To avoid this, I tend to schedule summer photoshoots for early (9am) or late (5pm) in the day, and will always ensure our location has a good amount of shade.

Seasonal outdoor family photoshoots - summer warm photosSeasonal outdoor family photoshoots - summer warm photosWarm summer days for photoshoots with your family The advantage is that the weather is usually (not always!) warmer, drier and a bit more predictable. Also, when photos are taken in the shade it can be a really flattering light. Earlier in the season there will be a lot of bright green around, particularly from grass. This is another reason for seeking shade as bright sunshine will reflect off the grass, giving us a green hint to our skin (and who wants to look like the Hulk in their family portraits?!).

To work with the bright green, I suggest bold and bright colours - primary colours of reds, blues and yellows or bold pinks all combine well.

If you're not a bold colour kind of family, then neutrals can also work well with the greens. As we move further into July and August, particularly if we've had a warm summer, the grass can also start to dry out and will become more neutral and straw-coloured - so I find it's best to work with this, wearing neutrals or pale blues and greys.

If the day we photograph on is particularly warm, please bring plenty of water to avoid dehydration - thirsty overheated kids will not make happy models. We'll aim to keep to the shade as much as possible, but it's also worth popping on some sunscreen - please apply this at least an hour before your session to avoid any white marks showing on skin in your photos.


Seasonal outdoor family photoshoots - Autumn coloursSeasonal outdoor family photoshoots - Autumn coloursWarm Autumn days - fun with kids There are benefits and disadvantages to an outdoor family photoshoot in autumn - the season brings warm rich colours as the leaves start to turn along with a soft golden light, Seasonal outdoor family photoshoots - golden autumn lightSeasonal outdoor family photoshoots - golden autumn lightGolden leaves, warm light and family fun in Autumn however, the weather can also become very unpredictable. Even on a dry day, the ground may be wet underfoot from rainfall on preceding days. Despite all this, I love the richness that autumn colours and light bring to photos!

Being an outdoor photographer requires flexibility - if rain threatens, we may move your session back or forward an hour, or we may have to postpone to a later date. Alternatively, I don't mind the rain and my equipment is all waterproof, so if you have kids that love splashing in puddles, it can make for lots of fun!

The colours in autumn are rich and bold, so clothing needs to work with this - yellows, reds, oranges all look great for a toned look to your images, whereas blues make for great contrast. If you prefer something less vibrant, then navy, neutrals, browns and burgundies are all good options.

Last year, I wrote a blog post all about autumn photoshoots, with lots of advice on what to wear which is worth reading if you're considering booking an autumn photoshoot for your family.

Similar to Spring, as the weather can be changeable, bring layers in case it gets warmer or colder; and even a change of clothes if your kids are the type to fall in a muddy puddle.

The great thing about a photoshoot in autumn is that it's perfect timing for photos in time for Christmas, making fab gifts for grandparents and other family!


Seasonal outdoor family photoshoots - winterSeasonal outdoor family photoshoots - winterIs it possible to have an outdoor family photoshoot in winter? Yes! Last and, well, probably least, we come to winter. I do work outside all year round, and I usually have a handful of photo sessions outdoors from December to February. However, I would suggest that if you're considering an outdoor winter session then you need to be prepared for the following things:

1. Your kids must be the outdoorsy type; if they love to be outdoors in all weathers then they won't mind spending time outside for photos when it's a bit chilly.

2. It generally suits older children (approximately age 7 and up) who are usually better at dealing with the cold, but are also prepared and happy to have their photo taken, meaning the session can run a bit quicker and we can all get back indoors to the warm sooner.

3. You will need to be wrapped up in your photos - this can mean woolly hats and scarves (a great way of adding colour!) and coats - if you don't want to be wrapped up in your photos, then it's better to wait until the warmer seasons.

4. We will need to be flexible - there's a much higher chance of rain, so you'll need a flexible diary in case we need to move your session to a later date (or be happy to head outdoors in literally all weathers!).

With the shorter days in winter, we will be scheduling your session much nearer the middle of the day before it gets too dark - although the sun never really gets high enough to cause the problems we get with harsh sunlight in summer, so we can work anytime in daylight hours (although there are far fewer of them!). Colours in this season are often dictated by the colours that you have coats and warm accessories in, but dark colours such as dark green, navy and rich purples can all look great.

What are you waiting for?...

Hopefully that's given you a good idea of what to expect from all the seasons. If you have your heart set on rich autumn colours, a bluebell session or photos in the height of summer, then please contact me to book your family in. These can all be peak seasons and weekends can be booked out up to a month or more in advance. If you're still not sure what would suit your family, then please give me a call - I always love to chat and we can discuss what might work best for you.

(Photography by Abi Moore | Baby, family, wedding & brand photographer | Windsor) . kids photographer Windsor outdoor family photos outdoor natural light portraits photographer Windsor Great Park relaxed and natural family photos what to wear on your family photoshoot Windsor photographer Tue, 16 Oct 2018 14:25:30 GMT
Vicky & Russell's Compleat Angler Marlow wedding
It was such a pleasure to photograph Vicky & Russell's wedding on Saturday. Starting with an emotional ceremony with lots of tears - Vicky was so overcome with emotion to be marrying her soulmate that she had to whisper her vows at one point, their day continued with lots of giggles throughout. As their guests gathered on the Compleat Angler's lawn overlooking the Thames, the happy couple went for a private boat ride to be greeted by a shower of confetti on their return (I love a wedding with lots of confetti!).

Vicky & Russell - I'd like to wish you both very many congratulations - I know you'll have a very happy life together full of lots of love and laughter!

It was lovely to work with the following wedding team:

Venue - Macdonal Compleat Angler

Ceremony & reception dressing - Seventh Heaven Events

Bouquets & buttonholes - Foxglove Studios Marlow

Bride & bridesmaid's hair - Julia Slyfield-Brown

Second photographer - Fiona Norman Photography

(Photography by Abi Moore | Baby, family, wedding & brand photographer | Windsor) Compleat Angler wedding photographer Compleat Angler wedding photography documentary wedding photography emotive photography fun wedding photography Marlow wedding venues natural wedding photography photographer Marlow photographer Windsor photography that captures emotions relaxed wedding photography River Thames wedding boat ride wedding photographer Berkshire wedding photography Marlow Tue, 11 Sep 2018 13:30:15 GMT
Gemma's story: "I love my scars because they've saved my life!" Last year, I started a personal photography project taking portraits of women that I find inspirational; women with a story to tell, that have set themselves a goal and achieved it or who have faced challenges and beaten them. A few months ago, I saw Gemma posting in a facebook group we both belong to for women in business, saying she'd like to share her story including pictures of her mastectomy scars to help inform women who may find themselves in a similar situation. She said "i love my scars because they've saved my life!" and I decided this was a lady I'd love to meet and photograph, so got in contact to discuss taking professional portraits so she could share her story and scars.

It was such a pleasure to meet her and hear her story, and we really enjoyed the photo session - I think we were both a little nervous to start with, neither of us having done something like this before, but it was very relaxed and natural. These are her images; read on below to hear her story...
"I was diagnosed with breast cancer in April 2013, a week after my 44th birthday. It was a funny thing, because I really wasn’t surprised. My doctor and I were convinced it was just a cyst in my left breast but after a mammogram the diagnosis was confirmed. Over the years I have come to think of it, in lots of ways, as a blessing. Although some of you, if not all, will probably think I’m nuts for thinking this way about a cancer diagnosis, I’m hoping you’ll understand as it has, after all, brought me closer to my family, led me to build a new business and experience lots of new friendships!

The diagnosis was, however, a crushing blow. I had three children and a husband and I really wasn’t ready to leave any of them! After three operations (I’m a good bleeder!) and a month of radiotherapy, everything seemed to be ok and the following year’s mammogram was good. Life went back to a normal pace and nothing really changed although looking back I think I spent a lot of that year thinking about not dying rather than actually living. However, my next mammogram wasn’t so good and I knew right away that the cancer had come back. I also knew that I would have to have a mastectomy as you can’t have radiotherapy in the same area twice. I decided then and there not to have reconstruction. I was told I didn’t have enough body fat to make my own new breast and would need an implant and pig skin to make one, a choice I wasn’t willing to make.

My consultant at the time really tried to convince me that a reconstruction was the way to go but it just didn’t sit right with me. I was given a couple of leaflets with hand drawn pictures of a mastectomy scar. I am a firm believer that all women who are going through this should make the decision based on what’s important to them and gather whatever information they can but I couldn’t find anything real, and didn’t have the time to really find out what a proper scar was going to look like. So, knowing I didn’t want to put myself through a longer than necessary operation I chose to not have reconstruction.

When I woke up from my operation I had drains coming out of me, which was a little bit strange to say the least! Unfortunately, I had a bleed again and ended up in emergency surgery at midnight. When I next woke up I was trussed up like a chicken so it was about 10 days before I even had a vague glimpse of my scar. I’ll admit I was extremely apprehensive about the first look, but my husband and I sat on the bed and looked together. And guess what?  It actually wasn’t that bad, yes, a bit red and sore but I knew that would calm down. After a while I tried wearing a prosthetic but they are hot and heavy, so then I tried a ‘knitted knocker’, which was far more comfortable but in the end I decided I just couldn’t be bothered and spent the next 18 months lopsided.

In early 2017, against the wishes of my consultant, I had a second mastectomy because I just felt as long as my breast was there I would worry about the potential risk, and of course I wanted to be even!  I am so glad I chose to do this as they actually found cancer in the breast after it had been removed. Again, I woke up with drains but I knew what to expect this time. However, my second scar is totally different to my first and will never be as neat and tidy. The keloid scar is very often uncomfortable and sore and much more red that the other side but I am still absolutely happy that I made the right choice.

Going forward, I would like women to feel confident enough to make their own choices, to have access to more information and pictures and quickly. It is the least you can give yourself when you are going through a disease that will change your body. So, my choice is to be me, a flat chested me, who enjoys every minute of every day, proudly walks around the house showing my battle wounds, and has now done this amazing photo shoot with Abi, in the hope that women can be more informed than I was about just what a mastectomy scar looks like.

I just want everyone to be happy in their own skin."

Thank you so much, Gemma, for sharing your story with me. I hope this helps to inform women to make their own choice if they find themselves in a similar situation.

For more information please contact [email protected] or visit Ways Gone By - Gemma's natural skincare business that she set up since her diagnosis. Having been lucky enough to try some of her products I can highly recommend them - all nautral, smell gorgeous and leave my skin super soft.

More information on checking your breasts can be found at Breast Cancer Care.

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Charlotte & Nick's fun festival-style wedding at Wasing Park

When I first met Charlotte and Nick, and they described their wedding as "laid-back, festival-style, silly and fun", I knew we were going to get along. Nothing too posed or serious, just lots of giggles! The sun shone over the gardens as the party continued until sunset, with kids (big and small alike!) bouncing away on the space hoppers and bouncy castle. Charlotte, Nick and their guests seemed to love every minute, and I did too - such a fun day!

Charlotte looked stunning in her layered dresses - with lace for the day and working the layers to transition to a 1920s-inspired look for the evening. The evening also brought a sizeable dose of sparkles and glitter for all the guests! Wasing Park was an amazing backdrop for their big day, made to look even more fabulous by Seventh Heaven.

Here's a little preview - it was so hard to pick these as there were so many emotional or silly moments, but I hope this gives a flavour of the day. Charlotte & Nick - thank you so much for choosing me to capture your big day for you - it was an absolute pleasure! I hope you love these - there will be loads more to come!!

The amazing wedding team that came together for this big day included...

Venue: Wasing Park

Catering & event management: Galloping Gourmet

Venue decor and flowers: Seventh Heaven

Cake: Dovey Cake Design

Bridal hair & makeup and festival glitter: Jo Stringer Bridal & Occasions

Bridesmaids hair: Emma Jane Walsh

Videographer: Nick May

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My top five outdoor spaces for family days out! Dinton pastures, Cliveden, Windsor Great ParkOutdoor family snapshotsKids climbing trees, playing in parks Summer holidays: Six weeks of family bliss and quality time with the kids? Or stressed parents pulling their hair out at how to fill 40+ days without spending a fortune on days out?

I love the summer!! I’m not denying that it’s a juggle running a business whilst having the kids at home, and we’re definitely far from perfect (my kids were already tearing chunks out of each other this morning and they’ve still got a day of school left!), but I love getting to spend time with my little people and have days out exploring.

As an outdoor photographer, I’m fortunate that I get to enjoy the open spaces that we have around us. In Windsor, we are spoiled for choice with amazing countryside and woodlands on our doorstep - within half an hour’s drive in every direction, you’ll find some amazing days out. So, I’m sharing my top five outdoor spaces around Windsor and Berkshire. Most of these are free, with only a charge for parking, so pack a picnic, enjoy the sunshine and get outside!

5. Runnymede Pleasure Grounds

Runnymede Pleasure Grounds is less than ten minutes drive from central Windsor and offers plenty to keep the kids entertained. There’s a large open space which is great for ball games, a play park and a shallow paddling pool which is fantastic for keeping cool on hot summer days.

Top tips: Don't forget to pack swimwear and towels for the kids to have a splash in the paddling pool. Take a picnic, frisbee and balls for hours of fun. There is also a cafe and a small amusements park with bouncy castles, etc.

4. Cliveden

Cliveden, on the outskirts of Maidenhead, is one of my favourite places nearby. I've only put it a number four, as I was aiming for a list of free days out and there is an entry charge - although if you're a National Trust member, entry is included in membership.

ClivedenClivedenCliveden is a fantastic wedding venue as well as a perfect place to visit for a family day out There's so much to do here! Take a walk in the woodlands and hunt out 'Clive's Den' - a wooden den made from fallen branches with a table and chairs carved from fallen trees. Climb down the steps from the woodlands for access to the river (our favourite place to picnic when we visit) and take a boat ride along the Thames (tickets are available from the Information Centre). From the river you can climb the nearly 200 steps up to the stunning parterre - the ornamental gardens that lead up to the main house (also a fantastic wedding venue that I've been lucky enough to photograph weddings at!). Finish off with a visit to the maze, Japanese gardens and Storybook Play area.

Top tips: The Storybook Play area is fantastic for toddlers as it is a safe place away from traffic. There is open water in the Japanese Garden and by the Thames so keep an eye on little ones. The National Trust recommend children 11 and under are accompanied by adults in the maze (we've had a tearful 8-year-old on our hands before when he thought he knew better than Mum & Dad!).

3. Dinton Pastures

One of the more further afield places I'm recommending is Dinton Pastures - a 25-minute drive from Windsor, located between Reading and Wokingham, but totally worth the drive!

My adventurer kids love this place! The play park includes loads of innovative equipment mostly made from wood, including 8-foot high tree 'stumps' with climbing grips on that the braver kids can try. There are swings, roundabouts, slides as well as plenty to climb and sand to play in.

If you don't mind spending a little, there's also boats for hire on the lake and a new Adventure Golf course has opened this summer.

Top tips: Don't just limit your visit to the play area, there are some fantastic walking trails around the lake (although plan your route as some of them are quite a long distance for little legs). There is a cafe if you don't have time to pack a picnic.

2. Swinley Forest

Swinley Forest, which will be known to many for the 'The Look Out Discovery Centre', is also a 25-minute drive from Windsor. The forest itself is owned by the Crown Estate and is great for walking, scooting or cycling.

Although the Discovery Centre charges for entry, the outdoor play park is free to use. This huge adventure playground with activities for infants up to pre-teens (including an accessible roundabout, slide and cradle swing) is a favourite with my two. There are plenty of picnic tables alongside the play park, and a cafe serving food and drinks. My kids also love the unofficial den building that goes on year-round next to the play park, with hundreds of fallen branches and logs available to build with.

There's also a Go Ape here if you have brave ones over a metre in height (although there is a charge for this).

Top tips: Although I'm focusing on outdoor days out, the Discovery Centre itself is a great science museum if you get a rainy day and need to keep the kids entertained. Go early as parking is limited and it does get busy in the summer!

1. Windsor Great Park

In at number one, as it's right on our doorstep and the only location that is completely free as you don't even need to pay for parking (free parking at the car park on St Leonard's Road by Windsor FC, or the car parks along Sheet Street Road). I love Windsor Great Park - it's a great location for family photo shoots as well as days out to keep the kids entertained. There are fallen tree trunks and meadows to explore; views of the castle from the Long Walk, and you may be lucky enough spot some deer in the deer park. We also love a bit of blackberry picking in the Great Park in the summer.

There are plenty of walks and cycle routes for older ones that don't mind a bit of distance. If you pick the right day, you might even spot a Polo game at Guard's Polo Club. There is also a lovely little playpark and great cafe at Savill Garden (parking charges apply in this car park).

Top tips: There are no toilets in certain areas of the Great Park - if you think you might need facilities you're better off at Savill Garden or Virginia Water (although parking charges applly at both of these). Park at Bishop's Gate (search Google maps for Bishopsgate Road) and have a fab lunch at The Fox and Hounds before or after your walk.


With my biggest starting middle school in September, I’m reminded that they’re growing up fast! It was pointed out recently that we only have 18 summers with our children, so in a bid to cherish every moment, my aim is to embrace the craziness that summer brings and enjoy the time whilst they’re still little. I hope you can too and if you see me out with the kids when you're visiting these places (or on a photoshoot, as I use some of these places regularly) - please say hello to us!

I realise I've missed a few other gems, such as Black Park, Langley Park and Lock's Ride - maybe I need to pull a top ten list together at some time! If you know any fab outdoor locations, please add them in the comments below. Have a great summer!

family outdoor photo session previewfamily outdoor photo session previewfamily photoshoots outdoors in natural light on location in and around Windsor Great Park

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Natural and relaxed wedding photography - Georgia & Ryan's big day

There was barely a dry eye in the room when Georgia walked down the aisle to wed Ryan on Friday in the Tithe Barn at the Mercure at the Foot of Box Hill. These childhood sweethearts were evidently very in love and their families so happy to see them marry. Even their little dog, Mya, wasn't left out of the action and joined the couple during the evening to celebrate with them. They couldn't have asked for a more beautiful day (althought I think a cooler temperature might have suited everyone). Congratulations Georgia & Ryan - wishing you all the very best for the future!

(Photography by Abi Moore | Baby, family, wedding & brand photographer | Windsor) chilled out wedding photography documentary wedding photography dogs at weddings natural wedding photography relaxed wedding photography surrey wedding photographer Windsor wedding photographer Mon, 09 Jul 2018 19:27:43 GMT
Laura & Cameron's Oakley Court wedding {Windsor photographer} Wishing huge congratulations to Laura & Cameron who married at St Edward's RC Church Windsor, followed by a celebration at the stunning Oakley Court Hotel. So much thought had clearly gone into their day, with every little detail planned perfectly - I have never known a more calm or punctual bride! The gorgeous couple could not stop their smiles beaming all day - so clearly very happy together and very much in love. It was an absolute pleasure to photograph your day for you. Wishing you all the very best for a very happy life together!

Wedding venue: St Edward's RC Church
Reception venue: Oakley Court Windsor
Dress: Diane LeGrand from Sophie Grace Bridal
Shoes: Christian LeBoutin
Flowers: Seventh Heaven
Reception lighting: The Light Touch
Wedding cars: Classic Wedding Cars
Boat: The Fringilla from Private Boat Hire
Bride hair & make-up: Victoria Fraser-Gadd
Bridesmaid's hair: Faye Carter
Wedding cake: Truly Scrumptious Cakes

(Photography by Abi Moore | Baby, family, wedding & brand photographer | Windsor) Ascot wedding photographer best wedding photos Windsor Christian LeBoutin wedding shoes Maidenhead wedding photographer Oakley Court wedding Oakley Court wedding photos photographer Windsor River Thames Windsor wedding boat trip Seventh Heaven wedding photos Truly Scrumptions cakes wedding photos wedding photographer near Windsor wedding venues near Windsor Windsor wedding photographer Windsor wedding photography Windsor wedding venues Mon, 25 Jun 2018 19:05:12 GMT
Emma & Scott's Beaumont House wedding {windsor photographer}

Wishing Emma & Scott huge congratulations following their wedding on Sunday at Beaumont House in Old Windsor. When we first met, they told me they wanted relaxed photos and to feel natural in front of the camera, which sounded perfect to me as it's exactly the approach I take when photographing a wedding day. It was also important to have a photographer that knew how to photograph kids, as their two children, and niece & nephews were a very important part of their family-oriented celebration, so my duck noises and Paw Patrol knowledge came into play!

Emma looked absolutely stunning in a Maggie Sottero gown paired with Rachel Simpson shoes (and Scott and the kids looked pretty amazing too!). It's the first wedding I've photographed at the Beaumont Estate since it's been renovated, and it's looking great, with Seventh Heaven adding the cherry on top by decorating it perfectly (and I had major bouquet envy for Emma's pale peonies!).

Despite forecasts for thunder we were blessed with sunshine, and were able to use Beaumont's grounds for a relaxed wander and photos along the way.

Thanks for choosing me to photograph your day - wishing you and your family all the very best for the future!

(Photography by Abi Moore | Baby, family, wedding & brand photographer | Windsor) beaumont house windsor wedding photography kids at wedding maggie sottero wedding dress peony bouquet seventh heaven events wedding photography wedding photographer good with kids wedding photographs at beaumont house windsor windsor wedding photography Wed, 30 May 2018 18:31:22 GMT
Emily & Luke's Oakley Court wedding {photography Windsor}

I first met Emily & Luke four years ago when their daughter was a baby, and I photographed her along with her best friend (daughter of Emily's bridesmaid best friend), so I was delighted when they asked me to photograph their wedding. It was so lovely to see the girls now grown up, and to tell the story of Emily & Luke's big day.

They married at the lovely parish church in Old Windsor, then celebrated at one of my favourite Windsor venues, the Oakley Court Hotel. We were lucky that the weather stayed dry so we were able to take advantage of Oakley Court's beautiful riverside gardens.

It is such a privelege to capture the memories for a couple so obviously in love!

Thank you Emily & Luke for choosing me to photograph your wedding day. I wish you and your family all the very best for the future.

(Photography by Abi Moore | Baby, family, wedding & brand photographer | Windsor) children at weddings family wedding relaxed wedding photography river thames wedding photographs wedding photographer berkshire wedding photographer good with children wedding photographer oakley court wedding photographer windsor wedding photography oakley court Mon, 30 Apr 2018 20:56:52 GMT
Natasza's story - Planned Single Parenthood, Fertility & Miscarriage I am so proud to call Natasza my friend; she is an inspirational and strong woman. Here she tells her story of planned single parenthood and recurrent miscarriage. I am so very pleased for her to say it has a happy ending (spoiler alert: the slide show includes photos I took of her at 8 months pregnant and with her new baby boy). Read her story below...

What made you decide to start the journey of Planned Single Parenthood (I hope I've used the right term?)?
Planned single parenthood is the term I prefer to use to explain my situation, it’s often called single motherhood by choice but that makes it seem like I had a choice whether to be single or not. I didn’t choose to be single but I did choose to pursue parenthood regardless of my single status.
Coming from a large, close family I always knew I wanted a big, loud and loving family of my own. I had a few long term relationships when I was in my teens and twenties but I wasn’t thinking about having children then, I thought I had plenty of time.
I found myself single in my 30s and despite internet dating, speed dating and getting friends to set me up on blind dates I remained single. I did enjoy being part of a couple, I always thought I worked better as part of a team, but I had a great job and fantastic friends and social life and for a while I was quite happy with it just being me.
A few years down the line and I began to think about wanting to start a family but I still wasn’t meeting the right men and I started to jokingly talk about freezing my eggs!
One of my best friends then discovered she was going through premature ovarian failure, diagnosed after suffering a devastating miscarriage. Faced with the real possibility that my fertility was not guaranteed I started to worry about my own fertility and thought I’d seriously look into egg freezing. My research quickly highlighted the poor success rates when defrosting eggs and that frozen embryos fared much better.
At a similar time I discovered a colleague had just become pregnant as a single women using donor sperm. This was a lightbulb moment for me, I’d only heard of this being done in Hollywood films and didn’t think it was something ‘real’ women did. I met with her and found out all about the process and suddenly it seemed a real possibility.
I would have liked to have met a man to share the experience with but the thought of leaving it too late and missing my chance to have children was unbearable. I knew I could live without a partner but I couldn’t live my life without children. A partner could wait but my body clock might not.
I was 33 when I made the decision to pursue motherhood alone and I knew there and then this was the route for me. 

Can you tell me a little about your journey and the challenges you’ve faced along the way?
I’d met with my work colleague around Christmas-time and decided that I would spend the year thinking about it to make sure this was the right decision for me. But the more I thought about it the less I wanted to waste time and after discussing it with my close family and friends, and feeling their love and support behind me, I booked an appointment at the local fertility clinic for that Spring, I was 34.
After a few simple tests and a consultation to determine my baseline fertility I agreed to try IUI (intrauterine insemination) with donor sperm and I decided to begin treatment that Winter.
I picked out a sperm donor from a sperm bank in Denmark, assessing each candidate available with a group of girlfriends as if I was picking a potential life partner. This was a big decision for me, this would have a major impact on any child I conceived. Not only did I want the best genes for my child but I wanted to make sure that I’d be proud to show the details to any future children. It was important to me that the my child would know as much as possible about where they came from.
Having treatment in the UK meant I had to use an open donor. This means that although the donor is anonymous at the time of treatment once a child turns 18 they can request further details of their donor and contact them if they wish. This was important to me as I wanted my child to have as much information about where they came from as they wanted to know.
Th IUI process is fairly simple, I’d have a number of internal scans in the first half of my cycle to determine the best time to undertake the insemination. When my follicles were at the right size and ready to release an egg the nurses would insert a catheter through my cervix and inject the donor sperm straight into my uterus in a process similar to having a smear test.
I would then be able to carry on as normal (well as normally as is possible when a new life might be growing inside me and my whole life could be determined over the next few weeks). Two weeks after the IUI I’m advised to take a pregnancy test.
I had my first cycle in December 2013, 6 weeks before my 35th birthday. (
For women aged under 35, about 14% of IUI cycles result in a pregnancy
Women aged 35 to 37 get pregnant in around 12% of cycles. The success rate for women aged 38-39 is 10%. Source: HEFA website).
I couldn’t wait the full two weeks and took a test just 11 days later and was incredibly lucky to find that the first cycle had worked. I was pregnant and spent the next 3 weeks in utter bliss, imagining how my belly would grow, thinking about baby names and what they might be like, would they look more like me or the donor?
I went anxiously and excitedly to the clinic for my 7 week scan only to be told the most devastating words I’d ever heard, "sorry there’s no heartbeat". My baby had died just days before the scan but my body hadn’t realised. I waited a week, over my birthday, for a repeat scan to confirm and then had medical management as my body didn’t want to miscarry. I gave birth at home on the 3rd February. (It is thought that 1 in 4 pregnancies end in miscarriage).
After some time off to grieve I tried again, the next two cycles resulted in positive pregnancy tests on the same day as I started bleeding, most people wouldn’t even realise they were pregnant this early but having treatment I knew (these are often call chemical pregnancies as they are only detected by the chemical changes on a pregnancy test and would’ve too small to be visible on a scan).
I had another 9 IUI cycles over the next 3 years and suffered another 3 miscarriages. One of them I got to see the beauty of their beating heart at the 7 week scan only to be devastated again when the 9 week scan showed their heart had stopped.
I had extra tests undertaken by my GP, my fertility clinic, the local hospital's recurrent miscarriage clinic and even the Tommy’s Recurrent Miscarriage Research Centre. Every test came back as normal, there was no explanation for my heartbreaking losses. (It is thought 1 in 100 women suffer recurrent miscarriages).
Telling friends and family who were very supportive and speaking to others who’d experienced similar losses really helped me manage my own grief. Channeling my feelings into creative ways of expressing myself such as writing and drawing also helped me process my feelings (you can see some of Natasza's writing and art in the slide show above).
It was hard to continue but even harder to stop. Knowing and loving those babies, even though I’d held them in my body for such a short time fuelled me to continue, but it was taking its toll. I’d spent most of the previous 4 years pregnant or preparing to be pregnant and had lost myself in the process. I took some time out and planned a holiday on my own to recharge.
I’m a very shy person until I feel comfortable with people and going abroad alone scared me but I knew if I’d survived what I had so far I could manage traveling alone! I went to Iceland and San Francisco before going to see family in LA. I came back refreshed and ready. I decided to try 3 more IUIs and then I’d reevaluate my options.
On the second go (IUI number 14) I saw the familiar two lines emerge on the pregnancy test, I held my breath through early scans and sobbed when I saw a heartbeat. The days went by slowly as I panicked over every twinge and panicked when I didn’t get any twinges! I got through the 7, 9, and 11 week early scans and could now see baby wriggling their little limbs. The 13 week official nhs scan came and I could make out a profile, a 16 week scan showed I was having a little boy and the 20 week scan showed all his vital organs were as they should be.
The weeks went by and I started to believe I might actually get to hold this little baby in my arms. I started to get a bump and feel the flutters of his movement inside me!
On a cold and wintery day in January, two weeks earlier than his due date (and just two weeks before I turned 39) baby boy was born and safely delivered into my arms.
He’s now 10 weeks old and every day I am filled with love and wonderment.
I still feel sad for the babies I didn’t get to hold but I feel lucky to have held them within me for the short time they were here and I feel privileged that I get to love them forever.
Ive bought baby boy many books but importantly I have 3 books written for little children that talk about fertility treatment and donor sperm in a way that’s easy for them to understand. I believe that if you talk to donor children about their beginnings from before they can even understand what you’re saying it’ll be normal for them and they’ll ask questions as they become ready rather than it be a sudden and new concept for them when they’re older.
Baby boy is surrounded by wonderful women but I’m also aware that baby boy doesn’t have a father and I don’t want him growing up without strong male role models, luckily he is surrounded by wonderful uncles and many of my male friends as well as an amazing grandfather.

Do you have any advice for anyone in the same position?
If you're thinking about your fertility (whether single or in a relationship), get to know your body. I had been on the contraceptive pill all my adult life, I had no idea what my cycle was actually like. I stopped the pill as soon as I had made the decision to begin IUI treatment and began to pay attention to my body, learning how long my cycles were and when I ovulated. This helped me realise I actually ovulate very late in my cycle.
Next make an appointment with a fertility clinic to undertake a fertility MOT. It might be worth discussing this with your GP first as they may be able to undertake some of the tests for you depending on your situation and medical history.
If you're hinking about becoming a single parent, talk to someone who has been through similar, if you can. There is a forum - Fertility Friends - that discusses all things fertility; this has a section for single parenthood and I found talking to others on here in similar situations invaluable in the beginning of my journey.
You’ll need a good support network, talk to your family and friends about your plans, you’ll need them whether your treatment is successful or not.
I also talked to friends who were single parents not through choice. Despite them describing how hard it could be they all said it was totally worth it.
If you're suffering the loss of a baby, talk to people (friends, family, local support groups or online forums). Take time to grieve, don’t rush it.
You’ll probably feel unpleasant and unwanted emotions such as jealousy and guilt; it’s ok, just accept those feelings as being part of the grieving process, they’re totally normal.
Understand that it’s OK to not be OK.
Be creative, this can be as simple as doing a jigsaw or an adult colouring book to painting or writing poetry. Go for a walk in nature (don’t underestimate how healing this is).
Engage with local support networks. I have begun working with an amazing local charity called Oscar’s Wish Foundation. They support families who have experienced the loss of a baby before, during or shortly after birth. Together we are improving local resources. I am channelling my love for my babies into something positive and this is helping me to honour their little lives.
Where can people go for support?
The Fertility Network UK has many great resources for anyone thinking about or experiencing fertility problems.
The Miscarriage Association is a fantastic organisation that helps those who’ve sadly lost a baby. Their private Facebook group was a life line during my many miscarriages.
Tommy’s funds research into miscarriage, stillbirth and premature birth, and provides pregnancy health information to parents.

Is there anything you’d change given what you’ve learned along the way?

If I’d done anything differently my baby boy wouldn’t be here now so I don’t have any regrets. But I have learned that it’s good to understand your own fertility, get to know your cycle and notice if things change.
How do you feel now your baby boy has arrived?
I feel incredibly lucky. There was no guarantee that I’d eventually have a healthy baby and I know many people who do keep trying and don’t ever get to hold their own baby in their arms. I am grateful every day and hug him just a little tighter every night.
I am currently working with Oscars Wish Foundation to improve the early pregnancy support that is available locally for those that sadly experience the loss of a baby. If you’ve found this article interesting, helpful or moving please consider donating to this project. Every penny counts and will make a difference to a local family.
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Nicola & Richard's relaxed barn wedding {photographer Berkshire & Surrey} Here's a little preview of Nicola and Richard's wedding photos from their relaxed and casual day. Read below to find out more...

I first met Nicola and Richard two years ago when Nicola was bridesmaid and I was photographer at her friend Sarah's wedding, so I was delighted when they called me last year and asked me to photograph their own big day.

It was a lovely relaxed and casual day with some amazing home-made touches by friends and family. Nicola's uncle drove her to the cermony in his vintage car. Nicola's Brownies (she is a Brown Owl of a Brownie Pack) had made her a paper bouquet. The amazing semi-naked cake was made by a very talented friend; and Nicola created the rustic jam-jar flower displays that adorned their tables in the gorgeous venue of the Riverhouse Barn in Walton.

With the rain we've experienced recently and Spring still feeling far away, we were pleasantly surprised with a beautiful sunny day (contrary to the forecast) and even blessed with a beautiful pink and purple sunset.

The wedding had been a long time coming - Nicola and Richard had been together twelve years when he proposed two years ago on the anniversary of their first meeting. The big day, again scheduled to mark the anniversary of when they met, was full of laughter, tears of joy and smiles and I was so happy to be a part of it.

Nicola & Richard - I wish you all the very best for the future! Thanks for choosing me to capture your wedding day memories - it was lovely to see you again!!

(Photography by Abi Moore | Baby, family, wedding & brand photographer | Windsor) beautiful first dance photos casual wedding photography family and friends hand-made wedding natural wedding photography relaxed wedding photography sunset wedding photography unposed wedding photographs wedding photographs walton wedding photographs weybridge windsor weddings Mon, 09 Apr 2018 17:37:06 GMT
Windsor Guildhall weddings - everything you need to know Are you planning a Windsor Guildhall wedding? Looking for inspiration for wedding venues in Windsor or Berkshire? As a Windsor wedding photographer, more than half the weddings I photographed last year were held at the Guildhall. I feel so lucky to have the Guildhall on my doorstep - it's such a stunning and historic venue. So I'd like to share with you all my tips for marrying at the Guildhall. Read on below...

To book your Windsor Guildhall wedding you need to contact RBWM (the Royal Borough of Windsor & Maidenhead). Bookings for the Guildhall can be made up to 12 months in advance of the ceremony (the RBWM registrars don’t take bookings further than 12 months and as you need to book the registrar before the venue, the Guildhall has to comply with the 12 month booking limit).

Ceremony bookings are for one hour from 10am with the last of the day at 5pm. You should contact the Registrar’s Office to complete the paperwork and confirm there will be a registrar available to conduct the ceremony. Their office number is 01628 796422 or you can email [email protected]

As you can see from the photos above, the Guildhall is a stunning venue - you can marry in grandeur watched over by paintings of royalty. The Windsor Guildhall are happy to arrange viewings of this stunning venue before or after you make your booking.

With such grand surroundings, do you need to be planning a grand wedding? Not necessarily! I have photographed weddings of all sizes at the Guildhall from four guests (including the bride & groom!), through small and intimate family ceremonies, to larger weddings with a hundred guests. The Chamber can seat a maximum of 100 people and is the Guildhall's largest room. The majority of couples I have photographed have chosen the Chamber as their ceremony room, even if they have only a small number of guests. Should you prefer a smaller room, the Ascot Room where Prince Charles married the Duchess of Cornwall, can seat 15 people and has beautiful stained glass windows along two of its walls.

The charges for a wedding ceremony depend on the day of the week, although if you live locally, it's worth remembering that RBWM residents receive a discount.

On the day, your guests should arrive 15 minutes before your ceremony. Most ceremonies last approximately 30 minutes, after which your guests will head out to the steps outside to greet you as newlyweds. Although confetti is not permitted inside the Guildhall, once the Guildhall's remarkable red doors are closed, they make a beautiful backdrop for confetti outside.

Windsor Guildhall wedding photography 05 - on a rainy dayWindsor Guildhall wedding photography 05 - on a rainy dayRainy day wedding photos under the Windsor Guildhalls famous pillars Should you be unlucky enough to have rain on your wedding day then, fortunately, the Guildhall has its covered area with its infamous pillars (there are a number of stories as to why the pillars stop a couple of inches short of the ceiling above them). Although this is a public thoroughfare and a little cosy with lots of guests, it is possible to arrange a few photos undercover away from the rain.

Once you've booked your ceremony date and venue, you'll be considering reception venues. We are fortunate that Windsor has a number of venues to suit all tastes and budgets.

Windsor Guildhall wedding photography 07 - view from The Castle HotelWindsor Guildhall wedding photography 07 - view from The Castle HotelView of the Windsor Guildhall from a suite in The Castle Hotel If convenience is important, then across the High Street from the Guildhall you are spoiled for choice with three amazing hotels - The Castle Hotel, The MacDonald Hotel Windsor and the Harte & Garter. The Castle Hotel even has suites that overlook the Guildhall doors so you can get ready with a glass of champagne whilst watching your guests arrive from afar.

Although none of these hotels have outside grounds, Windsor provides a number of photogenic locations. The Long Walk Windsor Guildhall wedding photography 06 - River Thames, Long Walk & castle photosWindsor Guildhall wedding photography 06 - River Thames, Long Walk & castle photosOptions for wedding photos around Windsor - the Long Walk, the Castle and the River Thames offers far-reaching views of Windsor Great Park as well as the Castle, and is just a five minute walk from the Guildhall. Permits are required for wedding photography on the Long Walk; whilst there is no cost and I sort this all for you, a permit will only be granted for weekday weddings and it's subject to no other events taking place on the Long Walk (also worth noting that groups are restricted to a maximum of ten people and confetti is not permitted).

The Guildhall Island itself with cobbled streets running down the side of the Castle is another attractive (and generally quieter) location for wedding photographs. Or five minutes from the Guildhall in the opposite direction is the River Thames which provides plenty of photo opportunities. You may even wish to consider a boat trip along the Thames for you and  your guests. Beside the Thames, The Christopher Wren Hotel has a lovely reception room and balcony overlooking the river.

Windsor Guildhall wedding photography 09 - Windsor carriagesWindsor Guildhall wedding photography 09 - Windsor carriagesTravel from the Windsor Guildhall in style - by Windsor Carriages or Christopher Cars For venues further afield, you may wish to consider the gothic Oakley Court Hotel with it's film history (the location for The Rocky Horror Picture Show amongst others) and gardens overlooking the Thames. Reached with a short 10-minute drive it's still pretty handy for the Guildhall - Christopher Cars can provide Classic and Vintage wedding cars to whisk you there. Alternatively, you may choose a Windsor Carriages ride along the Long Walk to a more relaxed and informal reception at the Fox & Hounds pub on the outskirts of Windsor Great Park.

Once you've booked your venues and transport, you'll want to book a photographer (I'd love to capture your day!), as well as considering flowers, cakes and hair and make-up. Below are a list of people I've worked with before and can highly recommend. Enjoy the planning - it's such an exciting time - and please get in contact if you've any questions about photographing your wedding at the Guildhall and around Windsor!

Reception Venues

The Castle Hotel

The MacDonald Hotel Windsor

Christopher Wren Hotel

Oakley Court Hotel

Fox & Hounds


Windsor Carriages

Christopher Cars

River boat hire

Event Decor & Floristry

Seventh Heaven


Luxe Flowers

Lisa Darban Floristry

Martin Crossley


Truly Scrumptious Cakes

Hair & Make-up

Rosie Scott

Big Day Hair and Makeup

Hair & Makeup by Jade Victoria


(Photography by Abi Moore | Baby, family, wedding & brand photographer | Windsor) christopher wren hotel wedding photography how to book a windsor guildhall wedding long walk wedding photography oakley court wedding photography planning a windsor guildhall wedding wedding photographers near windsor windsor castle wedding photography windsor great park wedding photography windsor guildhall windsor guildhall wedding photographs windsor river thames wedding photographs windsor wedding photography Tue, 27 Mar 2018 15:12:23 GMT
Ben & Mary's winter wedding at Windsor Guildhall & Oakley Court {wedding photography Windsor}

I start 2018 by wishing huge congratulations to Mary & Ben whose wedding on Saturday was my last of 2017. They said their vows at the wonderful Windsor Guildhall (where I've photographed eight out of my fifteen 2017 weddings!) and celebrated at the beautiful Oakley Court Hotel, another of my favourite Windsor wedding venues, and a perfect choice for a winter wedding with it's gothic interiors and open firelaces.

The bride looked absolutely stunning in Alexander McQueen, with the most amazing pair of Louboutins that looked like they had been made for the dress (I had major shoe envy!). It was a lovely intimate day, with close family and friends around them to celebrate. No Windsor wedding would be complete without a visit to the Long Walk for photographs by the Castle, before their vintage white Jaguar whisked them back to Oakley Court for a candlelit meal to celebrate.

What a great way to end the year! Mary & Ben, I wish you all the very best for a fantastic 2018 and a wonderful life together with your family - thanks for choosing me to capture the memories of your special day.


(Photography by Abi Moore | Baby, family, wedding & brand photographer | Windsor) family photographer windsor oakley court wedding photography wedding photographer berkshire windsor guildhall wedding photographer windsor guildhall wedding photography windsor photographer Mon, 01 Jan 2018 11:04:58 GMT
Planning a winter wedding {Windsor photographer} "If I booked a summer wedding, I knew I'd spend the whole time hoping for sunshine and worrying about rain. If I booked and planned for a winter wedding, I would expect it to be cold and bad weather, and if the sun shone, it would be a bonus". Wise words from one of my recent winter brides. Summer weddings can be beautiful - long days, sunshine, balmy warm breezes; but we can't always rely on the British summertime to provide that.

Booking a winter wedding has other benefits - marrying off peak can mean access to venues that are sometimes fully booked years in advance for summer dates, some may also offer off-peak rates; if you're a fan of Christmas, snow or frost, then you can make this a feature of your wedding; and who doesn't love open fires, candles and mulled wine?

As I prepare for photographing two winter weddings over the next two weekends, I thought I'd share some of my tips for planning a winter wedding. Read on below...

Images from a styled winter wedding photo shoot - more details below.


It will definitely be cold; it will most likely be grey; there may be rain, frost, ice or snow. Plan for bad weather and you won't be disappointed. With this in mind you may wish to consider the following:

  • When visiting and choosing venues evaluate their indoor space. You will spend most of the day inside so you want a beautiful backdrop as well as plenty of space so that your guests don't feel cramped. I've photographed winter weddings at the following local venues and all have been great: Royal Berkshire Hotel, Berystede Hotel, Oakley Court, Beaumont House and Stoke Place.
  • What will you wear? If you are spending all day inside a single (warm!) venue then a strapless dress may work well for you. However, if you need to travel between venues, plan what you will wear to keep you warm. If you've ever fancied a long white hooded cloak, then there will never be a better time!
  • If you need to travel between venues, consider the distance and whether bad weather might make travel more difficult - ensure you have contingency plans for your travel route in case of heavy rains, flooding or ice. Keeping your ceremony and reception all in one venue makes this one less thing to worry about.

Light (or lack of it!)

Other than the temperature, the other key difference with winter weddings is the lack of light. In the depths of mid-winter the sun will be setting at 4pm. If you'd like any photos in sunlight, then you'll need to consider the timings of your ceremony - planning your ceremony for midday or earlier afternoon ceremonies will give you time for photos before it gets dark.

Choosing a photographer

Ask your photographer if they've photographed a winter wedding before; photography is all about light and the reduced natural sunlight means they will need to consider other means for lighting your wedding images. I've photographed several winter weddings and have also specifically trained in lighting for winter weddings. I am skilled working with natural light (including window and electric lighting indoors) as well as flash and have a number of on-camera and off-camera options that I can choose from to bring to your wedding, depending on the kinds of images we're trying to achieve.

An experienced photographer will also understand how their equipment responds to the cold (e.g. avoiding fogged lenses and handling reduced battery life).

To go outdoors or not?

Once you've decided on your winter wedding and your venue, you'll be considering whether you wish to go outdoors for any of your photographs. As you can see in the slideshow above, bare winter branches and frost can make for some dramatic images. Ask yourself whether you're hardy enough to brave freezing temperatures to get some beautiful outdoor images? Will you be happy walking across potentially muddy ground in your wedding dress (this one seems to split brides down the middle - some say you're only wearing the dress for one day so just go for it, others are keen to keep the dress and shoes as pristine as possible)? If you have a beautiful backdrop and warm open fires inside, then you may prefer to stay there for your photos.

In any case, you may need to have a contingency in case of heavy rain (whether that's to stay inside, or have wellies and umbrellas ready and waiting!). My professional equipment is all weatherproof, so I'm happy to photograph in all weathers, depending on what you'd like to do. I also bring sheets for you to stand on for images whilst we arrange your dress, to keep it as protected as possible whilst it's on the ground.

If you'd like group photos, your guests may prefer to stay indoors. Is there a space in your venue that can accomodate group photographs. It's worth discussing with your photographer how you will arrange your group photos, and what's the maximum group size achievable in your indoor space.


One of the opportunities that a winter wedding affords you is to go all out with your theming. The images above were inspired by Disney's Frozen, aiming for the appearance of the hardened ice queen. Pinterest is an excellent resource for ideas (you can start by checking here which is the board we used to plan the above photoshoot), whether it's ice blue, snowflakes, a warm hygge-style theme, or Christmas-reds you're bound to have fun planning your theme.

For styling options you can add a little sparkle and glitter or could opt for warm fabrics such as velvet and faux fur. What accessories will you choose to keep you warm - from shrugs and capes to stylish winter footwear?

If you've booked a winter wedding date and looking for a photographer, or considering a winter wedding and would like to discuss your photography options, then please get in touch.

The images above were created with the following creative team:
Photography: Photography by Abi Moore
Organisation and styling: Little Star Events Wedding Fayres
Venue: Royal Berkshire Hotel
Dresses: Sophie Grace Bridal
Hair and make-up: Wedding Hair and Make-up by Natasha Wiggins
Cakes and macarons: Gifted Heart Cakes
Flowers and room decor: Seventh Heaven
Bouquet: Bows and Bouquets
Toastmaster: Nigel Worsfold
Luna the owl: CSR Falconry
Model: Jemimah Scott

(Photography by Abi Moore | Baby, family, wedding & brand photographer | Windsor) ascot wedding berkshire wedding photographer royal berkshire hotel wedding royal berkshire wedding photographs windsor guildhall wedding photographs windsor wedding photographer winter wedding photography winter wedding tips Fri, 22 Dec 2017 19:30:16 GMT
Victoria & Richard's Berystede wedding {photographer Ascot Berkshire}

I'd like to wish huge congratulations to Victoria & Richard after photographing their wedding on Saturday! I arrived at the Berystede early in the morning to Victoria being interviewed for her wedding video whilst her bridesmaids were having hair and make-up done amidst laughter and a few tears as Victoria told the story of Richard's proposal - including her asking him if he needed a Gaviscon after mistaking his nerves for indigestion! The laughter and tears continued throughout the day, with an emotional ceremony at All Saints Church in Binfield, then back to the Berystede for fun with their friends and family, including an oversized garden gnome in West Bromwich Albion kit and a magician performing some amazing tricks.

I wish you both the very best for a happy life together - many congrulations!

(Photography by Abi Moore | Baby, family, wedding & brand photographer | Windsor) berystede hotel weddings cliveden wedding photographer danesfield house wedding photographer maidenhead photographer natural wedding photographer relaxed wedding photography wedding photographer ascot wedding photographer binfield wedding photographer windsor wedding photography beaumont house windsor windsor guildhall wedding photography Tue, 07 Nov 2017 17:39:08 GMT
All about Autumn family photoshoots {photographer Windsor} Autumn is my favourite time of year - crunching through fallen leaves, bonfires, warm snuggly jumpers, hot chocolate in the warm after a crisp country walk, the promise of a festive season just around the corner. So it's no surprise that it's also my favourite time of year for photo sessions too - not least because of the autumn colours and the golden light we get.

For everything you need to know about a family photo session outdoors during Autumn, please read on...

Autumn kidsAutumn kidsOutdoor family photoshoot in Windsor Why go outdoors?

It's a good question - when I have a studio kit that I can bring to you - why would you go outdoors for a photoshoot? My style is relaxed, natural and all about having fun. Most kids I know are happiest when they're outdoors, breathing fresh air, with the space to run free. The light outside can also be awesome and at this time of year, I cannot get enough of the rich autumn colours. In short, the photos look great and it will be much more fun for the whole family!

What happens on an outdoor photo session?

We'll meet at our agreed outdoor location (more about that shortly) and we'll go for a walk. I'll start by chatting to the kids and getting to know them, putting them at ease in my company. Depending on their age and what they like, we might go hunting for bugs or fairies, we might be looking for trees to climb, or exploring in the woods (going on a bear hunt?).

It will take about an hour and a half. During our walk, I'll get natural photos of them playing as well as stopping every so often for some portraits together as a family. Whilst these are more composed, they shouldn't feel formal or posed - I encourage everyone to have fun, chatting together, telling jokes or tickling - it should feel (and therefore look) very relaxed and natural.

It will be fun - these are memories you'll be looking at for years to come, so it's important that they are genuine memories of a fun day out!

Where will we meet?

I have lots of great locations I use around Windsor, Maidenhead, Burnham, Ascot and Bracknell - we'll pick one that works for you and fits for your family (are you looking for a meadow where the kids can run free or do you have climbers that need trunks and fences they can climb on?!). I'm also looking for new locations around Marlow, Henley and Reading, so please let me know if you know of a hidden gem.

What should we do to prepare/ do we need to bring anything with us Autumn family photoshoot 3Autumn family photoshoot 3Fun and laughter on a family photoshoot - Photography by Abi Moore, Windsor, Maidenhead & Marlow ?

The main consideration is what to wear (so that gets its own question, up next!). We'll have a consultation on the phone before your shoot where we'll discuss what you're looking to get from your photos. It's great if you can tell me things about your kids: Are they Paw Patrol, Minecraft or Disney Princess fans? Are they wary of dogs (we'll pick a location where there are fewer dog walkers)? Is there anything specific that makes them laugh?

I'll also discuss what you're most looking forward to, or equally anything you're concerned about, as it's just as important that you feel relaxed and enjoy yourself. If there's anything you're less happy with when you see photos of yourself, then please tell me, as I have lots of tips for flattering ourselves in photos.

On the day, I recommend ensuring everyone has been well fed, visited the toilet and is dressed for the weather. Please bring drinks and snacks, as well as tissues or baby wipes, that way we're fully prepared for unexpected hunger pangs or runny noses.

What should we wear?

This is the big question I get asked - there's a quick answer and a longer one! The simple answer is you should all be comfortable, so don't wear clothes that you wouldn't normally - particularly if you're a casual kind of family (which most of my clients are), don't feel you have to dress up for your photo session.

There are a couple of guidelines that I recommend for everyone: The first is to keep it classic and simple with block colours, and avoid big pictures/ prints/ wording on clothing. Whilst your kid's favourite top may have their fave cartoon character emblazoned across it, it will draw your eye in photos, so ask yourself if you really want that hung on your wall (if the answer is yes, then go for it, I've never turned anyone away from a shoot for not following my clothing guidelines!). The second, particularly relevant in Autumn, is to layer clothes, so you can add or remove layers should running around make the kids hot, or if it suddenly gets a lot cooler.

The longer answer is all to do with colours. You may be content just following the above guidelines and throwing together your favourite outfits, and that's fine by me. But I'm also conscious that you're investing time and money in a photo session that you want to treasure forever, so you may wish to apply a little more thought to your clothing. The key for me is co-ordination rather than matching - gone are the days of all wearing the same colour and matching completely - it's a little bit cheesy. Co-ordination is all about picking a colour palette and choosing clothes from that palette that will work will together. Below are a few suggestions that work for Autumn, but if none of them feel like they fit well with your family, then we can discuss it on your phone consultation - I'm happy to put a bespoke palette together based around the colours in the room you'll be displaying your images, a particular item of clothing you'd like to wear, or your favourite colours.

Teaming neutrals with denim ensures a classic and timeless look for your images. clothing - denim & neutralsclothing - denim & neutrals

In the family image below, neutrals and denim have been combined with burgundy for a classic look that works well with autumn colours. clothing - autumn family session neutrals & burgundyclothing - autumn family session neutrals & burgundy

Try picking a colour and all wearing its different shades, teaming it with neutral greys or blacks. Here I've picked a quirky pumpkin-coloured scheme to work with the Autumn theme, but you don't have to be that bright... clothing - autumn orangesclothing - autumn oranges

...If orange is not your thing, then choose different shades of a colour that's more you. This is the same family from the image above, working layering by removing the neutral jackets to reveal various shades of blue. Blue is a perfect contrast with the rich reds and browns of Autumn. clothing - family photoshoot bluesclothing - family photoshoot blues

Nature's colours during autumn are rich and bold, so a rich and bold colour palette works well - try a contrasting palette of burgundy, navy and mustard yellow. clothing - bold autumn coloursclothing - bold autumn colours

Below you'll see a rare photo of me with my family (I'm usually the other side of the camera), taken by the fabulous Nina Mace Photography based in Camberley. I wanted to go for a bold colourful scheme for our family, but none of us suits yellow, so we opted for blues, burgundies and purples which work well together clothing - autumn family shoot boldsclothing - autumn family shoot bolds

What if it rains?

A bit of rain doesn't bother me, my equipment is all waterproof, so I'm quite happy if you'd like to go out and do some puddle jumping. If, however, you'd prefer a Rainy weather outdoor photoshootRainy weather outdoor photoshoot drier session, I'll be watching the forecast in the days before our session and if it looks like it might be rainy, we'll agree a contingency plan. Despite it feeling that we live in a rainy country, it's rare to have days where it rains non-stop. The photo of me with my family above was taken about 20 minutes after it stopped raining - we have a great one from the start of our shoot with the light glinting off the raindrops! We may agree to make a call an hour before the session and meet up if there's just a few showers. If it looks more torrential, then we can always postpone to later in the day or another date.

How do I book?

I was hoping you'd ask! You can see my prices here, then give me a call on 07968 620835 or drop me a message via the contact page to find out my availability and get booked in.

(Photography by Abi Moore | Baby, family, wedding & brand photographer | Windsor) family photographer windsor family portraits kids portraits photographer ascot photographer bracknell photographer henley photographer marlow photographer windsor Wed, 11 Oct 2017 14:01:55 GMT
Jess & Adam's Windsor Guildhall & Cliveden House Hotel wedding {photographer Berkshire}

I'd like to wish Jess & Adam huge congratulations after photographing their wedding on Friday. There was barely a dry eye in the room during their emotional ceremony, including from their youngest son who wanted cuddles from his mummy during the vows - although as Jess summed it up - "it was imperfectly perfect" and I couldn't agree more! And how handsome was their eldest son as ring-bearer (with both boys in suits to match their dads)?! We then headed off to Cliveden for their reception, with drinks on the terrace overlooking the parterre - such a stunning location for a wedding. Thanks for asking me to photograph your day for you - it was an honour and a pleasure - I wish you a very happy life together!

(Photography by Abi Moore | Baby, family, wedding & brand photographer | Windsor) berkshire wedding photographer cliveden house hotel wedding photographer danesfield house wedding photographer hedsor house wedding photographer maidenhead wedding photographer photographer windsor windsor guildhall wedding photography windsor wedding photographer Mon, 18 Sep 2017 08:30:50 GMT
The importance of wedding photo albums My wedding packages are all-inclusive of your digital images as well as a beautiful album to showcase your favourite memories from the day. Whilst the digital images give you a library of photographs to remember your day, without an album they will often remain forgotten hidden away on your hard drive. An album brings your day to life, telling the story of your day so that you can live the memories over and again. It's also a treasured heirloom for future generations - I love to look through the wedding albums of my parents and grandparents - picture your children and grandchildren looking through your book in years to come!

I offer three main albums in my wedding packages - the mini book, a small but elegant album for smaller weddings; the display book, which has an innovative magnetic acrylic cover to show your album off as a display piece; and the designer album, which is fully customisable to suit your day, your colour scheme and your individual preferences.

To give you a taster of the albums, I've videoed a couple of recent albums that I've designed. There is also a slide show below that gives you a taster of a few more. To view my wedding collections and pricing, please look here. Or please contact me for an album price list (the Designer Album is available as an upgrade to all wedding collections).

Display Album Display AlbumWedding photographer Windsor, Maidenhead & Marlow

Designer album Wedding photo album - DesignerAll inclusive wedding packages - Windsor, Berkshire wedding photography

A selection of recent album designs

(Photography by Abi Moore | Baby, family, wedding & brand photographer | Windsor) wedding photographer ascot wedding photographer berystede hotel wedding photographer henley wedding photographer lillibrooke manor wedding photographer maidenhead wedding photographer marlow wedding photographer royal berkshire hotel wedding photographer windsor wedding photographer windsor guildhall Sat, 26 Aug 2017 21:21:04 GMT
Jessë & James family-focused marquee wedding {photographer Windsor}

I've known Jessë & James a year or two now after photographing their little boy a few times since he was little, so I was delighted when they asked me to photograph their wedding. It was a long drive to Suffolk, but it was totally worth it for the beautiful setting with a marquee on Jessë's grandmother's farm. The farmhouse was built the same year Jessë was born so it was very meaningful family location for them. James and his dad were dressed in their family tartan, complete with a mini kilt for Jessë & James' little boy; whilst there was a blush pink and rose gold theme for the girls (and the amazing five-tier cake!). Thanks for choosing me to photograph your day - it was an absolute pleasure to see you all again and share your special day - wishing you all the very best for a happy future together!

(Photography by Abi Moore | Baby, family, wedding & brand photographer | Windsor) child photographer windsor family photographer windsor marquee wedding windsor natural relaxed wedding photography photographer windsor wedding photographer berkshire wedding photographer windsor windsor guildhall photographer Tue, 01 Aug 2017 21:11:46 GMT
Denise & David's rainy Windsor Guildhall & Danesfield House wedding {photographer Berkshire}
I'd like to wish Denise & David huge congratulations after photographing their wedding on Saturday. It was a very rainy day but that didn't dampen spirits of the happy couple. We found some lovely undercover locations at the Guildhall and at Danesfield House and even managed to pop outside between showers. It was a small ceremony with just a few very close family and friends in attendance, as Denise and David will marry in their native Malta next year. As the registrar said, despite the large room, the Guildhall always manages to feel cosy however few guests there are, and it was certainly full of love. It was a pleasure to photograph, having met Denise & David for engagement photos earlier this year. Wishing you a very happy life together and an amazing celebration in Malta next year!

(Photography by Abi Moore | Baby, family, wedding & brand photographer | Windsor) danesfield house wedding photographer danesfield house weddings photographer henley photographer maidenhead photographer marlow photographer windsor wedding photographer berkshire wedding photographer bisham abbey wedding photographer henley wedding photographer marlow wedding photography windsor windsor guildhall photographer Mon, 24 Jul 2017 06:44:12 GMT
Improving my newborn photography skills

"Learning is a journey, not a destination"

Longtime followers of my blog will know my views on training: I believe that there is always something else to learn and something new to experience. It's a reason why I love to share my training experiences here and shout about it - by training, I am improving my skills, which ultimately can only benefit my clients.

Every year, I set a training budget and a training plan, with priorities for what I'd like to learn during that year. Top of the list this year was a one-to-one newborn photography training workshop with the amazing Claire Elliott. As part of my ongoing quest for development, I have been mentored by Claire for the last three years, through my membership of The Guild of Photographers. It is her mentorship that has helped me to gain Qualified Status with the Guild, as well as win monthly awards with them.

I've specialised in photographing families since I started the business seven years ago, so why train specifically in newborns? Photographing newborn babies is quite different to photographing older babies, toddlers and children. As soon as little ones can move, they are pretty much in charge of the session - they decide how long they'll sit still for (if at all!) and where they're going. However, newborn babies need a certain amount of posing. I am keen to offer a comprehensive service for all families, whether you are expecting a baby, have a newborn or older children.

When posing and photographing newborns it's important to take care of their safety and wellbeing. Whilst I have been photographing newborns throughout my career, I was keen to advance my skills to be more confident in posing babies whilst ensuring their comfort. Claire, in my opinion, is one of the best in the business and had lots to share with me. As well as posing, we focused on lighting, wrapping babies for a more natural look, and tips for settling babies (some of which are amazing and as new parents you will be keen to learn to!).

The day started with some theory and the basics of setting up the equipment and lighting. We had a model in during the morning, which Claire talked me through in detail how to pose, light and photograph. In the afternoon, we were joined by a second model, and this time it was my turn to direct the session; posing, lighting and photographing the baby according to what I'd been taught that morning. Claire was on hand to supervise and answer any questions I had, as well as provide additional tips along the way.

In the slideshow above, you can see some of the images taken during our session. You can also see one of me in action settling on our the little models, and finally, I've shared an image taken in a newborn session since the training workshop - I was happy to be able to implement everything I'd learnt (all the settling tricks worked!) and provide my clients with some beautiful images. I'm looking forward to photographing lots more babies soon - if you'd like to book in for a newborn session, it is best to photograph your baby within their first two weeks, so please get in contact to book your session.

(Photography by Abi Moore | Baby, family, wedding & brand photographer | Windsor) ascot" baby photographer ascot baby photographer maidenhead baby photographer marlow baby photographer slough baby photographer windsor family photographer windsor marlow" newborn newborn photographer maidenhead newborn photographer slough newborn photographer windsor photographer photographer windsor Fri, 14 Jul 2017 12:24:02 GMT
Kate & Mickael's intimate yet international Windsor Guildhall wedding
It was an absolute pleasure to photograph the lovely Kate & Mickael's wedding at the Windsor Guildhall yesterday. As a very international couple, with roots in Ireland, France, Portugal and Australia, they chose Windsor for its closeness to Heathrow (as well as the amazing Guildhall and wonderful Windsor sights!), for their intimate ceremony attended by friends and relatives from all the afore-metioned places!

It was a first for me - and I believe for the Guildhall too - to have a wedding live broadcast over Skype to family around the world!

It was not the first wedding I've photographed on a Monday (although they are few-and-far-between), but is the first wedding I've photographed on a date chosen for it being the anniversary of groom's national team winning the European cup! Something that started in jest, but soon became not such a bad idea. And it couldn't have been nicer day for a quick tour of the sights of Windsor, followed by a private boat trip on the Fringilla down the river Thames before the reception at Christopher Wren.

Kate & Mickael, I hope you love the images; I know this blog post will be viewed by relatives across the world, and I hope it does your day justice. I can't wait to share the rest of the photos with you soon. In the meanwhile, I'd like to wish you both huge congratulations and all the best for a very happy life together. Thanks for choosing me to capture your special day!

(Photography by Abi Moore | Baby, family, wedding & brand photographer | Windsor) beamont house wedding photographer christopher wren hotel photographer oakley court wedding photographer photographer windsor private boat hire wedding photography windsor guildhall wedding photographer windsor wedding photographer Tue, 11 Jul 2017 15:37:43 GMT
Victoria & Matt's relaxed summer wedding {photographer Surrey} WIshing Victoria & Matt huge congratulations on their wedding on Saturday. It was an absolute pleasure to photograph their special day. The morning started with a little rain, but it disappeared and we were blessed with beautiful sunshine. It was a lovely family-focused day with lots of special touches made by friends and family - including the amazing naked cake that you can see in the photos above. Victoria & Matt both looked amazing, and their emerald colour scheme worked fantastically underneath the flourishing trees.

(Photography by Abi Moore | Baby, family, wedding & brand photographer | Windsor) Berkshire wedding photographer Maidenhead wedding photographer Windsor Guildhall Windsor wedding photographer natural wedding photography relaxed wedding photography Tue, 30 May 2017 20:17:55 GMT
A personal project: "She believed she could, so she did" - Sharon's story {photographer Windsor}
For a while now, I have been wanting to pursue a new personal photography project. I've been playing with a few ideas and this one has been bubbling up and starting to take form. A lot has happened to me personally in the last six months, some of it good, some of it not so good. It has given me a new perspective - you can't control what life throws at you, but you can control how it affects you and how you react to it. I have taken the decision to give my all to life, to enjoy it to the full, to try my best, to cherish moments with my family. I feel inspired by strong women, women who do the same - who make a decision to take control of their own destiny.

"She believed she could, so she did."

And so to Sharon... Around the time I came up with my idea, I had been watching my friend Sharon literally disappear before my eyes. She set herself a goal and she has achieved an amazing eight and a half stone weight loss. I felt that should be celebrated, and asked her if she'd agree to be photographed. Luckily for me, she said yes!

Here, Sharon shares her story:

"I’ve always been a larger person, all my life, apart from a couple of years as a child when I lived in Trinidad and swam every day.

When I was 37 I got married to Neil and we started trying for a baby. Due to my many, many fertility issues having a baby was not easy. I tried all sorts of things to get pregnant… reflexology, appointments with nutritional consultants, and finally fertility treatment.

One of my fertility issues is Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS). One of the side effects of this is weight gain; it’s also not easy to lose weight when you have PCOS. One of the many treatments my fertility consultant put me on was Metformin which helps to control your insulin levels and can help with conception. Unfortunately one of the side effects of this drug is nausea and vomiting. I am the Queen of Side Effects, so of course I had every single side effect going. The nausea was constant and it got to the point when I didn’t really want to eat and even just passing a supermarket made me retch. At this point Neil took on the cooking and the food shopping every week. He’d bring me the food and I would do my best to eat it. It wasn’t always healthy food because sometimes all I could manage was carbohydrates. The good news is I did eventually get pregnant and I had identical twin boys!

Once the boys were born Neil suggested he carried on with the cooking and I looked after the children. I wasn’t about to say no to that deal, but we fell into a trap of always eating the same kinds of foods and not necessarily enough fruit and veg. It’s also very easy as a new mum to meet up with friends and eat lots of cake, and in my case drink lots of hot chocolate! I kept on getting bigger and bigger. Then we decided to book a fabulous holiday to Canada for April 2017 to have adventures with our boys. I decided that I needed to lose weight to be able to do things with my children and not just to watch them having fun. So in October 2015 I joined Slimming World.

I’d tried dieting before, but it was really hard to lose weight and I would lose motivation very quickly. I’d never tried Slimming World before but I had heard good things about it from a couple of friends and had been very impressed with their weight loss, so I decided I had to give it a go. It is all about food optimising and making sure that at least a third of every meal you eat are speed foods. That is foods that fill you up but that are low in calorific value such as vegetables, fruit and salad. You can still eat carbs like pasta, potatoes and rice, lots of protein but limit your dairy and bread intake. You have 15 syns a day to spend on things you love, in my case that is chocolate. I found that this way of eating really suited me and I didn’t feel like I was depriving myself of anything as I could still eat my chocolate and have the odd treat now and again.

By Christmas, I had lost one and a half stone and was feeling fabulous. By my Mum’s 70th birthday in February 2016, I had lost three and a half stone and was determined to keep going. I rediscovered my love of cooking and now really enjoy planning what the whole family is going to eat each week. It’s also expanded the variety of food my boys eat as they had become very fussy eaters. That is no longer the case as they will now try anything!

In February 2017, I was trying very hard to lose 3 lb to hit my 8 stone award. Unfortunately, I was struck down with a very nasty case of gallstones which caused me to become very ill with pancreatitis. I spent a week in hospital and during that time managed to lose a whole stone which got me to my 8.5 stone target. So that cloud very definitely had a silver lining.

I’m just back from my holiday to Vancouver in Canada. I had an amazing time and did things I wouldn’t have been able to do this time two years ago. I’ve been sledging on Grouse Mountain, flown in a seaplane and also wore a medium survival suit to go whale watching in Tofino. The last time I went whale watching in Tofino 17 years ago not even the XXL survival suit fitted me and I had to go in a covered boat… Although I wish I’d gone in a covered boat this trip too - it was freezing and very, very wet and rough!"

I would like to feature more inspirational women in my project - I am aiming to photograph four to five women this year. It may be in a studio setting like Sharon's photoshoot or it may be on location linked to your story. If you would like to nominate someone (or yourself!), then please contact me and share your story!

(Photography by Abi Moore | Baby, family, wedding & brand photographer | Windsor) Family photographer Windsor Family portraits headshot photographer inspirational women linked in profile picture personal project photographer Berkshire photographer Windsor portrait photographer storytelling photography triumph in the face of adversity Tue, 02 May 2017 19:03:48 GMT
Top tips for involving children in weddings {photographer Windsor} Windsor Wedding & Children's Photographer 2Windsor Wedding & Children's Photographer 2Wedding photography Berystede hotel As your wedding day approaches and you're planning all the finer details, your thoughts may turn to the little people attending. The majority of weddings I've photographed recently have involved children as a key part - whether as children of the bride and groom, or important friends and family as little bridesmaids and page boys. From my experience as a wedding photographer and a family photographer, I'm sharing my top tips on how to involve kids in your wedding, how to entertain them and keep them happy!

It's a big day for them too - don't expect too much

Weddings are a hectic time, gathering lots of people together, some who haven't seen each other for years. Emotions are running high and there's lots going on. It's understandable that this will affect children in different ways. Some will thrive on the attention, some will love the party atmosphere and will throw themselves into the fun, whilst others may find it a little daunting and become a little shy.

It's important not to expect too much from little ones, particularly those that are still toddlers or quite young. If it's mum and/or dad that are getting married, then it is likely to be an emotional day for them and it's important to remember and recognise this.

Windsor Wedding & Children's Photographer 3Windsor Wedding & Children's Photographer 3Windsor Guildhall wedding photographer If you have children as key members of your wedding party, it's likely you'll want them in your photos. I aim to work around them and involve them when they're happy. There's usually enough flexibility in the day to let them have a run around and come back to them for photos if needed. Plus I have lots of tricks up my sleeve from my experience as a family photographer to stop kids getting bored and to raise a smile (these sometimes work with the adults too and we get lots of lovely natural and fun photographs!).

For little ones that are still taking a daytime nap, think about how this will fit with the day. Are they old enough to manage without one if they don't get to sleep? Will the excitement of the day make napping difficult? If so, and you think they can't do without it, maybe ensure you find time or have a close family member on hand to take them for a drive or stroll in the buggy at a quieter point in the day to ensure they get their naptime.

Feeling important and involved

Where children are close family members and a key part of the bridal party, you may wish to give them a specific role to play or job to do so they feel involved and important and you feel they're a part of your day. I've seen some lovely ideas at weddings I've photographed:

  • Little flower girls or page boys may like to carry a sign down the aisle announcing the arrival of the bride. Alternatively, you may wish to have them scattering petals. This is particularly suitable for pre-school age children.
  • Children love to be ringbearers as it makes them feel very important. If there's any concern that they may drop the rings, you can find cushions that you tie the rings to with ribbons, or a little dish to carry them in.
  • Children of school age will love to feel useful. By handing out orders of service or cones of confetti, they'll also get a chance to say hello the relatives in attendance.
  • Older children (10+) and teenagers will feel particularly special if they are part of the best men, ushers and bridesmaids and treated like mini adults.
  • Confident performers may love to read out a short reading during the ceremony.
  • Every bride needs somewhere to put her bouquet during the ceremony. You may wish to appoint a special girl as chief bouquet holder (although be ready to have it returned a little poked and prodded, or choose a slightly older child who can resist temptation!).
  • Kids of all ages love bubbles, so hand them out to key children and seat them along the aisle so they can blow bubbles as you walk back down the aisle as husband and wife. Windsor Wedding & Children's Photographer 1Windsor Wedding & Children's Photographer 1Windsor Guildhall wedding photographer, Berystede wedding photographer, Beaumont House wedding photographer

Whatever role you decide children will play in your wedding, remember to be flexible - overexcitement or nerves may take over. If they have an adult on hand that can help guide them, this will help you and them feel more assured.

That's entertainment!

As bride and groom, your wedding day will zoom past in a blur. However, for your smaller guests in attendance the excitement will soon wear off, particularly during the wedding breakfast and speeches, which can take a few hours. It's worth considering how little people will stay entertained at this point.

Kids love it when they find something to entertain them waiting in their place when they sit down for a meal. This can be a simple as a colouring book or something more creative such as a puzzle sheet with word searches and quizzes based around the big day and the bride and groom (you can make these yourself if you're particularly creative, or find them on Etsy if you'd prefer someone else did the hard work). At a recent wedding I photographed, each child was delighted to find a pot of lego in their place and enjoyed comparing creations with each other and swapping pieces.

You may wish to go a step further and have a breakout room for kids, with craft tables for younger children or video games for older kids. At one wedding, where nearly a third of the guests were children the bride and groom cleverly hired an entertainer to perform in a side area near the main reception, ensuring parents could keep an eye on their children from a distance whilst they enjoyed their food and the kids were wowed with magic and science. There are also a number of wedding creche providers that offer creche services to ensure all your guests can enjoy the wedding breakfast, whilst knowing the children are being supervised and entertained.

Whilst we're on the subject of the wedding breakfast, whilst you and your guests will be enjoying three-course gourmet dining, the majority of those under 10 are going to be much happier with simple chicken nuggets, fish fingers or pizza. Check with your venue or caterers whether they offer child-friendly options on the menu.

Windsor Wedding & Children's Photographer 4Windsor Wedding & Children's Photographer 4Windsor wedding and family portrait photographer Who's left holding the baby?

Where it's mum and dad getting married and there are younger children involved that still need a lot of care and attention, it's worth agreeing in advance who will take care of them throughout the day. Whilst everyone on the day will be happy to chip in and help out, by specifically appointing a grandparent, auntie or uncle to be responsible for your little one during the day, you can avoid stress at critical moments during the day and your relative-in-charge-of-childcare can plan their time to ensure they can get themselves ready as well as little one.

This is particularly helpful during the ceremony, as if your little one starts to kick up a fuss, everyone knows who's responsible if they need to be taken out for a short while. Don't forget to make plans for the evening when babies and toddlers will be getting sleepy - consider whether they'll be happy dozing in a buggy at the reception or whether you need someone to take them to a hotel room to sleep - as well as plans for where they'll sleep overnight.

If you'd prefer for your relatives to enjoy your day without worrying about the children, then why not hire childcare in for the day. By hiring a nanny to attend the wedding and take care of your little one, you can all relax and enjoy the day knowing that your little one is taken care of. Whether it's a relative or a nanny caring for your little one, it's worth preparing a wedding day bag ready with spare outfits, wipes, toys and comforters, and plenty of nappies and milk if needed, so everything is on hand throughout the day.

Relax and have fun!

The most important thing is that you enjoy your day. Relax and have fun and take it as it comes. If things don't quite go to plan with the kids, then you'll probably end up with fun stories to tell for years to come!

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Kim & Asif's Beaumont House wedding {Windsor wedding photographer}
I had an amazing time at the lovely Kim & Asif's wedding on Saturday - not least because the sun was shining! You'd be forgiven for thinking these images were taken in the height of summer, but no, it really was the beginning of April. I absolutely loved their styling - with amazing paper flowers made by Kim's friends, featuring some meaningful blooms crafted from maths textbooks and Pokemon comics - and with a monochrome colour scheme with hints of pink (including Kim's amazing shoes!).

I'd like to wish them every happiness for the future. Thank you for choosing me to tell your wedding day story - I hope you love your photos - this is a little taster and the rest will be with you soon!

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Abi & Chris's fairytale wedding at Ramster Hall {Berkshire wedding photographer} Huge congratulations to Abi & Chris whose wedding I photographed on Friday. When I book an April wedding, my head is full of contingency plans for rain, but we couldn't have been more blessed with the weather, with a day filled with beautiful sunshine. Their fairytale day at the gothic Ramster Hall, was filled with colour and sparkle and included touches of Harry Potter and Disney fairy tales.

I first met Abi & Chris at Abi's cousin Sarah's wedding to Tom in Windsor last summer, so I was delighted when I heard of their engagement and they asked me to photograph their big day. I'd like to wish them every happiness for the future - congratulations Abi & Chris! Thank you for choosing my big day - I hope you love your preview - I look forward to sharing your full gallery when it's ready.

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Please don't say cheese...! {family photographer Windsor} Maidenhead & Marlow photographerBeware of the cheese grimace - Ascot, Windsor, Eton, Maidenhead, Marlow photographer 1500Children's and family photographer - natural and relaxed photography - Windsor, Eton, Ascot, Maidenhead, Marlow & Henley Please don't say cheese!

I love photographing families and children. I love getting to meet some gorgeous kids and lovely parents. I love creating beautiful portraits that you can hang on the well or keep forever in a photo book to treasure the memories in days to come.

But there is one thing I hate about my job... I call it the cheese grimace!

You know the one; your gorgeous child normally has the most beautiful natural smile, but in photos they stretch their face, pulling back their cheeks as wide as they can to show off every single tooth in their mouth! If you need an example, witness the image to the left (my own son; oh, the photographer's shame!). It just doesn't look natural (compare to the image below which is much more relaxed and natural).

And yet, I've found that more than half of all children will pull this face at some point - most usually between the ages of about 2 and 6. Some do it when we say 'cheese', and some do it whenever a camera is pointed in their direction...

...Which can make my job a little difficult, but as a professional photographer I have my ways Maidenhead & Marlow photographerNatural smiles, natural family photography, Windsor, Maidenhead & Marlow 1500Children's and family photographer - natural and relaxed photography - Windsor, Eton, Ascot, Maidenhead, Marlow & Henley round this little obstacle. So I'm sharing with you some simple dos and don'ts for your family photoshoot to ensure we get natural beautiful smiles and avoid the cheese grimace!

Trust me

The first bit of advice I'd offer is to trust your photographer. With my years of experience as a family photographer, come not only technical skills of using a camera and crafting light, but also the knack of engaging with kids and getting natural reactions from them.

I've seen the cheese grimace countless times, but I have many ways to encourage natural smiles and reactions. Leave it with me, I will chat to your kids, tell them jokes, play games and you'll get beautiful portraits of natural smiles. I only need a smile for a split-second and I can capture it in an image - even if it seems like they're not smiling much, please trust me and resist the temptation to say cheese.

Some kids may be a little more reticent, and I may ask for your help to get them smiling and laughing, sometimes this will be singing songs or make faces behind me - I'll let you know when I need help, and I'll give you some tips on what I'd like you to do (usually, it will be making a fool of yourself - kids love it when mums and dads get silly!).

Avoid saying "don't smile" Maidenhead & Marlow photographerRelaxed family photography Windsor Maidenhead & Marlow 1500Children's and family photographer - natural and relaxed photography - Windsor, Eton, Ascot, Maidenhead, Marlow & Henley

When the cheese grimace shows its face, parents sometimes panic. They're thinking 'I want natural portraits of my gorgeous child, I don't want to hang that cheese face on the wall' and so they say "don't smile" or "don't make that face". This is just going to confuse your child. They think they're meant to smile for the camera, then they're told not to.

The best course of action is not to draw attention to it - if they start to act and behave naturally, without thinking about how they look or trying too hard to smile, then natural reactions are what I'll capture. Maidenhead & Marlow photographerNatural childrens photography Windsor Maidenhead and Marlow 1500Children's and family photographer - natural and relaxed photography - Windsor, Eton, Ascot, Maidenhead, Marlow & Henley

Don't tell them to look natural

If I were to tell you to "just look natural" or "try to smile normally", the chances are you'd totally forget what natural or normal even look like. You'd probably start concentrating really hard on how you're smiling and, by trying to be natural, you'll become less so. Whilst 'looking natural' is exactly what we want them to do, telling someone to do it, especially a child, and expecting them to be able to act upon it is really hard.

Maidenhead & Marlow photographerNatural child and baby photography Windsor Maidenhead & Marlow 1500Children's and family photographer - natural and relaxed photography - Windsor, Eton, Ascot, Maidenhead, Marlow & Henley My goal is natural, I'm aiming for 'normal' smiles, but I'll find my ways to coax them out without asking for it explicitly. Leave it with me - my aim is for us all to have fun during the photo session and the relaxed laughter, giggles and smiles should just happen.

Relax and have fun!

If you're relaxed, your children will relax too. Have fun, go with the flow and enjoy your photo session. But, please, don't say cheese!

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Where to go with your baby or toddler in Windsor When my two boys were little, the baby and toddler groups we went to were so important to me. They provided an opportunity to get out of the house, to mix with other new parents, as well as provide social interaction for the little ones and support their development. When I photograph babies, I'm often asked by the new parents if I can recommend any baby and toddler groups. I also see the question asked time and again on local pages on social media. During 2016, I was very fortunate to work with a number of fabulous local groups. Scroll down for my recommendations of places to go with your little ones.

Please note: all times and locations are correct at time of publishing (January 2017), but please do use the links to check with each group for their latest schedule.

Tree House Cafe

The Tree Baby photographer WindsorTree House cafe WindsorWhere to go with my baby in Windsor House Cafe located within Windsor Baptist Church on Victoria Street is a lovely friendly and affordable place for Mums, Dads and Grandparents to meet with others, make friends and relax while their children have fun playing in the well-equipped play area. The Cafe staff pride themselves on their warm welcome, great coffee and range of toasties, delicious homemade cakes and imaginative children’s lunch boxes. They are passionate about community and are proud to be linked to the Windsor Homeless Project which operates from the Church three days a week. The Cafe has a core of wonderful trained volunteers who work alongside the staff freely giving their time to ensure the smooth running  and success of the Cafe. The customers support their charitable efforts by donating towards the suspended coffee and meal scheme which means that any one in need can be given a free hot drink and food when the cafe is open. The Tree House closely mirrors the values of the Baptist Church that is its home: Inclusive, Creative, Community and Family. The Cafe run a delightful toddler group "Tales from the Tree House" at 11am on a Monday, which I used to love taking my youngest son too. They also sell, in my opinion, one of the best hot chocolates in Windsor!

Find out more at the Tree House Cafe's facebook page.

NCT groups

Pregnancy and newborn photographer WindsorNCT groups in WindsorWhat to do with my baby in Windsor? I am proud to have been involved with the NCT over the last seven years both as a volunteer and working with them through my photography business. The NCT is run by volunteers locally who do an amazing job providing support for expectant and new parents. As well as local workshops and annual fundraisers, such as the Christmas Party and Summer Fun Day, the NCT run a regular Bumps & Babies group from 11-12.30 at the Mountbatten Room in the Holy Trinity Garrison Church on Claremont Road. This is a friendly and welcoming group for all expectant parents and those with non-mobile babies - a great place to meet other new mums and have a cup of tea, with lots of baby toys for the little ones. The NCT has also been running a similar group in Langley, although at time of writing this is looking for a new venue. There is also a sling library run monthly at the Tree House Cafe, and lots of other smaller events. Join the NCT to receive the newsletter to find out more. And if you have a little spare time - even if it's only an hour a month - they are always on the look out for new volunteers, are very friendly and it's a great opportunity to use your skills and meet others.

Get involved and find out the latest information on groups on the Slough, Windsor & District NCT facebook page.

Music with Mummy

Baby & toddler photographer WindsorMusic with Mummy WindsorWhere to go with my baby in Windsor Music with Mummy and Jolly Babies classes are run Monday-Thursday in Windsor by the lovely Fran & Mary. The Music with Mummy programme will take your child on a musical journey from birth, all the way through the pre-school ages. The structured weekly music classes use baby songs and fun activities for children to encourage listening and social skills, so essential not only in music but in all other areas of learning. They will develop a sense of rhythm, which will also help with learning and speech development. The fabulous music and songs for babies and children are an eclectic mixture of traditional tunes that are unique to our delightful programme. I loved joining these classes and seeing the babies and children enjoy the music, educational games and fun activities.

Find out more and see the class times on the Music with Mummy Windsor website.

Showstopper Babies

Baby & child photographer WindsorShowstopper BabiesWhat to do with my baby or toddler in Windsor? Showstopper Babies classes are run on Monday in Maidenhead and on Friday in Windsor by Mairi, who has brought her experience producing West End musicals to a fabulous class for babies. These sensory classes offer a unique blend of popular musical theatre show tunes, using the sights and sounds of the theatre world, as well as nursery rhymes and songs created especially for Showstopper Babies. With lights, music, singing, movement and dance the little ones develop their vocal sounds, and encourage good coordination and musicality. As well as that all important bonding experience between you and your child. I came away from photographing these classes humming some of my favourite show tunes!

Find out class times and more information at Showstopper Babies' website.

Nurture Babes

Newborn photographer WindsorBaby massage classes - Nurture BabesWhat to do with my baby in Windsor? Nurture Babes massage classes are run on a Tuesday in Datchet and a Wednesday in Windsor by Sharon, a trained baby massage instructor accredited by the Royal College of Midwives. Sharon loved massaging her twin boys and so trained to be able to help others learn to massage their babies. As well as helping with bonding, I found baby massage with my own sons to be great at relieving wind and aiding sleep, and there are so many other benefits. In addition to her scheduled classes Sharon offers one-to-one sessions and private group sessions.

Find out more at Nurture Babes website.

Simple Changes

Pregnancy and baby photographer WindsorSimple Changes pilates for new mumsExercise during pregnancy and for new mums in Windsor Last, but definitely not least, every expectant and new mum should take some time for herself and may wish to consider her health and fitness. Natasha at Simple Changes is a qualified pre- and post-natal instructor for pilates and exercise. Natasha runs classes in Datchet on a Tuesday evening for pregnancy pilates, and on a Thursday morning for new mums where non-mobile babies are very welcome. In addition to her classes, Natasha also offers one-to-one personal training sessions.

Class details and more information on exercising during and after pregnancy can be found on the Simple Changes website.

The Maternity Network
Maternity, newborn and baby photographer WindsorMaternity Network BerkshireNetwork of maternity and baby professionals - what to do with my baby in Windsor I'm also a member of the Maternity Network (along with a few of the lovely people mentioned above) - a network of specialists who offer support from when you are considering starting a family, throughout your pregnancy, the day you meet your baby and throughout your family life. All Maternity Network members have declared they are fully qualified, registered with a professional body and have full medical and liability insurance cover, so you can be assured of an excellent service. If you're looking for any support before, during or after your baby is born, take a loot at the Maternity Network directory.

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Lucia & Rob's Autumn wedding at Eynsham Hall {Windsor photographer}
Wishing Rob & Lucia very many congratulations on their wedding that I photographed on Saturday! When we saw the weather forecast the day before we had a call to arrange contingency plans as we were expecting torrential rain. The storm came... and then it went: the sun came out to shine down on a lovely ceremony filled with love. We got outside for some beautiful portraits while the clouds came over and had just enough time before the torrential rain returned - we couln't have timed it better! I thoroughly enjoyed spending the day with two such lovely people who are so clearly in love, and surrounded by wonderful family to support them. Wishing you a very happy life together! Thanks for choosing me as your photographer - here's a little preview, there will be lots more beautiful images to follow.

(Photography by Abi Moore | Baby, family, wedding & brand photographer | Windsor) Berkshire wedding photographer Eynsham Hall wedding photography Windsor wedding photographer beautiful wedding photos contemporary wedding photographer story-telling wedding photography Tue, 04 Oct 2016 16:13:10 GMT
What does your LinkedIn profile picture say about you? {photographer Windsor} Have you looked at your LinkedIn profile picture recently? Is it a snapshot from your last holiday, a family pic with the rest of the family half chopped out, or even a selfie? If yes, then you need to read on!...

A collage of professional headshots for business people, actors and brandsCommercial & headshot photographer WindsorAbi Moore offers LinkedIn professional headshots and personal branding photoshoots to give you a portfolio of images for your Instagram page.


LinkedIn is growing in popularity (more than 2 new members join every second according to LinkedIn) and is becoming a critical tool both for those seeking to progress their career and those aiming to attract new clients to their business.

A 2015 survey by job site Jobvite, found that 87 percent of recruiters surveyed use LinkedIn as part of their hiring process - unsurprisingly, it ranks highest among all social media sites used by recruiters. A similar survey found that 73% of companies had successfully hired a candidate using social media (again, LinkedIn ranking highest).

Would you attend an interview in beachwear or your football shirt? Assuming you answer no, then consider whether your LinkedIn profile picture should show you dressed as such. A professional network deserves a professional picture. Most people spend so long preparing for an interview and crafting their pitch, but forget how they appear in a simple search result; Nicole Greenberg Strecker, managing director of recruitment agency STA Worldwide in Chicago says “It’s the first thing that recruiters look at."

LinkedIn themselves state that your profile is seven times more likely to be looked at if your profile includes a picture. However, avoid the selfie trap - the Jobvite survey found that 1 in 4 recruiters would be put off hiring a candidate if their profile image was a selfie.

Grace Killelea, founder of Half The Sky Leaderhip programme states that you should not underestimate the importance of a professional profile picture, and to remember that recruiters assess photos differently, depending on the industry (for example, by all means include your dog if you're a dog walker or groomer, but not if it's unrelated to your profession). She also recommends updating your photo every two years.

The way you'd like recruiters to assess your image and the message you wish to convey are, I believe, critical to the process of taking the photo. When a client books with me, I find out their industry and role, and we'll discuss what kind of message they would like their profile picture to deliver - from professsional, authoritative and serious, through to friendly, warm and personable, to quirky or cool. Everyone has something different they'd like to portray. The way I light your image, compose it, the background, how it's posed and the angle from which it is taken, as well as your expression, all help to convey this. (Who knew so much went into a simple headshot?!).

LinkedIn is not just for those job-hunting, it is also a great business development tool; in fact, LinkedIn actively market the platform as a database for finding prospective clients.

Ian Jackson, founder of offshoring company Enshored highlights the role LinkedIn can play in growing your business network, and gives his top tips for using it as such. Number one on his list is - you guessed it - get a professional profile picture. He says "I regularly get contacted by people through LinkedIn and the first thing you take in is the picture... You are selling yourself first, then your company."

The same rules apply anywhere you are promoting your business - people want to see who's behind it and it's important that when they do, that you're delivering the right message that's in line with your brand. Anywhere you're putting your business on the web and including a photo of yourself, ask yourself it it's the photo you want potential clients to judge your business by?

So... Take a look at LinkedIn, your website, your facebook business page. Is your photo professional? Is it going to help you secure new clients or your dream job? If you'd like a new profile picture, then please get in touch, I offer a selection of great value packages depending on what you need for you and your business.




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Karen & Steve's Windsor Guildhall wedding {photographer Berkshire}

Wishing Karen & Steve very many congratulations on their marriage on Sunday. It was a lovely intimate family ceremony at the Windsor Guildhall, followed by a boat trip down the Thames to the Waterside Inn. I have to admit to being a little nervous (and I don't think I was the only one!) when I saw Saturday's rainstorms, but Sunday morning came and we had beautiful sunshine for their special day - couldn't have planned it better! Thank you for choosing me to capture your memories. Wishing you all the best for the future!

(Photography by Abi Moore | Baby, family, wedding & brand photographer | Windsor) Natural wedding photography Photography for small weddings Relaxed wedding photography Waterside Inn wedding Wedding boat trip on the River Thames Windsor Guildhall wedding photography Tue, 13 Sep 2016 07:19:45 GMT
Sarah & Tom's Windsor Guildhall and Harte & Garter wedding {photographer Berkshire} When I met Sarah & Tom, they told me they wanted relaxed, fun and natural wedding photographs - just my style! I had a lovely day photographing their wedding on Saturday - it started with Sarah's journey to Windsor Guildhall in an amazing vintage pink cadillac (belonging to a friend of her car fanatic dad), followed by a ceremony full of love, smiles and laughter, then down to the pub and the Long Walk for photographs with the wedding party, finishing off with a quick whistle-stop tour of Windsor landmarks, before the reception in the beautiful Harte & Garter ballroom. Thanks Sarah & Tom for choosing me to capture your wedding memories, I wish you all the best for a very happy life together - congratulations!

(Photography by Abi Moore | Baby, family, wedding & brand photographer | Windsor) Harte & Garter wedding Windsor Guildhall wedding photographer Windsor wedding photographer fun wedding photography natural wedding photography relaxed wedding photography wedding photographer Berkshire Mon, 04 Jul 2016 18:30:10 GMT
What age is best to photograph my baby or child? {Windsor Berkshire photographer}

I'm often asked what the best age is for photographing babies and children. There is no right or wrong answer to this question - your child is your child and you will treasure the memories at any age. However, you will get different kinds of images as they grow, so it depends what you're looking for from your photographs and depends on your baby or child's development and what they are able to do at that stage.

Newborn baby photographer - natural, relaxed, unposedNewborn baby photographerBest age for photographing newborn babies

Up to 4 weeks (newborn)

If gorgeous squidgy sleepy photos of your tiny brand new baby are what you'd like then a newborn shoot is the one for you. I consider any baby up to about 4 weeks a newborn (after this they become more awake and start to stretch out their arms, but are not yet smily or strong enough to hold up their heads, making photos between 1 and 4 months a little awkward - though not impossible!).

My style is natural without using complex props or poses for newborns - capturing memories of your tiny baby as they are at this age. I'll take a combination of sleeping and awake photos, as well as some with you as new parents, and some macro shots of tiny hands, feet, lips and lashes. I allow plenty of time for newborn sessions to allow for feeds and changes, it is a very relaxed session.

It's best to book in your newborn shoot before your baby is born and we can flex dates if they arrive very late or early. You may also wish to consider a maternity shoot to remember your beautiful bump!

4-6 months (not yet sitting)

Unless you urgently require photos, if you miss having a photoshoot in the first 4-5 weeks, I generally recommend waiting until your baby is four months old.

By 4 months, your baby will be more awake and much smilier, with their personality starting to shine through. Your little one will also be getting sturdier and able to support their head, giving variety in posing as they can be photographed on their backs, fronts and sitting up supported by parents.

Despite these developments, they are still very much babies, giving you lovely reminders of how little they were. They're also still likely to be sleeping quite frequently, so you have the option to have a mix of sleeping and awake images.

At this age, it's still possible to get lots of lovely macro images of all of the cute details - tiny toes and fingers, long lashes and little pouting lips.

4-month-old baby photographer4-month-old baby photographerBest age for photographing babies 9-month-old baby photographer portraits9-month-old baby photographer portraitsBest age for photographing babies. First birthday photographs.

6-12 months (sitting and crawling)

This is one of my favourite ages for photographing babies - they are much more alert, smiles are almost guaranteed, and you'll get some lovely images of them sitting up by themselves and crawling (or trying to!).

They're also much more aware of what is going on, interacting much more with me as a photographer and 'posing' for the camera.

It's also your last chance to capture the memories of them as babies before they become toddlers!

At 12 months, you may wish to book a birthday photoshoot - this can be a cake smash, gift opening or other celebratory images.


1-2 years (toddlers)

For this age group, I recommend outdoor photoshoots. They've found their feet, they're on the move, and they don't want to stop! It's lots of fun to photograph as they run around outside and explore the world around them. Time to capture the moment your baby turns into a toddler.

If you'd prefer a studio photoshoot, then this is still possible with just a little patience required on the part of you as mum or dad, as you will find you have to chase your little one around back to the spot where I need them!

Again, smiles are easy with this age, I have lots of tricks ready to raise a giggle.

It's another milestone worth capturing, as that toddling phase where the world is full of wonder doesn't last long, before your toddler has developed into a little boy or girl.

Toddler photographer child portraitsToddler photographer child portraitsProfessional toddler photography, photographing my walking toddler

2, 3, 4 and more!

By the age of 2, your little one will have well and truly developed into their personality. They are confident walking and starting with the talking. At this age, your child's language skills have developed so that even if they aren't yet fully talking, they understand what is being said to them and can follow directions.

This opens a whole new world of possibilities for your family or childhood photoshoot, as I work with them to get beautiful photographs (rather than just following them as they run around). I'm still very natural in my approach and ensure your photoshoot is full of fun and relaxed play.

At this age, their development is not as rapid as it has been up until now, but there are still lots of changes year-on-year: inches grown, experiences had, skills learnt. Don't forget to capture those memories, otherwise in a blink of an eye your child will have become a teenager!

There really is no best age for baby and child photographs, just different results and different memories to be captured. Please take a look through my galleries to see what kind of images you'd like. Think about what you'd like to put on your walls or look back at in an album. I love talking to new clients, so please do get in touch to discuss your photoshoot requirements and chat about the best age for your child and your family!

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The value of pre-wedding photoshoots {wedding photographer Windsor} There is a good reason why all my wedding packages include a pre-wedding shoot. Far from being something to pad the package out, I see true value in them; so much so, that I'm reluctant to photograph a wedding without first having had a pre-wedding photoshoot. Below you can see some examples and can read on below to find out why I feel they are so important...

A chance to practise

Your wedding day is one of the biggest day of your lives, and will fly by in an instant. By having a photoshoot before the wedding day, we can practise poses and settings that you'd like to use, and spend time discussing what you'd like for your photography, freeing us up to focus on you and your big day when it comes to it.

After the pre-wedding shoot, I will send you a set of images that are yours to keep, but more importantly are yours to critique. I ask every wedding couple to let me know what they do and don't like about their images; that way on the big day itself I can ensure we use poses you like and give you photographs you know you'll love.

Tips for looking your best

At our pre-wedding shoot I will share tips with you on how to look great in photographs. How to stand, how to angle your body, what to do with your hands - all these are key to making a photograph look natural and helping us look our best. By spending time before your wedding day sharing and practising these tips, there will be no need to go into the detail of how and why on the big day itself when we have much less time.

Relax and let's have fun

A pre-wedding shoot is also a great opportunity for us to get to know each other and relax in each other's company. My style is relaxed and natural, and I hope my clients feel they have fun when I'm photographing them. By meeting and photographing you before the big day, we can get rid of any nerves in front of the camera (and believe me, I know what they feel like - there's a reason I'm behind the camera and not in front of it!). I like to think of my clients as friends and hope you'll feel the same way when your wedding day comes around.

Planning for the main event

I send all brides and grooms a quick questionnaire before your big day, asking for key timings, the important people to photograph and a few other questions that ensure I capture the day the way you'd like me to. At our pre-wedding shoot, we'll go through this questionnaire, so that we're both prepared to get the most out of your wedding photographs.

All the above will take about an hour. I hope you'll feel it's an hour well-spent. It certainly is for me and ensures I capture your precious memories the way you'd like so you treasure them forever.




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Caroline & Sebastian's fancy dress Beaumont House wedding {photographer Windsor}

When I first met with Caroline & Sebastian they told me their wedding was a family and child-centred day that would be full of fun and games; and they weren't wrong. Guests were invited to come in fancy dress themed around games. Costumes included lifesize dominoes, playing cards and a family of Pictionary, as well as some more quirky characters from games designed by their friends. Friends and family were central to the day including some very talented ones having a hand in creating it, with Caroline's beautiful blue dress made by a friend and the amazing games-themed cake made by her sister. A fun day filled with love was topped off by the twirliest first dance I have ever seen, I'd expect nothing less from a couple that met through dancing. Thank you, Caroline & Sebastian for involving me in your day - I had lots of fun and would like to wish you very many congratulations and all the best for the future!

(Photography by Abi Moore | Baby, family, wedding & brand photographer | Windsor) Beaumont Estate wedding Beaumont House wedding photographer fun wedding photographer photographer Berkshire photographer Windsor quirky wedding photographer vibrant wedding photography Wed, 04 May 2016 13:03:41 GMT
Choosing the right photographer for your big day {wedding photographer Berkshire} Choosing a photographer for your wedding day is an important decision. Not only are you going to be spending the majority of one of the most important days of your lives with them, you are also entrusting them to capture the long-lasting memories of this big day. So what should you consider when choosing your photographer? These are my suggestions and should help you decide if I am the right photographer for you.


Each photographer has their own style that defines them and their work. The images you have of your special day need to reflect it the wa y you remember it; and should be images that you love. Style can mean both the way the photographer works from purely documentary (only capturing what happens and not setting up any posed photos), through to formal and fine art (where the images are highly crafted), as well as a variety in-between.

It also means the style of the images you’ll receive; which can vary from dramatic, bold, vibrant, quirky, fun, dreamlike, ethereal, vintage, romantic, and more. The best way to know if a photographer's style is right for you is to look at their portfolio of work - do you like what you see?

Take a look at my wedding portfolio and you’ll see that my style is vibrant and natural, I like to have fun with my brides and grooms. For the majority of time I will be taking a documentary approach, photographing action as it unfolds, emotions as they happen, candid little moments. However, I will also take time to set up some photographs, the portraits that will end up framed on the wall. My approach to these is relaxed and I aim to make it fun not formal. I also spend time photographing all the details that you have considered and planned for your day, whether it is flowers, cakes, the dress or decorations - whatever is important to you.


Some will say this doesn't matter - I disagree! We are spending a lot of time together on one of the biggest days of your lives - you want to be happy in my company and trust that I’m going to give you the photos you’d wish for. For this reason, I include a booking consulation in all my pacakages so we can get to know each other and talk about how we'll work together. I also include a pre-wedding shoot, where we'll spend more time together, I'll share posing tips that I've learnt during my career, I can find out what you like and don't like in photogaphs, and we can discuss ideas that you have for your images.


It's always reassuring to book a photographer that you know others have been happy with. Ask friends and family for recommendations.

There are plenty more reviews on my Facebook page if you’d like to read more, and I'm always happy to provide references.


It’s your big day, one to enjoy and remember forever. It should run smoothly and your photographer is key to ensuring that happens. I put a number of things in place to ensure that your photographs capture everything you would like without you having to spend time thinking about it on the day. At your pre-wedding photoshoot, we’ll discuss timings and key details for your day. I also have a questionnaire I ask you to complete - it takes just 5 minutes but ensures I know everything that’s important for you so that the memories I capture are perfect for you. You can also relax knowing that I'm fully insured with back-up equipment and spares for everything!


Every wedding has a budget and whilst it’s important not to stretch yourself beyond your means, I’d  advise against choosing a photographer only on price. A professional wedding photographer invests in professional-level kit  (including the back-ups I mention above), training, insurance, software and time. Whilst you may only see us for a couple of hours beforehand and 8-10 hours on your day, the average wedding is approximately 50 hours of work in total, including planning, preparing kit, downloading and backing up your images, editing and processing your images, and designing your album. I've included cost on my list of decision factors, as I know it's important when planning a wedding, but I've put it last, as your photographer should tick all the above points first and be the right photographer for you and your big day.


If you think I might be the right photographer for you, then please get in touch. It would be great to meet you and hear more about your day.


(Photography by Abi Moore | Baby, family, wedding & brand photographer | Windsor) choosing a wedding photographer fun wedding photography how to choose a wedding photographer vibrant wedding photography Wedding photographer Ascot Wedding photographer Berkshire wedding photographer Windsor Wed, 10 Feb 2016 11:44:54 GMT
Natural newborn photography {Windsor baby photographer}
I'm starting to photograph more newborn babies and back in the autumn, I had a couple of newborns within a few weeks of each other (and sharing the same name!).

As you can see, my style of newborn photography is very natural. If you're looking for a photographer that specialises in  newborn photography using complex poses and props, then I'm very happy to recommend a couple of good local photographers - it's really important to use someone specially trained for this to ensure your baby's safety.

I allow a little longer for a newborn shoot - approximately three hours, which is a lovely relaxed session with most of the time spent feeding baby and ensuring their comfort. When you book, I'll provide a help sheet which gives you lots of tips on preparing and what to dress your newborn in. I photograph newborns both clothed, wrapped and in the nude (for the sessions shown here, one family chose to have their newborn clothed and the other has asked me not to share the nude photos).

I like to include family photos with siblings and the new parents, as well as baby on their own. I also love to photograph lifestyle sessions where your home and baby's nursery is used as the backdrop (rather than my studio backgrounds) - watch this space for an example coming in the next few months. If natural newborn photographs are what you're looking for, then I'd love to hear from you!

(Photography by Abi Moore | Baby, family, wedding & brand photographer | Windsor) baby photographer Berkshire natural newborn photography newborn photographer Windsor relaxed newborn photographer Fri, 29 Jan 2016 11:12:08 GMT
Family photoshoot {studio & natural light photographer}
I have been photographing this family for five years now - at least once a year since the little girl was just six months old. It is such a privelege to be invited back to capture a family's memories and see how the children are growing. These two have changed so much since I first met them and it's a real pleasure to see. For this shoot, we opted for a combination of indoor studio photos at home, as well as an outdoor location shoot. You can see the range of options you have for a family photoshoot - the choice is yours! For the outdoor shoot we headed to the Brocas in Windsor to get some images with Windsor Castle in the background whilst the sun set - one of my favourite locations giving a great taste of Windsor to your images with the castle and the Thames.

(Photography by Abi Moore | Baby, family, wedding & brand photographer | Windsor) Family photographer Windsor Family portraits fun photography natural light photographer photographer Berkshire photographer Windsor studio photographer Thu, 21 Jan 2016 19:43:10 GMT
Styling your family photoshoot {childhood photographer Windsor Berkshire}
Back in the Autumn, I spent a great day with Aspire Photography Training photographing styled childhood images. The day was hosted by Aspire and The Guild of Photographers (with whom I hold my qualification for family portraits) and went into the details of styling a photoshoot.

So what is a styled photoshoot? At it's simplest, nearly every shoot I photograph is styled to a certain extent. Styling is about choosing clothing and (where appropriate) props that will enhance and complement your images. It is up to each client how far you wish to take the styling, from following the simple clothing tips I offer when you book, through to hiring a stylist to dress your family for the shoot.

When you book a family photoshoot with me, I'll send you a helpsheet on preparing for your shoot, including clothing tips. As a minimum, I recommend avoiding t-shirts with slogans, logos and pictures - these will all draw your eye away from the faces in the final image. Block colours, simple patterns and stripes all work well. Your family style and personality will drive colour choices, but it is worth co-ordinating amongst all those who will be photographed - either with complementary or contrasting colours.

I'm always happy to offer a pre-shoot consultation over the phone where we can go through styling recommendations in more detail. If you are opting for a studio photoshoot, then we'll discuss which colour backdrop will complement your skintones and co-ordinate with your chosen outfits. The web offers a host of tools for planning your styling from colour co-ordination tools (such as coolors) to Pinterest where you can find and share styling ideas.

If you're looking to invest in a larger piece of wall-art that you would like to stand the test of time, then you may wish to invest more in the styling of your shoot. I can recommend a local stylist who can consult on your styling either from your current wardrobe or for new outfits specifically for your shoot.

If you'd like a theme from your shoot, then we can discuss options, from glitter and glamour to rustic countryside and the pursuits of childhood.

When it comes to props, I generally prefer to keep my shoots simple, using nature's props - trees to climb and stumps to sit on! - but if you would like to include props in your shoot then I'm very happy to discuss and advise.

Whatever you decide is right for you and your family, your photoshoot will include an element of styling. Just contact me to book your shoot and discuss your options further.

(Photography by Abi Moore | Baby, family, wedding & brand photographer | Windsor) child photographer Berkshire family photoshoot family portraits fun family photoshoot photoshoot styling styled photoshoot what to wear on my photoshoot Thu, 07 Jan 2016 22:18:51 GMT
Charlotte & Patrick's Northcote House wedding {photographer Ascot}
I'd like to wish Charlotte & Paddy very many congratulations on their marriage! Despite a rainy day on Sunday, the wet weather didn't dampen spirits and it was a beautiful ceremony. We were blessed with the gorgeous venue that is Northcote House, so there was plenty of indoor space for photographs. It was a day filled with love, and I feel honoured to have been a part of it. Thanks again for choosing me as your photographer; wishing you the very best for a happy life together!

(Photography by Abi Moore | Baby, family, wedding & brand photographer | Windsor) Northcote House wedding photographer Sunningdale Park wedding photographer Wedding photographer Ascot Wedding photographer Berkshire Wedding photographer Windsor beautiful wedding photography fun wedding photography vibrant wedding photos Tue, 05 Jan 2016 19:46:07 GMT
Marie & Adam's Berystede winter wedding {photographer Berkshire}

Very many congratulations to Marie & Adam whose wedding I photographed this week. With six groomsmen and nine bridesmaids, I think this is the biggest wedding party I've photographed. They all looked beautiful and it was so nice to see the happy couple celebrate with their close friends and family. It was a lovely winter wedding at the Berystede, which has lots of lovely indoor features for photographs in the warm; and despite a chilly night we even managed to pop outside for a few minutes for a beautiful photograph at the hotel's entrance. Thank you, Marie & Adam, for asking me to capture your memories - wishing you a very happy life together!

(Photography by Abi Moore | Baby, family, wedding & brand photographer | Windsor) Ascot wedding photographer Berystede Ascot weddings Berystede hotel weddings Berystede wedding photographer wedding photographer wedding photographer Berkshire wedding photography winter wedding photographer Wed, 30 Dec 2015 22:23:34 GMT
Jay & Mikel's Bisham Abbey wedding {photographer Berkshire}  

Very many congratulations to Jay & Mikel whose wedding I photographed at Bisham Abbey on Saturday. It was a very emotional day (I almost found myself in tears at one point!), but also one that was filled with laughter and fun. So much thought had been put into all the little touches for the day, I had an amazing time capturing the details. Jay & Mikel: I'm so glad you chose me as your wedding photographer, I hope you like your sneak peek, I will have lots lots more for you. Thanks for involving me in your day. Wishing you both a very happy life together!

(Photography by Abi Moore | Baby, family, wedding & brand photographer | Windsor) Berkshire wedding photographer Bisham Abbey wedding photographer Marlow wedding photographer Windsor photographer fun wedding photography gay wedding photographer photographer Windsor relaxed wedding photographer same sex wedding photographer vibrant wedding photography Tue, 03 Nov 2015 22:13:14 GMT
Goodbye summer... Why I love the colder seasons and you should too! {photographer Windsor}

Today is the first day of autumn, the days are drawing in with nights now longer than the hours of daylight. The summer is well and truly over (although it may have felt like it for a few weeks now). And to all of that, I say 'hurrah'!

I have always loved autumn and winter. I remember learning about seasons at school and when most of the class agreed their favourite season was summer, I was in the minority singing the praises of falling leaves and snow. I love to get cosy curling up with a mug of tea, whilst outside it's getting chilly; watching the leaves turn colour on the trees; fireworks, bonfires and Christmas - it all gives me a special warm feeling inside.

You may think that with summer gone, the opportunity for outdoor photoshoots has passed too, but you couldn't be more wrong! Here's five reasons why you too should love autumn and winter, as it will give you some brilliant photos:

1. Cloudy skies

The summer gives us harsh bright sunlight, which we photographers have to be quite clever with to avoid harsh shadows and squinting. With autumn and winter come cloudy skies and low sun, giving us a much softer light and more shade. You also get some beautiful bright blue skies with lovely white fluffy clouds in the background of your photos, which can often be missing in summer as the light is so bright.

2. Golden hour

The hour before sunset is known as golden hour. It gives the most beautiful soft golden light, which is super flattering for photos. In the summer, golden hour is not that practical for family photoshoots, with it being after most kids bedtime. During autumn and winter it's much more accessible. I'd urge you to consider booking your photoshoot in golden hour as you will get such beautiful photos!

3. Falling leaves

Autumn provides us with the most amazing photshoot prop. Big and small kids alike will love kicking through fallen leaves or throwing them in the air for a great action shot. The browns and reds also provide a rich coloured photo backdrop.

4. Woolly hats and scarves

Styling for autumn and winter shoots is easy, adding personality and colour through your chosen accessories, whether it's colourful scarves or bobble hats. Alternatively fur hoods provide lovely framing for gorgeous little faces. Colourful wellies and even umbrellas are also great styling options.

5. Christmas (sorry!)

I'm such a big kid - I love Christmas! It's a great time for photography giving you lots of lovely gifts to share with grandparents, family and friends. I'm sorry to be mentioning it in September, but if you'd like photos in time for Christmas, your shoot needs to take place in November. It's always my busiest time of year for family photoshoots and does book up quick, so make sure to get in contact soon if you'd like to book.

If that hasn't convinced you or maybe the rain this week has dampened your spirits, then I always have a studio kit if you'd like to head indoors for your photos. When booking outdoor photoshoots at this time of year I always agree a contingency plan in case of bad weather, either we'll reschedule to another day, or we can head indoors. I hope to hear from you soon, let's wrap up warm and get outside to have some fun and capture some beautiful memories for you!

(Photography by Abi Moore | Baby, family, wedding & brand photographer | Windsor) Family photographer Windsor autumn leaves photoshoot natural light photographer outdoor photographer photographer Berkshire photographer Windsor woodland photoshoot Wed, 23 Sep 2015 16:51:41 GMT
Sarah & Ben's Windsor Guildhall Wedding {photographer Berkshire} Very many congratulations to Sarah & Ben whose wedding I photographed this weekend. The sun shone on a day filled with love and laughter. Thank you for choosing me to capture your memories. Here is a little sneak peek, there is plenty more to come!

(Photography by Abi Moore | Baby, family, wedding & brand photographer | Windsor) Windsor Great Park Windsor Guildhall Windsor wedding photographer fun wedding photography horse and carriage relaxed wedding photography Tue, 11 Aug 2015 11:44:31 GMT
I am now Qualified with the Guild of Photographers! {photographer Windsor} I was absolutely delighted to learn yesterday that I have achieved Qualified status with the Guild of Professional Photographers! Scroll down to find out more about what this means for me and my clients...

What is the Guild of Professional Photographers?

The Guild of Photographers is a highly regarded national body for professional photographers whose members are dedicated to enhancing their skills in the art, craft and profession of photography.

What is a Qualified member?

Becoming a Qualified member involves a very rigorous assessment process and is only granted to photographers who can evidence that they deliver high quality images, products and customer service.

How did I become a Qualified member?

I submitted a panel of 21 images that I have taken for recent clients (shown in the slideshow above). These all had to be relevant to the area in which I was seeking qualification, so I chose a panel of family portraits that reflected both my studio and location portrait skills. These were assessed by a panel of respected judges from a broad range of backgrounds. I also had to submit a brief explaining the clients' brief, and the technical and creative sides of the images, as well as proof that I am fully insured.

What does being Qualified mean for my clients?

As a member of the Guild of Photographers, I'm demonstrating my commitment to achieve the highest standards of professionalism for the benefit of my clients. By achieving Qualified status, my clients can be assured that this commitment has been rigorously assessed, and indicates a professional competence to a level where the Guild is willing to recognise me as an ambassador of the association. My clients can expect a level of professionalism where they should be delighted with the results of my work and the service they receive.

Why is being Qualified important to me?

Achieving Qualification is a culmination of years of experience, training and hard work. I have been working with a mentor from the Guild of Photographers over the last six months to finesse my photography skills and perfect the panel I submitted for assessment. I have a lot of respect for the Guild's judges and I'm delighted that they have recognised my efforts in awarding me Qualified status.

What next?

I'm continuing to work with my mentor, improving my photography skills and the images I produce. I hope to continue winning awards for my images in the Guild's monthly image competition. I also plan to work with a mentor for my wedding images and work towards the next levels of qualification within the Guild.

(Photography by Abi Moore | Baby, family, wedding & brand photographer | Windsor) baby photographer child photographer commercial photographer experienced photographer family photographer photographer Berkshire photographer Windsor qualified photographer trusted photographer wedding photographer Tue, 28 Jul 2015 17:54:55 GMT
Award-winning baby images {child photographer Windsor} Award-winning baby imageAward-winning baby imageChild and baby photographer Windsor Berkshire

I was delighted to learn this week that I have won two bronze awards with the Guild of Photographers' monthly image competition. These two images of this beautiful baby were taken at one of my mini-photoshoot sessions at a local baby and toddler group. I also use the same studio kit for a photoshoot in your own home - you'd never know they weren't taken in a studio, with the added bonus of having snacks, outfit changes and other home comforts on hand. If you'd like to book a family photoshoot, please get in contact. Or to be kept up-to-date with my next mini-photoshoot dates, please like my facebook page.

Award-winning baby imageAward-winning baby imageChild and baby photographer Windsor Berkshire

(Photography by Abi Moore | Baby, family, wedding & brand photographer | Windsor) award-winning image baby photographer Berkshire baby photographer Windsor child photographer Berkshire child photographer Windsor family photographer Berkshire family photographer Windsor Wed, 22 Jul 2015 12:01:37 GMT
Doodle's Den summer menu {food photographer Windsor}
I love food photography, so much so that I sometimes bake just so I can photograph the food! So I was delighted when Doodle's Den asked me if I would photograph their new summer menu for their website. These are a few of the dishes you'll find on offer when you pop in - scrummy milkshakes, salads and bagels, plus dishes made just for the kids! Food photography is as much about how you present the food as photograph it. If you run a food business and would like me to provide product photography for you, then please get in contact and I can advise you on styling and presentation.

(Photography by Abi Moore | Baby, family, wedding & brand photographer | Windsor) commercial photography food photographer Berkshire food photography Windsor photographer Windsor small business photography Fri, 03 Jul 2015 17:33:02 GMT
Berystede weddings {photographer Berkshire}
Last month, I was fortunate to photograph two weddings at the Macdonald Berystede Hotel in Ascot. It's a fabulous venue that can cater for weddings of all sizes (one of these had 30 guests one had more than a hundred!). There are lovely grounds and features that look amazing for your wedding photography (including the gazebo featured in one of these images, which has the most amazing light for some beautiful portraits). And last but not least a stunning bridal suite complete with four poster bed in its iconic tower.

(Photography by Abi Moore | Baby, family, wedding & brand photographer | Windsor) Berystede hotel wedding photographer Berystede hotel weddings wedding photographer Ascot wedding photographer Berkshire Fri, 26 Jun 2015 13:24:09 GMT
Rob & Bee's Windsor Guildhall Wedding {photographer Windsor}
Rob & Bee's wedding was quite late in the afternoon, and as I knew they were getting ready together, I suggested that we head out a few hours before their ceremony to do take some relaxed bridal portraits (this is quite common in the USA, known as 'first look'). I was thrilled when they agreed, and we decided on the banks of the River Thames for the location. Their ceremony was at the iconic Windsor Guildhall - every time I photograph a wedding here, I thank my lucky stars that my local registry office is such an amazing historic and beautiful building. After the reception we headed to the Long Walk in Windsor Great Park for more portraits, then back to the ceremony at the Macdonald Hotel Windsor.

Rob & Bee recently posted some lovely feedback on my facebook page, which I'd like to share here, as it really put a smile on my face:
"We can’t sing the praises of ‘Photography By Abi Moore’ highly enough! The photography service that we received was exemplary in every respect. We are very pleased that we chose Abi to capture the story & the memories of our special day. Thank you for looking after us so wonderfully well, Bee & Rob."

Thank you so much for the kind words both of you, and thanks again for choosing me to capture your memories!

(Photography by Abi Moore | Baby, family, wedding & brand photographer | Windsor) Macdonald Hotel Windsor wedding photographer Windsor Guildhall wedding photographer photography by Abi Moore wedding photographer Berkshire wedding photographer Windsor Tue, 23 Jun 2015 20:58:41 GMT
Doodle's Den mini-photshoots {toddler photographer Windsor} Toddler group photographer Windsor 1Toddler group photographer Windsor 1award-winning image photographer Windsor Berkshire If you're a Windsor local or regular visitor to town, then keep an eye on my facebook page - it's where I advertise my mini-photoshoots and the best thing is they're usually free! I regularly offer sessions at Doodle's Den and the NCT Bumps & Babes group, as well as other baby and toddler groups and family venues. If you run such a group or venue, then please feel free to get in touch to book a session - it's free for you and if you're a charitable group, I offer a donation to support the running of your group.

These gorgeous little ones came to see me in Doodle's Den in April. I was delighted to learn this week that one of the images (see right) has won a bronze award with the Guild of Photographers. In fact, this is the second time one of the images I have taken in Doodle's Den has won an award, see this one back in November that was also awarded bronze - Doodle's Den is obviously where the magic happens!

(Photography by Abi Moore | Baby, family, wedding & brand photographer | Windsor) baby & toddler group Windsor photographer Berkshire photographer Windsor preschool photographer toddler group photography toddler photographer Windsor Tue, 23 Jun 2015 16:11:00 GMT
Zoe & Richard's fun Stoke Place wedding {photographer Berkshire}
When Zoe and I first spoke about her wedding, she told me she had lots of ideas for her photography, including using lots of the features of the venue - Stoke Place - such as the bikes, boules, giant chess set and croquet, and I was only happy to oblige as I love to capture the bride and groom enjoying themselves and having fun. Stoke Place is a fab boutique venue - the whole day was hosted there, from getting ready to ceremony to reception. There's lots of lovely features inside and out, and I just loved the duck-egg-blue staircase and the lake proved an excellent backdrop for photos in the sunshine.

The flowers and decor were by Seventh Heaven who have done a few weddings I've photographed recently and can really make the most of a venue. I also really enjoyed working alongside the DJ at this event - Mark from Mighty Fine Entertainment, and Zoe and Richard truly enjoyed their disco, as you can see. Congratulations Zoe & Richard, it was a pleasure to be part of your day!

(Photography by Abi Moore | Baby, family, wedding & brand photographer | Windsor) Stoke Place weddings fun wedding photography wedding photographer Berkshire wedding photographer Slough wedding photographer Stoke Place wedding photographer Windsor Mon, 15 Jun 2015 13:17:20 GMT
Kim & James' Wedding at Easthampstead & Ely Hotel {wedding photographer}
Before each wedding, I send the bride and groom a questionnaire gathering the little details that will ensure I capture their day perfectly for them. One of the questions is "How would you describe your wedding in three words?" I knew I was going to have a great time when I read Kim & James' answer: Vintage, Relaxed and Fun. That's exactly how I would describe their wedding, and I hope they'd agree that the photography was relaxed and fun. I love that the photos are filled with big smiles, laughter and giggles.

Not only were the bride and groom lots of fun, they're a pretty talented pair. Their day was filled with lots of special touches, much of it hand-picked or hand-made by the couple - from vintage tea cup favours, to a seven-foot photo booth crafted by the groom, to the amazing four-tiered wedding cake and dozens of cupcakes all made by the bride herself.

The mother of the bride also got in on the act, creating the amazing bouquet and flower arrangements.

There were lots more unique touches to the day: Kim wore the most amazing shoes, and I loved the purple camper van - by the name of Dotty (from The Cake Revolution) - that took the bride and groom from their ceremony at Easthampstead to the reception at the Ely Hotel; and before and after dinner, guests were entertained by a magician (Mike Stoner).

Thanks Kim & James for choosing me to capture your special day - it really was fun!

(Photography by Abi Moore | Baby, family, wedding & brand photographer | Windsor) Easthampstead Bracknell registry office Ely Hotel Blackwater Camberley Photography by Abi Moore wedding campervan hire wedding photographer Berkshire wedding photographer Bracknell wedding photographer Surrey wedding photography Tue, 09 Jun 2015 19:27:54 GMT
Jana & David's Windsor Guildhall wedding {photographer Berkshire}
So, it's taking me a while to update my blog as I've been deep in wedding season, but I'm doing my very best to bring it up-to-date. Sat here with the sun shining outside today, this feels like a looong time ago. Jana & David's wedding was a lovely intimate family affair on a cold and windswept March day. The wedding took place at the Windsor Guildhall and then the wedding party took a stroll through Windsor and across the Windsor-Eton bridge for a reception at Cote. I had so much fun photographing Jana & David. I've worked with them before, photographing them for headshots for their work - Jana as a performer and balloon modeller, and David as balloon modeller and magician - they're a really interesting couple! Despite the windy day, we managed to get a few shots on the bridge, but soon headed inside to the warm for family to toast the bride and groom. Congratulations both of you and thank you so much for choosing me to capture the memories of your special day!!

(Photography by Abi Moore | Baby, family, wedding & brand photographer | Windsor) Windsor Guildhall wedding Windsor registry office wedding photographer Berkshire wedding photographer Windsor wedding photography Eton bridge Sat, 06 Jun 2015 18:43:03 GMT
Family photoshoot at home {Windsor photographer}


This little chap was such a smiler with a really infectious giggle. His parents had asked me to capture some natural photos, most importantly, a memory of that giggle whilst he's still little.

This is a great example of a photoshoot at home, without using studio backdrops. It's lit with a mix of natural and studio lighting, but we used the client's home as the backdrop - a whitewashed wall with bed & white fluffy duvet, their wooden floor, and shelving units, all made interesting backdrops. See more examples of family photoshoots in my family gallery.


(Photography by Abi Moore | Baby, family, wedding & brand photographer | Windsor) Family photographer Windsor family portrait photographer Windsor Family portraits kids photographer Windsor Kids portraits photographer photographer Windsor Thu, 04 Jun 2015 17:39:42 GMT
Reading L'Ortolan Wedding {photographer Berkshire} Many congratulations Mark & Michelle! I thoroughly enjoyed photographing your special day - such a lovely and intimate family occasion. I wish you every happiness together!! I have plenty more photos for you, but here's a little taster...


(Photography by Abi Moore | Baby, family, wedding & brand photographer | Windsor) L'Ortolan wedding photographer Berkshire photographer Reading photographer Windsor wedding photographer wedding photography Sat, 18 Apr 2015 21:31:17 GMT
How to get natural reactions from kids {photographer Windsor} I love to get natural reactions from kids! If you book a shoot with me, you are not going to hear me say "cheese", instead you'll probably find a little bit of madness unfolds. The best feedback I can get from my customers is when they tell me I've captured their children's true personalities. Reviews like "you have managed to capture everything we love about him", "her character really shines through" and "the photos make me laugh every time I look at them, you've got their personalities right there" are always guaranteed to put a smile on my face!

So, how do I get these lovely reactions out of kids (stand by, I'm about to reveal my trade secrets here!)...

If you want to capture them as they truly are, then it goes without saying that you have to let them be themselves. Don't say cheese, have fun and try one of the tips below. Lastly (and it's no coincidence that I'm posting this on April Fool's Day), you have to be prepared to play the fool - most of my shoots end up with me or mum/ dad of the kids I'm photographing making getting a little bit silly - guaranteed to get kids laughing!

1. Creating silly combinations on their favourite food - 'worm pizza' or similar - lots of kids love this and will get involved making their own silly combinations up and giggling along.

2. Asking them embarrassing things about mum and dad, e.g. 'who's got the cheesiest feet?' It makes them laugh but they also love that they think they're revealing a family secret!

3. For younger kids, toddlers and babies, a game of peek-a-boo, with mum and dad popping out from behind me always gets a smile.

4. For older kids, I'll ask them their favourite joke. This one is actually a double-whammy - I'll get lovely thoughtful-looking images while they try to think of it, then a smile as they tell it.

5. If all else fails... tickle! I'm yet to meet a kid of any age that doesn't love tickles and I'll capture some lovely laughter while mum and dad get in on the fun.

I'm now looking for you to share your tips! What makes your kids laugh, what is guaranteed to raise a smile or a giggle? Tell me your kids' favourite jokes. Add yours in the comment section below - the one that gets the biggest laugh out of my 2- and 6-year-old will win a mini-photoshoot (45 minutes, on location in Windsor) with five printable digital images. I'll leave it open for the Easter holidays, so get your kids involved and get your jokes and tips in by midnight on Saturday 18th April 2015.

Over to you - make us laugh =D

Terms & Conditions: 1. Please enter by 'liking' my facebook page (Photography by Abi Moore on facebook) and posting a comment here. 2. Closing date 18th April 2015. 3. The prize is a mini-photoshoot (45 minutes) on location in Windsor with five downloadable printable images from the shoot. Maximum five people. Shoot to take place in June/ July 2015. 4. Prize has no cash value, and cannot be transferred or sold. 5. Winners will be notified via my facebook page and in reply to their comment on the blog.

(Photography by Abi Moore | Baby, family, wedding & brand photographer | Windsor) Family photographer Windsor Kids portraits natural photographer photographer Windsor relaxed photographer Wed, 01 Apr 2015 11:33:37 GMT
Award-winning image {baby photographer Windsor}

Award-winning baby photographer Windsor montageAward-winning baby photographer Windsor montageBaby photography Windsor Berkshire Back in January, this gorgeous little girl came to model for me. I was looking for a set of images that I can submit towards my qualification panel with the Guild of Photographers as well as for their monthly competition. I was delighted that one of the images was given a bronze award. The competition is international and judged by a panel of respected judges; bronze awards are only given to images of a high standard, so very exciting for me!

You can see my previous award winning images here and here.

(Photography by Abi Moore | Baby, family, wedding & brand photographer | Windsor) award-winning image baby photographer Berkshire baby photographer Winsdor studio photographer Windsor Berkshire Mon, 30 Mar 2015 06:00:00 GMT
Posing posing & posing {photographer Windsor}

I spent a very enlightening day at Aspire Photography Training on Friday last week, learning all about posing people - men, women, couples, families and groups - you name it we covered it. From simple concepts such as your posture and expression, through to considerations such as where you place your arms, hands and shoulders. Did you know that something as simple as how relaxed your fingers are or which direction they're pointing in can completely change the feel of a photograph?

Whether you're looking to stand more confidently, appear slimmer or more curvy, or simply want to look better in photographs, I'm now armed with tips to give you images that are flattering for you. When we plan your photoshoot or wedding photography, let me know what you like and don't like about photographs of yourself and we can work together so that you look your best!

Posing People montagePosing People montagePhotographer Windsor - wedding photography, family portraits and commercial photography

(Photography by Abi Moore | Baby, family, wedding & brand photographer | Windsor) family photography Windsor photographer Windsor wedding photographer Berkshire wedding photography Berkshire Sun, 01 Mar 2015 22:44:10 GMT
Sunset photoshoot in Windsor Great Park {family photographer Berkshire}
Family photoshoot Windsor Great ParkFamily photoshoot Windsor Great ParkFamily photographer Berkshire

December means chilly days, but if you wrap up warm, an outdoor location photoshoot is not out of the question.

It also means afternoon sunsets and bright blue skies, which can make for some lovely photographs. We took advantage of the early sunset and headed out to catch some gorgeous golden light with this lovely family and their dog.

This is one of my favourite spots in Windsor Great Park, it's perfect for photography at sunset as it catches the sunlight from the West.

You might recognise this spot from this maternity shoot at the end of last summer.

If you'd like to book a photoshoot at sunset or are looking for recommendations of locations in and around Windsor, then please contact me.

(Photography by Abi Moore | Baby, family, wedding & brand photographer | Windsor) Family photographer Windsor photographer Berkshire photographer Windsor photoshoot Windsor Great Park Fri, 20 Feb 2015 14:09:20 GMT
Blue-eyed boy {studio photoshoot Windsor}

January has been super busy and I've been neglecting my blog. I still had a couple of my favourite shoots from the end of 2014 to upload. This being one of them. The family of this gorgeous blue-eyed boy came to me for a photoshoot for images they could give as Christmas gifts, as well as wanting to capture his stunning blue eyes on camera - aren't they just amazing?!

(Photography by Abi Moore | Baby, family, wedding & brand photographer | Windsor) baby photographer Winsdor Family photographer Windsor photographer Berkshire photographer Windsor Thu, 19 Feb 2015 22:41:34 GMT
Happy New Year from Photography by Abi Moore With just a few hours left of 2014, I'm reflecting on what an amazing year I've had! Here is my 2014 in very quick review, starting with completing my wedding training... 2014 Photography by Abi Moore Windsor 12014 Photography by Abi Moore Windsor 1Wedding photographer Windsor Berkshire ...Followed very quickly by photographing my first wedding. 2014 Photography by Abi Moore Windsor 22014 Photography by Abi Moore Windsor 2Wedding photography Windsor Berkshire I've transformed my business with a new name, branding and website... 2014 Photography by Abi Moore Windsor 32014 Photography by Abi Moore Windsor 3Family photographer Windsor ...And I've won a couple of awards for my photographs.
2014 Photography by Abi Moore Windsor 42014 Photography by Abi Moore Windsor 4Award-winning baby photographer Windsor I'm hoping to win more in 2015 and I'm also currently working with a mentor from the Guild of Photographers to improve my photography further and hope to gain my Guild Qualification. 2014 Photography by Abi Moore Windsor 52014 Photography by Abi Moore Windsor 5Award-winning child photography Windsor I'm hoping 2015 holds lots more new arrivals to photograph, including some who aren't even yet expected. 2014 Photography by Abi Moore Windsor 62014 Photography by Abi Moore Windsor 6Maternity photographer Windsor And I look forward to photographing lots more children as they grow and play. 2014 Photography by Abi Moore Windsor 82014 Photography by Abi Moore Windsor 8Family photographer Windsor Berkshire Here's to those who will be taking their first steps in 2015... 2014 Photography by Abi Moore Windsor 72014 Photography by Abi Moore Windsor 7Newborn photographer Windsor ...As well as those who will be taking a very important step. 2014 Photography by Abi Moore Windsor 92014 Photography by Abi Moore Windsor 9Wedding photographer Windsor Berkshire I'd like to say a huge thank you to those who've involved me in their special moments of 2014.

I wish you a year full of love, laughter, joy, happiness and fun - I hope to capture some amazing memories for you.

(Photography by Abi Moore | Baby, family, wedding & brand photographer | Windsor) baby photographer child photographer family photographer Happy New Year kids photographer photographer Windsor wedding photographer Wed, 31 Dec 2014 16:43:25 GMT
Merry Christmas from Photography by Abi Moore! Are your stockings hung? Do you have your mince pie ready for Santa? My two little ones are super excited, and I must admit I am a little bit too!

I'd like to wish all my clients, followers and friends a very Merry Christmas! I hope you have a wonderful time.

I thought I'd share a few of the Christmas cuties that have come to see me in the last couple of months.

Christmas photographsChristmas cutiesPhotography for Christmas gifts and Christmas cards

(Photography by Abi Moore | Baby, family, wedding & brand photographer | Windsor) Christmas card portrait photographer Christmas card photographer Windsor photography greetings cards Wed, 24 Dec 2014 12:30:00 GMT
Baby & toddler groups galore {photographer Windsor}
Baby & toddler group photographer Windsor BerkshireBaby & toddler groupsBeautiful black and white images of your baby or toddler

November was super busy for me, I had the pleasure of photographing nearly 50 baby and toddlers - here are just a few of the cuties! My pop-up studio kit is perfect for baby and toddler groups where natural light can be limited.

If you run a group and would like me to offer photography to the families that attend, then please get in touch. The sitting is free if I have a minimum of 5 interested families. If your group is charitable or it's running dependent on donations, then I am happy to donate a percentage of the profits to support your group.

I also offer a similar service for nurseries and pre-schools. Please get in contact to find out more.

(Photography by Abi Moore | Baby, family, wedding & brand photographer | Windsor) Abi Moore baby group photography nursery photography photographer Berkshire preschool photography toddler group photography Windsor photographer Tue, 23 Dec 2014 12:48:43 GMT
Family photoshoot {photographer Windsor}  

One of the things I love about being a photographer is when I get repeat clients year after year, as I see the kids grow and develop, and have a great relationship when photographing them.

This is the fifth year running that I've photographed this gorgeous family and it's so nice to see how they change each year. Shortly after their shoot, Imogen's dad messaged me to let me know she was role playing with her toys and they were queuing for a photoshoot with me - so sweet!

For this shoot, we tried out one of my new studio backgrounds (which has proved to be very popular this winter, as you'll see in some upcoming blog posts). We then headed out to Swinley Forest in Windsor Great Park - one of my favourite locations for family photoshoots - they had lots of fun kicking up the autumn leaves and climbing trees!

family photoshoot Windsor Swinley Forestfamily photoshoot Windsor Swinley ForestPhotography by Abi Moore - Windsor photographer specialising in families and children

(Photography by Abi Moore | Baby, family, wedding & brand photographer | Windsor) family photographer family photoshoot Swinley Forest Windsor Great Park Windsor photographer Fri, 19 Dec 2014 19:56:51 GMT
Award-winning image {child photography Windsor} Bella - bronze award winning imageBella - bronze award winning image

I am delighted to have heard today that another of my images has been awarded a bronze bar in the Guild of Photographers image of the month competition.

The Guild has very demanding standards when judging photographic competitions with a panel of judges that are internationally recognised experts from a variety of photographic backgrounds, so this is great news for me!

(Photography by Abi Moore | Baby, family, wedding & brand photographer | Windsor) Berkshire Windsor family kids photographer portrait Fri, 21 Nov 2014 14:36:03 GMT
Ice Pixie & Magician! {headshots Windsor Berkshire} A couple of weeks ago I had the pleasure of photographing the very talented Jana and David for their publicity shots as performers. Jana performs as a number of characters, including the ice pixie you see here, and is also a writer and a stiltwalker! David is a magician, plays ukelele and holds a number of world records. And together they model balloons into some spectacular creations. What an amazing pair they are and so much fun to work with! Jana's full name is Snezana, Serbian for Snow White - what a perfect name for an ice pixie; you can find her website here. And if you'd like to find out more about David, check out his website balloonanimal.

Headshots Windsor BerkshireHeadshots Windsor BerkshirePerformer publicity shots Berkshire

(Photography by Abi Moore | Baby, family, wedding & brand photographer | Windsor) Berkshire Photographer Windsor corporate headshots photographer Sun, 05 Oct 2014 19:29:02 GMT
Magical photos by the Thames {kids photographer Windsor} Take a little girl and her baby brother. Add balloons, glitter and exploring on an island by the Thames in Windsor. The result is a magical photoshoot full of colour, fun and laughter. Portraits by the River Thames in WindsorRiverside kids portraits 1Family photographer Windsor Berkshire Portraits by the River Thames in WindsorRiverside kids portraits 1Family photographer Windsor Berkshire Portraits by the River Thames in WindsorRiverside kids portraits 1Family photographer Windsor Berkshire Portraits by the River Thames in WindsorRiverside kids portraits 6Family photographer Windsor Portraits by the River Thames in WindsorRiverside kids portraits 6Family photographer Windsor Riverside kids portraits 6Riverside kids portraits 6

(Photography by Abi Moore | Baby, family, wedding & brand photographer | Windsor) Family photographer Windsor Family portraits kids photographer Windsor Thu, 18 Sep 2014 13:34:30 GMT
Summer maternity photoshoot {photographer Windsor}  




Windsor Great Park maternity photoshoot 1Windsor Great Park maternity photoshoot 1Capture your bump in all its glory - pregnancy photographer Windsor Berkshire Windsor Great Park maternity photoshoot 1Windsor Great Park maternity photoshoot 1Capture your bump in all its glory - pregnancy photographer Windsor Berkshire Windsor Great Park maternity photoshoot 1Windsor Great Park maternity photoshoot 1Capture your bump in all its glory - pregnancy photographer Windsor Berkshire Windsor Great Park maternity photoshoot 1Windsor Great Park maternity photoshoot 1Capture your bump in all its glory - pregnancy photographer Windsor Berkshire Windsor Great Park maternity photoshoot 1Windsor Great Park maternity photoshoot 1Capture your bump in all its glory - pregnancy photographer Windsor Berkshire Windsor Great Park maternity photoshoot 1Windsor Great Park maternity photoshoot 1Capture your bump in all its glory - pregnancy photographer Windsor Berkshire Windsor Great Park maternity photoshoot 1Windsor Great Park maternity photoshoot 1Capture your bump in all its glory - pregnancy photographer Windsor Berkshire Sunset photoshoot WindsorWindsor Great Park maternity photoshoot 2Maternity photographer - photos of your bump to remember your pregnancy!

When Clare and I first discussed her maternity photoshoot, we agreed to do something a little different to the usual studio photographs with bump out. I suggested we head down to Windsor Great Park at sunset to capture what's known by photographers as the 'golden hour', the last hour of light that is soft, warm and golden and results in beautifully lit portraits. We weren't disappointed and were blessed with a lovely balmy summer evening, and got some beautiful images of her bump to remember the pregnancy by.

(Photography by Abi Moore | Baby, family, wedding & brand photographer | Windsor) Berkshire Maternity Windsor maternity photographer pregnancy Fri, 05 Sep 2014 12:12:46 GMT
Award-winning image {baby photographer Windsor} Award winning baby photographer Windsor BerkshireAward winning baby photography Windsor BerkshireBeautiful award-winning images of your baby from newborn to toddler

I am delighted to have learnt this afternoon that one of my images has been awarded a bronze bar in the Guild of Photographers image of the month competition.

The Guild has very demanding standards when judging photographic competitions with a panel of judges that are internationally recognised experts from a variety of photographic backgrounds, so this means a lot to me!

(Photography by Abi Moore | Baby, family, wedding & brand photographer | Windsor) Berkshire Windsor award-winning baby photographer photography portraits Thu, 21 Aug 2014 12:50:05 GMT
Tuesday tip: Timing is everything Windsor baby photographyBaby photographer Windsor BerkshirePhotography by Abi Moore: Beautiful four month old baby girl

If you're capturing snapshots of your kids at play, then whenever they are happy is a good time. However, if you're looking for them to pose for a nice photo then timing is important. Grumpy kids do not make good models!

Think about food and sleep - when are they going to be well rested with full bellies? - this will be the best time for photos, either taken by yourself or if you're planning to book a photoshoot.

This is even more important with babies. You'll hopefully get a gorgeous smile when they wake up refreshed from a nap, but don't forget that sleeping babies also make perfect models too!

(Photography by Abi Moore | Baby, family, wedding & brand photographer | Windsor) Berkshire Photography Windsor baby family photographer tips Tue, 19 Aug 2014 19:38:12 GMT
Tuesday tip: Capture the action Windsor Great Park kids photographerWindsor Great Park kids photographerKids portrait photographer Windsor Berkshire Sometimes the best images are not those that are posed with a smile towards the camera, but those that capture action, that show life as it happens and kids being kids. One of my favourite images of my boys was taken last summer as they sat on our back step eating a snack and chatting - for me, it sums up life as it was just then.

Get your camera out to photograph your kids doing their thing. Position yourself whilst they play, get down to their level and try to be at an angle where you can see their faces, then snap away. If you have a zoom lens or zoom function on your camera, use it to be less obtrusive, so they don't turn and pose when they see the camera.

(Photography by Abi Moore | Baby, family, wedding & brand photographer | Windsor) Photography Windsor kids photographer tips Tue, 12 Aug 2014 12:19:22 GMT
Tuesday tip: Take photos, sort photos, print photos! {photographer Windsor} Family photographer Windsor BerkshireKids photographer Windsor, Berkshire Kids grow up so fast - I took this photo of my boys nearly two years ago and I can't believe how the time has flown by!

Photography is a great way to document and remember your kids' early years. Most of us are good at taking photos, but then what happens to them? Take a few minutes to sort your photos - delete those that you don't like or don't need, record the date and location they was taken, and choose the ones you want to print.

Try to save your photos in one place and make sure you keep back-ups! (As someone who's hard drive crashed at the end of last year, I'm so glad I practice what I preach, as most of my photos were stored on my back-up drive!). If all your photos are on your phone, then download the best ones to your PC to save in an album.

Finally, print your best photos! In the digital world, it's easy to take photos and forget about them. Find you favourites, print them, frame them, make an album - you'll be glad you did in years to come when you have memories to look back on!

(Photography by Abi Moore | Baby, family, wedding & brand photographer | Windsor) Family photographer Windsor Family portraits Kids portraits Photography baby photographer Winsdor family portrait photographer Windsor tips Tue, 05 Aug 2014 12:54:40 GMT
Tuesday tip: Get close {Windsor baby photographer}

Sometimes the background in a photo is important. It can add context – maybe memories of a holiday or special day out, and it can add interest – maybe some beautiful flowers or an interesting texture. However, sometimes including the background is unnecessary and just a matter of habit.

Don’t be afraid to get close to your kids or use the zoom function on your camera or phone for a close-up. By getting in close, you can eliminate any background distractions, as well as getting the lovely detail of their features.

(Photography by Abi Moore | Baby, family, wedding & brand photographer | Windsor) Baby portraits Family photographer Windsor Kids portraits baby photographer Berkshire baby photographer Windsor photographer Winsdor Tue, 22 Jul 2014 05:38:17 GMT
Sunny Long Walk Photoshoot {Windsor family photographer}

What a great summer shoot! A gorgeous family on the Windsor Long Walk. We were blessed by sunshine and had fun playing in the shade of the trees. These two brothers enjoyed some cuddles with mum and dad, before being let loose to run around. They seemed happiest sat together having a giggle, before collecting acorns and finishing off the session with some bubbles!

(Photography by Abi Moore | Baby, family, wedding & brand photographer | Windsor) Family portraits Kids portraits Windsor Long Walk photoshoot Winsdor Great Park photography family portrait photographer Windsor kids photographer Windsor Fri, 18 Jul 2014 06:01:48 GMT
Tuesday tip: Don’t say cheese! {kids photographer Winsdor}

Point a camera at your kids and say cheese – simple, right?! Maybe, if you’re one of the lucky ones whose children produce lovely smile as soon as fromage is mentioned. However, it’s more likely you’ll get a Wallace & Gromit style grimace, they’ll strike a model pose, or just offer a very fake smile.

Instead try chatting to your kids, make them laugh, or just let them run around and have fun.

My clients will know that I prefer not to say cheese at all, rather I’ll let the kids be themselves, get mum and dad playing the fool and generally letting the madness unfold. If you avoid saying cheese and go for more natural smiles and laughs you’re more likely to get photographs that remind you of your kids as they are, rather than just getting their photo face.

(Photography by Abi Moore | Baby, family, wedding & brand photographer | Windsor) Family photographer Windsor family portrait photographer Windsor kids photographer Windsor kids portraits Winsdor Photography tips Tue, 15 Jul 2014 05:15:13 GMT
Tuesday tip: Get down {childrens photographer Windsor}

When photographing children, try to get down to their level.

As adults, it’s sometimes easy to forget how much taller we are than our kids; if you take all your photographs from standing height, they will all be looking down on your children, preventing you from getting good close-ups. By getting down to their level you will be able to frame their face nicely, can get lovely eye contact and will be able to engage with them better.

Try sitting with them, kneeling or even laying on the ground. Chances are they’ll enjoy having you down at their level and you’ll get some laughs or some fun interaction.

(Photography by Abi Moore | Baby, family, wedding & brand photographer | Windsor) Photography tips child photographer Windsor Berkshire kids photographer Windsor photography tips Tue, 08 Jul 2014 04:24:46 GMT
Windsor Guildhall Wedding {wedding photographer Berkshire}

Having delivered the photos from my first official wedding to a very happy couple this week, I thought I’d share them here. The wedding was at the Guildhall in Windsor, which is such an amazing venue. The light was beautiful coming in the windows while they said their vows, and I captured some beautiful moments between them. We then headed down to Northcote House in Sunningdale for the reception, which has both beautiful gardens and interior.

(Photography by Abi Moore | Baby, family, wedding & brand photographer | Windsor) Northcote House wedding photographer Berkshire wedding photographer Windsor wedding photography Windsor Guildhall Tue, 17 Jun 2014 12:02:05 GMT
I have completed my wedding training!

I have spent the last month back at college, completing a wedding photography training course, as I begin offering a wedding photography service this year. It was a fantastic course, covering a wide range of topics from what happens when on the day (and more importantly where I need to be when and how!), posing the bride and groom, photographing groups, low-light photography (including a great opportunity to photograph some stained glass, which I couldn’t resist including below), plus far more – too much to mention here!

The bride and groom were played by models, with simple props (hence the cheap Tesco tulip bouquet!), shot over two different sessions (which accounts for the inconsistency in costumes, hair and props, etc), but I thoroughly enjoyed myself and thought I’d share them here as a couple of people have asked to see them. We faced torrential rain on both shoots, which made things a little challenging, but were finally blessed with sunshine and even a heart-shaped gap in the clouds!

I now feel ready to photograph my first wedding, which is good, considering it is in 9 days time!

I’ll be revising my website before the end of this year to incorporate weddings, but until that time, I’ll share the occasional wedding post here…


(Photography by Abi Moore | Baby, family, wedding & brand photographer | Windsor) wedding photographer Berkshire wedding photographer Windsor Wedding photography Fri, 16 May 2014 13:38:14 GMT
Mothers’ Day Treats {baby photographer Windsor} I was delighted to join the Belly Baby mother & baby group for their Mothers’ Day session last week. Where there were some very sleepy babies…

…who were very good and let their mummies enjoy hand massages…

…and some delicious cupcakes from Miss B’s Bakery

…and a photoshoot with me! Happy Mothers’ Day to all you wonderful mummies!!

(Photography by Abi Moore | Baby, family, wedding & brand photographer | Windsor) Baby portraits NCT group photography Something else baby group photography baby photographer Windsor food photography Berkshire Tue, 01 Apr 2014 06:12:58 GMT
Project 365 {photographer Windsor Berkshire}

I have a personal blog for all my non-portrait related photography, and usually save this blog for work photoshoots. However, I’m so proud of this achievement that I felt I had to share it here too. I recently completed Project 365 – a challenge that some photographers set themselves, to take one photo every single day for a year. It was a great experience, I learnt lots of techniques as well as learning about myself as a photographer.

(Photography by Abi Moore | Baby, family, wedding & brand photographer | Windsor) Project 365 Something else photographer Berkshire photographer Windsor Tue, 18 Mar 2014 07:29:53 GMT
Beautiful 4-month-old {baby portrait photographs Windsor}

I had a great shoot with this beautiful 4-month-old girl a couple of weeks ago. She was so full of personality for one so little! These photos were the first instalment in her ‘Watch Me Grow’ package where you get three sittings across two years – can’t wait to photograph her again and see her pesonality grow!

We even got in a couple of Christmas shots for the family’s Christmas cards…

…but even the best models start to get fed up and wonder why they’re dressed up like this ;o)…

(Photography by Abi Moore | Baby, family, wedding & brand photographer | Windsor) baby christmas card baby photographer berkshire baby photography package baby portrait photographer windsor baby portraits greeting cards Tue, 10 Dec 2013 12:58:05 GMT
Fun family studio shoot {family portrait photographer Windsor}

This was my fourth year photographing Harrison & Imogen – it’s been so lovely seeing them grow each year. This year we had huge amounts of fun, as I think you can see from the images! I found it so hard to pick my favourites. The benefit of doing a studio shoot in your own home, is that it’s easy to make lots of costume changes – whether it’s your favourite dress, football strip or superhero costume!

(Photography by Abi Moore | Baby, family, wedding & brand photographer | Windsor) Family photographer Berkshire Family photographer Windsor Family portraits Kids portraits kids portraits Berkshire kids portraits Windsor superhero portraits Wed, 04 Dec 2013 13:34:40 GMT
My boys {child photographer Windsor, Berkshire, Surrey, Bucks}

I’m fortunate to have the skills and equipment to capture as many beautiful portraits of my boys as I like. I recently purchased some new coloured backdrops so decided to get one of them out for a test run with them. This was the result. Both were shot using natural window light.

If you’re interested in a shoot with me, you can choose from an outdoor location shoot. An indoor shoot using your home as the backdrop, or an indoor studio-style shoot. For studio shoots, I have a black, white, grey, blue and pink backdrops to choose from. I have studio lights, but will also scout out your home for some perfect natural light.

(Photography by Abi Moore | Baby, family, wedding & brand photographer | Windsor) Baby portraits Kids portraits baby photographer Berkshire baby photographer Windsor child photographer Berkshire child photographer Windsor kids photographer Berkshire kids photographer Winsdor Thu, 09 May 2013 05:12:06 GMT
8 days old {newborn photographer Windsor, Eton, Burnham, Slough}

Back in March I was delighted to have the opportunity to photograph newborn Imogen when she was just 8 days old! Newborn shoots are a very relaxed affair, I leave plenty of time for feeds, changes, etc, so that mum & dad stay relaxed and baby can get all sleepy.

If you are interested in a newborn shoot, then please contact me when you are pregnant, as it’s ideal for the shoot to take place in baby’s first 10 days. Although we can’t predict exactly when they’ll arrive, I can make sure to block off time for you around your due date.

As you can see here, I prefer a simple approach focusing on tiny fingers, toes and the newborn all curled up and sleepy, but I also have plenty of hats and props if that’s what you like!

(Photography by Abi Moore | Baby, family, wedding & brand photographer | Windsor) baby portraits newborn photographer newborn photographer berkshire newborn photographer windsor Tue, 16 Apr 2013 02:22:51 GMT
Hello from me {family photographer Windsor Berkshire} It’s been a busy summer, looking after my two boys. Although having a newborn around hasn’t left me much time for photography, I at least have another model to pose for me at home.

I’m now thinking of returning to work after my ‘maternity leave’ and have a small number of slots available to book for November for anyone wanting photos in time for Christmas. If you’re interested, please contact me.



(Photography by Abi Moore | Baby, family, wedding & brand photographer | Windsor) Baby portraits Family photographer Windsor Family portraits baby photographer Winsdor baby portraits Thu, 25 Oct 2012 06:03:03 GMT
Our New Arrival {newborn photographer Windsor Berkshire}

Brodie Ellis Moore, was born at home (as planned) on Tuesday 10th July 2012, weighing 9lbs 15oz. I now have another model to join big brother Bailey! We are all doing well and settling in to life as a family of four.

I plan to take maternity leave over the summer, and restart shoots in the autumn, but feel free to get in contact during that time if there’s anything I can help with.

(Photography by Abi Moore | Baby, family, wedding & brand photographer | Windsor) Baby portraits newborn photographer Berkshire newborn photographer Windsor Sat, 21 Jul 2012 04:38:20 GMT
Matilda {children’s portrait photographer Winsdor} I have been very lucky to photograph the beautiful Matilda a few times since she was a baby, and was delighted to also be photographer at her mum and dad’s wedding 18 months ago (where Matilda made a very gorgeous little bridesmaid).

Kids photographer Windsor BerkshireNatural light outdoor photographer Windsor Berkshire

As the weather has been getting nicer, we decided on an outdoor shoot this time in a local park.

Kids photographer Windsor BerkshireNatural light outdoor photographer Windsor Berkshire

Matilda was quite happy playing with flowers and the bubbles I’d brought along, while I snapped away and we got some beautiful photographs.

Kids photographer Windsor BerkshireNatural light outdoor photographer Windsor Berkshire


(Photography by Abi Moore | Baby, family, wedding & brand photographer | Windsor) children's photographer Windsor Kids portraits location portraits Windsor outdoor portraits Thu, 31 May 2012 03:37:39 GMT
My favourite model {kids portrait photography Windsor} I think my very first post on my original (now lost) blog was of Bailey; my son, muse and inspiration. I am very lucky that he loves to have his photo taken (or maybe that was inevitable with a photographer as a mother). He has just turned three this week and it has made me realise how fast those first weeks, months and years pass by. We sat down today to look through photos together and I can’t believe how different he is from even six months ago, and certainly compared to the little bundle of joy (and noise) that came into our lives three years ago and changed us forever. Kids photographer WindsorPortrait photographer Windsor Berkshire: studio portraits, family portraits

I’m so glad I have the opportunity to capture our memories, as so many of those moments are fleeting. I love to take his photo and we sometimes will take studio images, like the one above, but most of the time I’m just trying to freeze time and capture him playing or learning something new. This is something I love to do for my customers too – it’s so nice to sit with parents at a review session and see their reactions to the images – always smiles, often laughter and occasionally a few tears.

(Photography by Abi Moore | Baby, family, wedding & brand photographer | Windsor) childrens portrait photographer Windsor Kids portraits Thu, 12 Apr 2012 12:58:35 GMT
And now for something completely different… {food photographer Berkshire} Earlier this year, I was delighted to work with The Pretty Pantry photographing their cupcakes and cake pops. It’s very different from my usual business of photographing children – not least because the subjects sit still and do whatever you ask them for hours on end if required! I think there were nearly 150 cakes in about 30 different set-ups shot over a couple of days using a combination of natural light and studio light.  I thoroughly enjoyed it, especially when Sarah from The Pretty Pantry gave me a few pops to sample at the end of the shoot. And yes… they are as delicious as they look!


(Photography by Abi Moore | Baby, family, wedding & brand photographer | Windsor) cake pops cupcakes food photography Berkshire product photography Windsor Something else Tue, 10 Apr 2012 13:12:06 GMT
Amy, Megan & mum’s bump {pregnancy photography Windsor, Berkshire} The main purpose of this shoot in October was to photograph mum Tara’s blooming bump and capture some maternity memories.

However, whilst we were together I also spent some time taking portraits of her daughters Amy and Megan.

Maternity photography Windsor BerkshireFamily portrait photographer Windsor Berkshire

They were lots of fun...

Maternity photography Windsor BerkshireFamily portrait photographer Windsor Berkshire

...and have a fantastic relationship as sisters. Maternity photography Windsor BerkshireFamily portrait photographer Windsor Berkshire Mum gave birth a couple of weeks later to a baby brother for the girls.

(Photography by Abi Moore | Baby, family, wedding & brand photographer | Windsor) kids photographer Berkshire kids photographer Windsor Kids portraits maternity photographer Windsor Maternity portraits maternity portraits Windsor Tue, 27 Mar 2012 11:30:00 GMT
At home and outdoors {portrait photographer Windsor} Last September, I had the pleasure of photographing little Freddie and his parents. We’d decided on a split shoot, both on the Long Walk in Windsor Great Park and at their lovely Windsor home.

Outdoor kids photography Windsor BerkshireFamily portrait photographer Windsor Berkshire

Outside Freddie was let loose to play and I chased him round to capture the action. He was full of beans and we had lots of fun. I like to let kids just be themselves, which is good as it’s inevitable when we head outdoors as they just want to play!

Outdoor kids photography Windsor BerkshirePortrait photographer Windsor Berkshire - Windsor Long Walk

In this case, Freddie wanted to march and play in the leaves that had already started to fall.

Outdoor kids photography Windsor Berkshire - Windsor Long WalkPortrait photographer Windsor Berkshire

We then headed home and got some lovely shots of Freddie playing with his toys, as well as on mum & dad’s bed. If you prefer more natural photos than studio-style, this shows you the look you can achieve when you use your home as a backdrop for your portraits.

Outdoor kids photography Windsor BerkshirePortrait photographer Windsor Berkshire

(Photography by Abi Moore | Baby, family, wedding & brand photographer | Windsor) children's photographer Windsor Kids portraits outdoor portraits portrait photographer Winsdor portraits at home Mon, 26 Mar 2012 11:30:00 GMT