Outdoor newborn mini-shoots | Your questions answered

June 12, 2020  •  2 Comments

This blog was originally written in June, when I was unable to be 'hands-on' for newborn photo sessions. From mid-July I am offering more of a full newborn service - find out how the two different kinds of shoots compare here. If you'd like to know more about my outdoor newborn mini-shoots, please read on...

Where will the photoshoot take place?

These outdoor shoots take place in your garden or another outdoor location. Most new parents prefer to stay near home in case baby needs a feed or change, but if you prefer, I can recommend outdoor locations around Windsor, Slough & Maidenhead.

When should the photoshoot take place and when should I book?

It's best for the shoot to take place in baby's first few weeks to capture their newness. However, I recognise many people have missed out on newborn photos due to lockdown, so these shoots can be booked for babies of any age.

Although you can book your shoot at any time, these shoots are proving very popular and I'm already taking bookings for the coming months. To ensure you don't miss out, I recommend booking your shoot before baby arrives. We'll pencil in a date a couple of weeks after your due date to allow for any late arrivals.

I'll discuss the time of your shoot with you when you book. Ideally, it's best if the location we are using is in shade, so timing may depend on when that is during the day. It will also depend on whether you have older children and when they are at their best (i.e. avoiding toddler nap times).

How long does the photoshoot take?

It should take approximately 45 minutes. I suggest you allow an hour - I'm happy to wait a few minutes if baby needs a quick feed or change.

Is this photoshoot Covid Safe?

I have carried out a risk assessment in line with government guidelines and will be taking the following actions to ensure your shoot remains safe for all involved:

  • These mini-shoots will only take place outside.
  • I will keep at a minimum of 2m distance at all times.
  • I would never attend a shoot if I (or anyone in my household) were displaying Covid19 symptoms or needed to self-isolate.
  • Any props (e.g. blanket for wrapping baby or pillows to lay them on) will come from your own home.
  • I will only ask you to hold your baby in natural poses.
  • I use sanitising hand gel before and after the shoot (although do not need to have contact with you at any time).
  • I don’t wear a face mask as it is generally better that you can hear me clearly and that any older children can see me smiling, etc. Government advice is to wear a face covering in an indoor setting. I do, however, have a filtered mask and if you'd like me to wear it, please let me know.

What if one of our household is displaying Covid19 symptoms?

If you or anyone in your home has symptoms of Covid19 then the shoot should not take place. You'll be able to reschedule free of charge to a time when your isolation ends.

What if government advice changes?

If government advice changes and increased lockdown/distancing measures mean the shoot cannot take place, we will postpone or refund.

As restrictions are being eased, I am returning to a more 'normal' service - you can find out more here. However, I am conscious that some people are preferring to maintain distancing, so will continue to offer these outdoor mini-shoots in the short term.

What should you wear?

I recommend keeping clothing plain and simple for all family members and to dress baby in a plain white vest. I will provide you with info for preparing when you book your shoot which contains more details.

What should you prepare?

I recommend you have a pillow handy to lay baby on, a blanket to wrap them in, and something to sit on so you can be seated for some of the photos.

Should my baby be awake or asleep for the photoshoot?

Generally it's better that your baby is asleep for the photos as they will be more contented and less fidgety. However, I know that babies are unpredictable and due to the natural nature of the shoot, it's fine if they are awake - you may get some lovely photos of them looking at the camera!

Can my baby be posed or wrapped for the shoot?

I introduced these shoots during a time when contact was not permitted. I am continuing to offer them for those who prefer me not to have hands-on contact with their baby. If you'd like your baby to be posed and/or wrapped for your shoot, then a full studio-style shoot will be better for you. Find out more here.

What if it rains?

As the shoot takes place outside, if rain is forecast I will be in touch to arrange a rescheduled time or day.

Can siblings be in the photos?

Yes, the emphasis in these shoots is on family - siblings are more than welcome to be in the photos. I am used to working with children of all ages and have lots of tricks up my sleeve to get a good photo!

What if I don't want to be in the photos?

The emphasis of the shoot is family, however, if you really don't want to be photographed, I can photograph baby on their own (you may be holding them for some of the photos, but won't appear in the final image). It will mean you have a smaller number of proof images to choose from.

I know most new parents are tired and not feeling at their most glamorous - I use lighting, clothing advice and posing techniques to ensure you look your best. If there is anything in particular you are concerned about, please let me know as I'm sure we can find a solution.

How much does it cost?

It is £175 for your 45-minute shoot and includes six digital images. This price is valid for mid-week shoots only.

How many photos will we get?

I expect to get 10-25 images for you to choose from. Six downloadable images are included. If you wish to buy more than six, it is £25 per digital image.

Can the photos be printed?

Your final images come with a print licence for you to print unlimited copies for personal use, including sharing with family members.

How to book?

Please contact me to schedule a date for your shoot.

If you have any questions that this hasn't answered, please feel free to get in contact or add them in the comments below and I'll add them to the above.


Emma Watson(non-registered)
I love baby a lot. I have a baby and I love it. I personally very interested in photography and I captured many photos of my baby. My baby is a cutipie for me. I was looking for baby photography and i found your website as best answer. But I want to know if i need to edit the photo of my baby. And I used clipping path on photoshop software and removed the unwanted objects from the image. I wanted to keep only my baby in the photo that is why I used that tool of photoshop. Or I need to use also the unwanted objects to keep on the image. Any way thank you very much for your tips. Thanks
Hasibur Joy(non-registered)
Great Blog. You are doing great work. Best wishes from Fast Clipping Path Team.
Thank You.
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