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A screenshot of a mobile browswer opened to the Isla & Fraser homepage showing on of their blanketsScreenshot of a webpage of Spear Wellbeing Clinic showcasing treatments offered, illustrated by Abi's branding photosA screenshot of a news article on Hello about a gin commemorating the royal wedding in Windsor, illustrated by a photo of a gin bottle, glass and tonicA screenshot of a listings page on the Isla & Fraser website showing six of their different product listings illustrated by Abi's photos including blankets, comforters and clothingA screenshot of an email newsletter titled 'Hello 2023' with a photo of a woman smiling with a mug of teaA photograph of a Vogue magazine page titled 'Vogue's Little Valentines' featuring several baby brands, including Isla & Fraser blanket photos taken by AbiA screenshot of an Instagram grid featuring brand graphics and headshots of the business ownerA screenshot of an Instagram grid in chequerboard layout featuring brand graphics and professional product photos of a baby journal brandA screenshot of a website homepage for an aesthetics practitioner, featuring a professional photo of her in her clinic accompanied by text about her qualifications