"Help! My baby has sore eyes/ spots/ flaky skin." Or... The magic of Photoshop!

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Newborn skin before & after 2Newborn photoshoot skin before & after 2Concerns over newborn photoshoot - Photoshop fixes all I sometimes get a call or email on the morning of a newborn photoshoot from a worried parent. Maybe their baby has scratched their face or their little one has woken up with blotchy skin.

I totally understand their worries as they are hoping for gorgeous photos of their beautiful newborn, and it's a shame if blemishes put a stop to that.

However, I can reassure any worried parent, that it's not an issue. Newborn skin before & after 4Newborn baby photos - skin before & after 4Photoshop can fix baby spots and scratches I have years of experience of using Photoshop to retouch blemishes to ensure your new little bundles of joy look exactly as you'd like to remember them.

I can solve all of the following issues with retouching:

  • spots
  • milk spots
  • baby acne
  • scratches Newborn skin before & after 1Newborn baby photoshoot concerns - skin before & after 1As a professional newborn baby photographer, I can retouch all issues in Photoshop
  • red eyes
  • gunky eyes
  • dry flaky skin
  • blotchy skin
  • red skin
  • jaundice

Newborn skin before & after 3Baby photoshoot concerns - skin before & after 3If you're baby has flaky skin, a professional newborn photographer can retouch it In fact, I've yet to meet a challenge that I haven't been able to solve with Photoshop. To the right you'll see a few before and after images that show you how an image will look after I've waved my magic wand!

The worries aren't just limited to the new baby either. I'm a mum of two and I know that in the first fortnight (when most newborn sessions take place) you are recovering from labour, running low on sleep, and your tummy is yet to return to it's usual shape (in fact seven years later, mine still hasn't returned - I don't think I can still use baby weight as an excuse!). Most of us have dark circles under our eyes and we're lucky if we've washed or even brushed our hair in the last few days, let alone had a chance to put on make-up.

Newborn baby photshoot with parentsNewborn baby photshoot with parentsBacklit beautiful newborn photography with parents - relaxed and natural for all Again, I urge you not to worry. In this instance, I hide a lot of this when I'm taking the photo before Photoshop even gets anywhere near your image.

I take close-ups so there's no wobbly tummies on view. I light to flatter tired skin. I ask you to look at your baby rather than at the camera, so by looking down your dark circles aren't as prominent. And my favourite of all is the back-lit semi-silhouette shot that you see to the right - it hides everything!

In years to come, I guarantee you'll kick yourself if you haven't had a photo taken with your new baby, so I encourage all new parents to have at least a few taken. If you don't like them, you don't have to choose them, so you have nothing to lose.

If you're thinking of booking a newborn photoshoot, you can find out more here. I hope I've managed to put all your concerns to rest, but if you have any questions or if you'd like to book a session, please get in touch.


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