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Family hug beneath Autumn trees as the golden sun shines on themA mother holds her toddler son with her face against his, surrounded by autumn leavesFather tosses son in the air in Windsor Great ParkFather lifts son high and kisses him surrounded woodlandMother and teenage daughter hug in an outside Autumnal settingMum and dad hold their toddler son's hands whilst smiling at him laughingFamily crouching down in woodland with young sons sat on their legs smiling and laughing togetherFamily giggle with kids standing on fence during outdoor photoshootMother and baby photographed in WoodlandA family of five laugh together, the father holds two children on his shoulders whilst mum carries a third, photographed in black & whiteMother and son photographed from a distance in Windsor Great ParkMum and children splashing in puddles during rainy photoshootFamily giggle during professional outdoor photshoot in Windsor Great ParkSun shines through trees as family photographed walking through Windsor Great ParkFamily with daughter and baby son photographed in relaxed studio settingA close-up studio photo of a family of four giggling and ticklingMother and teenage daughter photographed in a studioMother & daughter giggle on studio photoshootFamily laugh together during photoshoot in Windsor Great ParkFamily photographed in Autumn woodland