Photography by Abi Moore - Family Photographer Windsor | Goodbye summer... Why I love the colder seasons and you should too! {photographer Windsor}

Goodbye summer... Why I love the colder seasons and you should too! {photographer Windsor}

September 23, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

Today is the first day of autumn, the days are drawing in with nights now longer than the hours of daylight. The summer is well and truly over (although it may have felt like it for a few weeks now). And to all of that, I say 'hurrah'!

I have always loved autumn and winter. I remember learning about seasons at school and when most of the class agreed their favourite season was summer, I was in the minority singing the praises of falling leaves and snow. I love to get cosy curling up with a mug of tea, whilst outside it's getting chilly; watching the leaves turn colour on the trees; fireworks, bonfires and Christmas - it all gives me a special warm feeling inside.

You may think that with summer gone, the opportunity for outdoor photoshoots has passed too, but you couldn't be more wrong! Here's five reasons why you too should love autumn and winter, as it will give you some brilliant photos:

1. Cloudy skies

The summer gives us harsh bright sunlight, which we photographers have to be quite clever with to avoid harsh shadows and squinting. With autumn and winter come cloudy skies and low sun, giving us a much softer light and more shade. You also get some beautiful bright blue skies with lovely white fluffy clouds in the background of your photos, which can often be missing in summer as the light is so bright.

2. Golden hour

The hour before sunset is known as golden hour. It gives the most beautiful soft golden light, which is super flattering for photos. In the summer, golden hour is not that practical for family photoshoots, with it being after most kids bedtime. During autumn and winter it's much more accessible. I'd urge you to consider booking your photoshoot in golden hour as you will get such beautiful photos!

3. Falling leaves

Autumn provides us with the most amazing photshoot prop. Big and small kids alike will love kicking through fallen leaves or throwing them in the air for a great action shot. The browns and reds also provide a rich coloured photo backdrop.

4. Woolly hats and scarves

Styling for autumn and winter shoots is easy, adding personality and colour through your chosen accessories, whether it's colourful scarves or bobble hats. Alternatively fur hoods provide lovely framing for gorgeous little faces. Colourful wellies and even umbrellas are also great styling options.

5. Christmas (sorry!)

I'm such a big kid - I love Christmas! It's a great time for photography giving you lots of lovely gifts to share with grandparents, family and friends. I'm sorry to be mentioning it in September, but if you'd like photos in time for Christmas, your shoot needs to take place in November. It's always my busiest time of year for family photoshoots and does book up quick, so make sure to get in contact soon if you'd like to book.

If that hasn't convinced you or maybe the rain this week has dampened your spirits, then I always have a studio kit if you'd like to head indoors for your photos. When booking outdoor photoshoots at this time of year I always agree a contingency plan in case of bad weather, either we'll reschedule to another day, or we can head indoors. I hope to hear from you soon, let's wrap up warm and get outside to have some fun and capture some beautiful memories for you!


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