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Three children sit next to each other and laugh as they throw autumn leaves in the airTwo brothers giggle together whilst lying in the grassA toddler boy runs along on grass with a big smile on his faceA brother hugs his sister from behind whilst they smile at the camera - taken in an outdoor setting in AutumnToddler boy photographed holding the hands of his parents (just their hands appear in shot)One year old looks up at the camera, sat outdoors, photographed very close up, with sunlight glinting off his hairOne-year-old boy sits amongst fallen golden leaves whilst leaves fall all around himThree brothers look up as autumn leaves fall on themThree children hold hands in a row, holding hands with their parents just out of shot, all three are smiling at the cameraTwo brothers hug, sitting on a log with trees around themTwo brothers hug and laugh togetherA brother and sister laugh and hug in an outdoor autumn settingKids photographer styled shootA ten-year-old boy smiles at the camera in an outdoor locationKids photographer Windsor 09Three brothers smile at the camera in an autumn settingA pre-teen girl sits on a doorstep surrounded by deep red/orange brickworkTwo sisters hug and smile at the camera in woodlandA young girl twirls her skirt by the lake at Black Park in SloughTwo brothers laugh whilst being tickled by their parents