Wedding Day Photo Checklist: What to Expect at Every Point in the Day

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Bridesmaid laughs as bride and groom share a fun moment during their wedding ring exchangeWedding day photography checklist 3aNatural and emotional moments captured on your wedding day in Windsor, Berkshire and beyond Your wedding day will be a whirlwind of emotions and activities. From the moment you wake up to the time you say goodbye to your guests, there will be so much happening.

You'll want to remember every minute, so I'm sharing an idea of the kind of photos you can expect from getting ready to partying the night away! I also share a few of my top tips along the way...

Wedding bouquets of ivory roses lined up in a rowWedding day photography checklist 1Wedding day details captured beautifully by Abi Moore, Windsor wedding photographer Getting Ready

When I first arrive, I'll ask a bridesmaid or family member to help me locate all of your items for your 'details' shots. This is all the things you've spent time choosing to make your big day perfect, from your dress to flowers to jewellery, rings, and other accessories.

Photo through a doorway or a bride being buttoned into her wedding dress by her bridesmaidsWedding day photography checklist 2Abi Moore is sure to capture all the beautiful natural moments that you might have missed on your wedding day As you and your bridal party get ready, it's also a great time for relaxed photographs of you enjoying this time. You can expect photos of your hair and makeup being done, natural candid moments with your bridesmaids and family, and their first looks when they see you in your dress.

Top tip: Aim to be dressed and ready approximately 30 minutes before you need to leave for your ceremony. This leaves time for photos before you depart, and will also mean there's less panic if you are running slightly late.

Bride and groom laugh during their winter wedding ceremonyWedding day photography checklist 3Abi Moore captures all the emotional moments throughout your wedding ceremony and reception The Ceremony

Once you've arrived for your ceremony you can expect photos of yourselves but also your guests. Walking down the aisle, exchanging rings and your first kiss as a married couple are all moments that will be captured forever. Bride and groom laugh as they are showered with confetti outside the Windsor GuildhallWedding day photography checklist 4On your wedding day, confetti is a perfect moment for capturing real emotions and natural smiles

Once the ceremony is over, you may exit to confetti, which is always a perfect moment for natural photos. At this point, I'll also capture candid photos of your guests congratulating you.

Top tip: If you'd like a fantastic shower of confetti, it's worth purchasing a few confetti cannons.

The Portraits

After the ceremony, it's time for any group photos. This is a great time for photos with your parents, grandparents, and siblings, as well as any key groups of friends. I aim to keep these as natural as possible.

Bridal party walk arm in arm whilst swinging their page boyWedding day photography checklist 5Group photos don't have to be boring! Abi Moore will ensure your wedding photos are relaxed, fun and enjoyable Top tip: Remember you don't have to include everyone in a group photo! For most weddings, I'm with you for a minimum of five hours, which is plenty of time to capture candid images of the majority of your guests - aim to keep group photos to your closest family and friends only.

I usually suggest about 20-30 minutes for your group photos, depending on how many you wish to have.

A bride and groom smile naturally outside the doors of Windsor GuildhallWedding day photography checklist 6Abi Moore will make your wedding photos natural and relaxed, there won't be hours of saying cheese and posing on your wedding day! At this point in the day, it's also the perfect time for relaxed photos of the two of you as newlyweds! Again, I suggest allowing around 20-30 minutes for these. I'll often take you somewhere away from your guests (ideally they'll be enjoying drinks and canapés).

Top tip: I'm often asked how much time you should leave between the end of your ceremony and sitting down for your meal. I recommend a minimum of 90 minutes. This allows 30 minutes for groups, 30 minutes for photos of the two of you, and 30 minutes to enjoy your drinks reception. Which brings me on nicely...

Bride captured candidly smiling during her wedding reception in Windsor GuildhallWedding day photography checklist 7If you're looking for natural candid photos of your wedding day, then Abi Moore is the photographer for you! Drinks reception

During your drinks reception, I'm focusing on capturing candid photos. You can expect natural photos of your guests mingling and enjoying themselves. These natural moments tend to be some of my favourite photos of the day! I'm listening out for laughter and scanning the room for memorable moments to capture.

Top tip: Ask your venue to bring some drinks and canapés out to you whilst we're taking photos, it will keep hunger at bay and also mean you get to try the food, so when you get back to the reception you can enjoy mingling with your guests. A bridesmaid makes a face whilst queueing for food and sheltering from the rain with a plate over her headWedding day photography checklist 8Abi Moore is listening out for laughter and looking out for fun natural moments to capture candid memories of your wedding day

I don't usually photograph during the wedding breakfast (as will be the case for most wedding photographers); photos of people eating are rarely flattering, it's also a good point for me to change batteries, check images from the day so far and also get some refreshments myself.


Wedding speeches can be some of the most memorable moments of your day. They are natural, candid and full of emotion. As your photographer, I will be focusing both on your own reactions and those of your guests, whether it's laughter or tears.

Wedding couple laugh and cover their faces during the best man's speechWedding day photography checklist 9The speeches on your wedding day make for perfect fun and real photos Top tip: Consider whether you'd like speeches before or after your meal. There are pros and cons to both. Before the meal means you can get them out of the way and enjoy your dinner without any nerves; however, it does keep everyone waiting to be fed and sometimes venues aren't keen as they can't predict exactly how long speeches will be and therefore when they need to have the starters ready. After the meal means you've had a few drinks and everyone's more relaxed, but if you're nervous it does prolong that anticipation!

Natural photo of bride and groom cut their wedding cakeWedding day photography checklist 10Natural wedding day moments captured beautifully by Abi Moore Cake cutting

Cutting the cake is traditionally a key part of the day. Often it will be just before your first dance and signals the start of your evening reception. I'll be capturing all of the action as you cut the cake and share your first slice!

Bride and groom share a tender moment during their first danceWedding day photography checklist 11From getting ready to first dance, Abi Moore will focus on capturing real emotive memories of your wedding day The First Dance

Once the formalities are over, it's time to party! I'll be aiming to capture some fun and lively photos. Your first dance is a special moment that you'll want to remember forever. Then the focus is on dancing, laughing, and celebrating with your friends and family - these are the moments I'll be capturing to be remembered long after your wedding day is over.

Top tip: Consider whether you want to choreograph or freestyle your first dance. Also think about whether you'd ike your band or DJ to ask friends and family to join you on the dancefloor halfway through the song.

Hopefully this has given you an idea of what you can expect throughout your day. All my standard packages include a pre-wedding meeting with practice shoot, meaning we'll go through the timings of your day and I can note any special photographs you'd like at any point in the day.

To find out more about wedding photography, please visit my 'about weddings' page.


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