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A wedding couple stand outside the gothic front of Oakley Court in Windsor, alongside a classic carA bride and groom smile at each other by the River Thames in the grounds of Windsor's Oakley CourtA wedding couple walk away from the camera in the shadow of Windsor's gothic Oakley Court hotelA groom smiles at his bride as they walk in the grounds of Windsor's Oakley Court hotelA bride and groom hold each other under a weeping willow alnogside the Thames at Windsor's Oakley CourtA groom and his groomsmen enjoy a drink inside the gothic interior of Oakley CourtA wedding couple stand in the doorway of Oakley Court by a classic car at night timeA wedding couple write the word 'love' with sparklers outside the gothic arches of Oakley Court in WindsorA bride and groom smiles at each other as the autumn sun shines through the trees in the grounds of Oakley CourtA wedding couple stand in front of gothic Oakley Court surrounded by wildflowersThe gardens in Oakley Court set up for an outdoor wedding blessingA bridal party walk arm-in-arm through the grounds of Oakley CourtA bride and groom arrive at Oakley Court after a boat trip on the Thames on the FringillaA bride and groom stroll along the riverside at Oakley CourtA wedding couple pose for a wedding photo on the jetty in the grounds of Oakley CourtOakley Court Windsor suite set up for an autumn wedding ceremonyA bride and groom share a special moment during their wedding ceremony at Oakley CourtThe front exterior of the gothic wedding venue Oakley CourtA wedding reception at Oakley Court in Windsor